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Angel's Reviews Anime and Cartoons
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Posted 11/16/12 , edited 11/18/12

Dilbert(Jan 25, 1999 – July 25, 2000)
Director: Declan Moran
Key Words: Moving Comic,

Episodes: 28

Welcome to Dilbert’s Life as he tries to get his invention threw the corporate grind.

My Thoughts: At first, I thought this would be some stupid little children’s show where it would follow the Saturday morning comics in the paper, but this is no children’s show! It reminds me partly of ‘The Office’ on ABC where things can happen randomly in the office or Futureama. I could also consider this called ‘The Life of Dilbert’ or ‘Life as a Nerd”.

Dilbert is a complete cubical loving nerd who loves his job. All he does is try to make the world better and get along in life at his 8 to 5 hour job while his dog, Dogbirt, seems to create any number of quick scam ideas. The two are actually perfect in contrast. Now the show doesn’t really show much of anyone’s background but it doesn’t really have to. The show actually gets by with just giving you the feeling of a company that probably should have gone under years ago but somehow still manages to keep going.

The artwork looks practically the same as the strips, except for the ‘naked’ images sometimes shown. Now this is not really any problem as they show the backsides of people but it is hinted nudity. Other then that, the characters are strange round or oblong characters with extremely long Gumby legs.

Voices were created perfectly fitting the feeling that each character gives them.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilbert

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Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12

Girls Bravo(July 6, 2004 – Apr 21, 2005)
Director: Ei Aoki Written by: Akira Watanabe Music: Noriyasu Agematsu
Ecchi, Yuri, Sci-fi, Harem, Comedy,
Key Words: Aliens, Magical Girlfriend,
Studio: AIC Spirits Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 24

Yukinari was always bullied by women for his height and how he was always a coward. One day, he slips in his bath, falling into another world called Seiren. There he met Miharu, a beautiful girl who eats a lot. After finding out that only 10% of the population were men on Seiren, Miharu helps in get home. Threw this, she ends up going herself and thus the strange love triangles and misunderstandings start.

My Thoughts: Girls, naked breasts, and panty shots. Is this what Anime has become? Well, it’s not as bad as Eiken. The artwork is actually mostly tasteful (Ok… it’s not really but at least the girls don’t have breasts the size of body pillows on their chests) and the storyline is actually rather well done. It’s almost like a Romeo and Juliet storyline in parts because the two always seem to be ripped apart by some things.

Let’s start with the characters. Miharu is a little cutesy and a sweetie. Sometimes though, a little too much of the sweet, naive character. She has the traits of an alien character in that she has supernatural powers that sometimes can’t be controlled and the fact that she didn’t know much of Earth. She has a black hole of a stomach since she is always hungry but oddly, some of the things she eats, she does it way to odd. For example, the second episode, she eats a banana rather suggestively. She has no concept of not changing in front of people, mostly in front of Yukinari though.

Koyomi is pretty cute as well and again, is way to naïve. Her background story is actually quite sad. She Has a fear of men but not surprisingly actually is alright with Yukinari after quite a while. She works with the space management office on the planet Seiren where the two are from. Her special agent friend, Tomoka, is actually rather childish and way different then the shy Koyomi.

Kirie is a rather kick ass sporty type, who has a thing for Yukinari (You can see where this is all going). She is the childhood friend of him and sometimes ends up just walking into his house without a care in the world, many times leaving a rather big misunderstanding that ends up hurting Yukinari. Whenever she fights a ‘pervert’ she screams out something ‘in hell’ as she beats the crap out of them. It was fun for a little while, and then got rather old.

Yukinari is… well like every other fucken main character in a Harem! He’s clumsy, small, and not really able to stand out in a crowd. He has an allergy to women though Miharu doesn’t make him brake out at all. Other then that, he is rather sweet and kind, with a wonderful heart.

On the other side of the spectrum is Kazuharu who flirts with every girl around him. He is a pervert who always grabs the girls’ breasts and panties. He is allergic to men though, hence the white gloves that he wears. His sister, Risa, is really into black magic and has a crush on Yukinari. She has a really pushy and throws her servants around to get him to come to her. Now for her servants, Kosame is into Kirie actually. This is actually a new concept I never really saw in another show, especially because it’s a Yuri relationship.

They crammed so much into this show that it’s really jammed with a lot of stuff into it. We got the enter-dimensional transportation, black magic, love triangles, aliens from another world, magical girls, special ops characters, and perverts. We even have a little cute side kick animal named Ebi. Ebi and Miharu have an interesting little relationship much like Excel and her dog.

The artwork is pretty much standard. It’s clean and bright but It just doesn’t stand out much from all the other anime done around this time. It makes it really hard to figure out just what to say every time I review a show that is pretty standard in this area.

The English voices are pretty good, though I feel a bit odd about Miharu’s voice. It’s Michelle Ruff who also played the voice of Ai Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi. Kasuharu Fukuyama is actually played perfectly by Liam O’Brien who did Taishi Kuhonbutsu from Comic Party. Yes, the overactive Otaku is playing the overactive pervert. Not a large difference but it works perfectly for this show.

Season two comes out pretty much the same as the first, though even more perverted. I did like the episode where Yukinari and Kazuharu changed bodies. I really loved how it suddenly turned into a really messed up way where everyone switched with every other person at the swimming pool. The only thing that bothered me was the tentacle rape part. It was kind of going overboard.

It is here when I figured out why the story plot seemed so disjointed. I found a lot of these episodes were all filler, most of them only going for one episode. It was all made for fan service that sort of gets old at times. That and the stupidity of Miharu seemed to get even more. Still, I couldn’t help but keep watching it, thinking that there may be an underlining storyline for the whole show. There… kind of was but it didn’t show up until episode 17 (6 in the second episode) but there was barely any info about it till Episode 20. Sadly, this only has 24 episodes when adding the two seasons together.

I pretty much see the name as ‘Oh! There are girls naked and sexual innuendos with anime fan service! Bravo!’ or at least that’s what I think the guys are thinking.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girls_Bravo

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Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
Angel chuckled a bit as she walked into the game shop near her house. She loved to go every Thursday to play Magic the Gathering with the other well to do players. She sat down at her normal table, playing any person who sat near her. Sometimes she lost, but other times she won, no matter what though, she had a lot of fun learning more. Then... Rurai showed up. She glared as he sat down and suffled his deck, placing it down, "Come now, let us dual," he smiled.
She rolled her eyes, and then sighed, "I win and you leave me alone?"
"Well, at least for today..." he said smiling.
"Fine then.... lets do this...." Angel placed her first card out and made sure her point system was set.
He did as well but the first card he placed onto the field was not a Magic the Gathering Card...
"OH COME ON!" she shouted out as she threw her dice at him, "That is such a old game. I don't play Yugioh anymore!"
He rubbed the spot the dice hit, "That hurt you know... and this is actually more complicated then Magic you should know... so is the Anime..." he smiled a bit, "Of course, you probably haven't seen it, hmm?"
Angel rolled her eyes, "I have, and you know what, I was actually thinking of reviewing it."
"Huh? W...wait a minute. I didn't say I wanted you to review it yet---"
"But you were going to. Now sit back and listen to my little review," she smiled, "But we are playing Magic the Gathering as you listen..."

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dual Monsters(Apr 18, 2000 – Sep 29, 2004), King of Games,
Director: Kunihisa Sugishima Written by: Kazuki Takahashi
Action, Adventure, Fantasy,
Key Words: Card games, Tournament,
Studio: Studeo Gallop, Nihon Ad Systems Licensed American Publisher: Magna Pacific, 4Kids Entertainment (2001 – 2012), Konami (2012 – Present)

Episodes: 224

When Yugi’s Grandfather was taken away threw some strange Shadow world, Yugi must fight Pegasus in order to get him back.

My Thoughts: Well here is a flashback to my childhood. When I was little, I would sit and watch this for so long, I had the cards and played the game. Now that I’m older, I actually think it’s pretty interesting. Not exactly fully good but actually alright. It starts out actually rather bad but I do say it gets better. Warning, I try hard not to actually put spoilers in my reviews but this one may have a couple.

We start out with a normal story of Yugi getting his Grandfather’s deck in ‘his dying breath’ to get revenge on Seto for taking his Grandfather’s Blue Eyes (not really dying breath as we all know). The first damn episode feels more like a pilot episode then an actual episode because they have to explain so much about the game and about Seto and Yugi’s forever battle. It also shows the first time we actually see Yugi turn into his older. How Yugi actually knows how to call upon his millennium puzzle is beyond me. They actually show them as two entities and yet, it shows them as the same as well. It’s hard to actually talk about there. The only time we actually get any information about the puzzle and other millennium items is in the second episode with a narrator. Now why they couldn’t just use a narrator to explain a bit of the game and the thing with Yugi and Seto, it just seems off.

Now, I have a problem with the idea of Kiba. He seems to be in the same class as Yugi but he looks so much older then Yugi and sometimes acts older (Although he still whines like a little baby most of the time when he doesn’t get his way). Other characters ether looks way to young to be adults even though they are and vice a versa. Characters also act rather young when they are supposed to be adults. Adults are actually rare in the game but shouldn’t at least Pegasus act a bit older then the ‘cat with his toy’ style he does. We have problems with characters proportions not working out quite right against items. When Yugi’s Grandpa holds up a card, it looks so much wider then any other card that was shown.

The art style starts like its mimicking the style of Dragon ball Z. All the characters have really spiky hair and half the time has hair that defies gravity. Characters mouths move a bit odd even for the Japanese style of talking. The lip sinks get better the more they did the dubbing but in the beginning, it looks rather bad.

The English voices… well, 4 kids did it, need I say more? The script is the worst part but at least I like the voice actors for some of the characters. I like Yugi’s, his Grandpa’s, and some of the characters with the millennium items. The others… I just tend to try to block them out.

So, exactly what can I say about all this? It’s a childrens show and it will always be a childrens show, there to give some little bit of nestalga for those that grew up with it and in my opinion, better then a lot of other shows that came out around this time.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu-Gi-Oh!_(2000_TV_series)

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"Well now, does that answer your question?" she smiled gently, winning the Magic the Gathering game.
"Fine.... you win...." Rurai smiled, "For now at least...."
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Posted 11/24/12 , edited 4/19/13
CiCi was walking through the woods one day and was looking for a place to stay. She stopped and spotted a house in between the trees. She walked up to the doorstep and knock.

Angel blinked as she looked over the door, wondering who could be knocking. Everyone was already inside the house and she had just sat down for a bit of tea and a movie. As she got up to go to the door, Kurai rushed over and was about to open it when Angel smacked him hard, "Seriously.... don't cut in front of me when I'm about to do something..." she growled as she grabbed hold of the handle and opened it up, "Oh.... hello..." She said looking at the bunny boy in front of her. At least, it seemed to be a rather good looking bunny boy since he was in a male style Lolita outfit and seemed to be built more like a boy.

Then MAK came into the room and said to the new visitor, "So I see we got a new visitor around here now." And then noticed Kurai on the ground, "And also Kurai being Angel's punching mule again. So, where did you come from?"

CiCi notices the guy laying on the ground. "Um, I'm just for around. Um, is he okay?"

Angel smiled a rather large grin, showing her fangs slightly, "Oh don't worry about him, this happens offen," then she gently as she kicked Kurai out of the way and lead him into the room, but yet, she noticed strange things about this boy. His voice seemed much more girlly for how old he seemed to be and he walked much like a girl. She must of been a girl who was more tomboyish she guessed. She sat her down on the couch and poured her a cup of tea, "So how may I help you?"

"Well, anyway, welcome to what we call KAKUREGA!!!! Or The Hideaway in English, that is", MAK said, "It's a little name that me and Angel came up with. By the way, my name is MAK, one of the guys that stays here and do most of the housework around here. The co-owner you just spoke to is Angel and the guy she abuses like a slave is Kurai."

Angel frowned, "And who cleaned all the rooms, did the shopping, helped with the landry....." She listed off a bunch of things she did.

CiCi cut off Angel, "I have been traveling and looking for a place to stay. I notice you have a nice house here. Are any rooms available?"

Angel smiled gently and nodded, "Of course you can stay honey, It's alright---"
As she spoke, Kurai woke and yelled out suddenly, "WHY THE FUCKEN HELL DID YOU HIT ME AGAIN?!" and then looked to Cici, blinking, "And who the heck is this guy sitting there? He looks like a prick."
Kurai frowned and just sat there growling a bit but stayed silent.
Angel then turned to Cici, "Don't worry about him...." she said gently.

CiCi smiled and looked at Angel, "I think I will find this place quiet delightful."

Then MAK said to Kurai in his face, "Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black? Remember that, prick?" And then MAK went to CiCi and said, "Yeah, Kurai isn't much of a people person." And as he said that, Kai was getting something in the kitchen and she suddenly noticed the new visitor. "Hey, who's the new person? He looks kinda cute with his little bunny ears."

"Well, thank you, CiCi!" Kai said and smiled, "I hope we can become good friends, too."

Kurai gulped a little at the smile, it being a bit scary just as Angel could do. Suddenly, there was a blur of Black and Brown as someone ran past the group and flung herself onto Kurai, hugging him tightly and smothering him in her breasts, "Oh my Kurai! Why did you yell out like that?" Akuma asked, and then noticed Cici, "Oh... well hello there. And who might you be?" she asked.
Angel blinked and looked at the two, then growled a little shaking her fist a bit, "Kurai......" she growled, looking like she was pissed off for what the two were doing.
Kurai put his hands up in defense, "Ang.... don't hit me again! I didn't do anything!" he was looking for some way that Angel wouldn't get mad at him again.

Then MAK and Kai secretly giggle at the sight of Kurai fearing of getting his ass kicked (again) by Angel and then Kai whispered to MAK, "Hey, you bet Angel's gonna hit him again?" Then MAK responded, "You read my mind, girl."

"Hello, my name is CiCi," CiCi said, introducing herself to Akuma. "This reminds me of something I just saw. What was it call....? Hm.... Oh yeah! Kanokon!"

Angel growled a bit at the name of that anime, "Kanokon........ that's just upsetting....." she said covering her face a bit, "I had to review that just a bit ago...."

Then MAK screamed at the name, "Motherfucking KANOKON!!! Oh, why in the hell did I ever watched that?" Then Kai said to him, "Oh, come on, the anime wasn't that bad to watch."
"Oh, really, Kai?", MAK said, "From the little plot, unfunny jokes, and that fucking dub!!! That dub!! Dammit, no wonder why most people bitch about English dubs, even on the good ones."
Kai then needed to slap MAK some sense to calm him down, "Will you relax, boy? It really isn't--" Then MAK interrupted her by saying, "Oh, like you saw KashiMashi, Kai?"
Then Kai needed to hide her face, "Come on, I say I was sorry!!!"

Angel sighed, "Kai, he has a small point," then she turned to Cici, "Did you ever review it? If you have, want to compare notes with me and MAK? We are both reviewers and if you want to join in, you can."

CiCi turned to MAK and Kai, "I have to agree with Kai a little. It wasn't all that bad. It had it's downfalls." CiCi then turned to Angel and responded, "Yes, I have written a review and sure I'll join you guys."

Kanokon: The Girl who Cried Fox(Apr 5, 2008 – June 21, 2008)
Director: Atsushi Otsuki Written by: Masashi Suzuki Music: Tsuyoshi Ito
Harem, Fantasy, Ecchi, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural,
Key Words: Foxes, Wolves, Juugin, Magical Girlfriend,
Studio: Xebec Licensed American Publisher: Anime Works

Episodes: 12

Kouta Oyamada is an extremely innocent first year high school student who transfers from the country to the city. On his first day, he meats Chizuru Minamoto, a second year. She asks him to meet her alone and then tells him she is in love with him, revealing that she is a fox spirit. As she tries to win his heart, a wolf spirit named Nozomu Ezomori transfers in and tries to fight for his affection.

My Thoughts: Oh god, When I first heard of this show, I thought that it would be different. Why did I even think it was going to be different? The characters are perverted, and act strangely odd.

The story goes way to fast, bringing up more questions then answers. All the story is becomes a love triangle with a short little kid in the middle of it. This is pretty much Hentai without the sex. It’s messed up and would be much better if they just used the sex in order to have a more interesting story line. AND THERE IS NO ENDING! It gives us a ‘read the manga’ ending that always pisses me off. If I wanted to read the manga, I would of done so already or read it instead of watching the anime.

Chizuru is a really interesting girl who is really hangs onto Kouta all the time. She is extremely pushy and keeps wanting him to go out with her. All this teasing really pushes him from her all the time. It also seems that all the time, she ends up trying to sleep with him. When she shows that she’s a fox, he actually for some reason doesn’t care much. Then we have the problem with him falling in love with her slightly. There is also the fact that he and her end up becoming one whenever they kiss and she wants to be with him. Nozomu doesn’t seem to have much personality in the beginning but and always seems to act like a love rival.

Characters rarely have any personality out of just a standard archy types with not much of a story behind how they act. The characters are all 2 Dimensional.

Now, the show actually got better as it went on, and around the 4th episode, it actually got a lot better artwork and the voices weren’t as stale. It feels like they got into the show more. Not only that but I believe it was the 5th episode where my favorite character was introduced. To bad he only stayed for one episode though. I really liked Saku Ezomori.

The music in the beginning is pretty standard as well as the animation. It pretty much has a loneliness walking style to it and showing the characters. And then somehow, the main character turning into a ‘fox boy’ for some strange reason. The animation is really butt ugly in many aspects for the background characters, making them lose much detail. The main characters may be detailed in a sense but the personality is really bland.

The voices… dear god the voices… They messed them all up. Chizuru is really high voiced and can probably hurt my ears. Kouta sounds like a little child, not like he would be in the same grade as all the other characters. The script is a bit choppy and again really doesn’t explain much. Sometimes the script is delivered without much feeling. Also some of the lip sinks are bad, they don’t work right.


Link to Wikipeida: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanokon

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"Well?", MAK said to Kai.
"I still believe the show wasn't that bad," As Kai replied to him. MAK looked at Kai in the strangest way possible and as he was about to say something, he just kept his mouth shut.

Angel rolled her eyes, "Well, I just think its normal school life anime with supernatural..."
Akuma frowned, "We are not like that!"
Angel nodded, "Yes you are at times, though Kurai probably starts it..."
Kurai glared, "I do not!"
"You do...." Angel said.
"Want to become a toad next time?"
Kurai shut his mouth.

"Yes, just a nice school like anime.... with boobs," CiCi said and smirked.

"Yeah, but the boobs were used for evil." MAK said.

Angel just groaned and put her head in her hands.
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Posted 11/26/12

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?(Feb 5, 1994 – Jan 2, 1999)
Director: Joe Barruso Written by: Kimmer Ringwald, Sean Roche, Doug Molitor
Adventure, Educational, Comedy,
Key Words: American Animation, Geography, History,
Licensed American Publisher: The Program Exchange (1994 – Present) Shout! Factory (2006 – 2012), Mill Creek Entertainment (2012 – Present)

Episodes: 40

Travel with Ivy and Zack around the world in order to catch Carmen Sandiego and stop her from stealing the most famous objects.

My Thoughts: The show pretty much has a game characteristic where it has a real life player calling some of the shots and the main characters being picked in a virtual world. It’s like Reboot a bit in that most of it is done within the computer. But even with the characters breaking the 4th wall at times and seeing a real life person at a computer, the show seems to play out more like just a normal cartoon. We learn a lot about different places and things as the characters travel the world looking for Carmen with a rather interesting comedic affect that keeps you entertained.

First, we meet the player, who really doesn’t have a face. They have always been seen from behind and doesn’t really have much of a personality except somewhat being cocky every once in a while with lines like ‘I’ll catch you Carmen’ as they answer her taunts. Each season, the player is played by a different person, but normally is a young child about middle school age by the look.

The chief is actually a couputer generated male head then the women chief we fell in love with on the game shows and the games, but yet is expertly done by Rodger Bumpass who makes the character feel even more comical. He plays him like he’s a game show host and has a rather overly dramatic way of talking.

Ivy is the young girl character within the world of the game, somewhat smart alic in some ways and rather strong willed. It’s surprising to me that they would actually put a strong female in the show since this was made for children and from past experiences, female characters don’t normally have a strong role. She’s older then Zack by 4 years (Yes, I ended up looking that part up) so she normally seems annoyed by Zack. It works since Zack is her younger brother.

Zack is a pretty much the younger brother character. He’s pretty smart for his age and speaks a lot of languages. Even though he’s smart, he still acts like a child most of the time. He always calls Ivy ‘Sis’ even though she hates it.

Carmen Sandiego is pretty much a mysterious character. We only see her as a bit cocky. She normally has henchmen doing her dirty work and the main characters never actually catch her, though they do normally get the items back.

The animation is actually rather good, and shows the style of the times. The CG area though doesn’t really look all that great though it’s the best from 1994. Most of it flows well but then there are a couple times that it skips slightly. They are little mistakes but still mistakes.

The music is a bit odd, sounding more like its chanting. They just keep chanting ‘where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?’ over and over which to me, isn’t a song. It’s more like an annoying song actually, like the song that never ends. Now, though the voices sound a bit playful and canny. Some jokes still work well for even now and then some are only showing the times.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_on_Earth_Is_Carmen_Sandiego%3F

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Posted 12/4/12 , edited 12/4/12

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka(June 30, 1999 – Sept 24, 2000)
Director: Naoyasu Hanyu, Noriyuki Abe
Comedy, Drama, Parody,
Key Words: School life, violence,
Studio: Studio Pierrot Licensed American Publisher: Tokyopop

Episodes: 43

Eikichi Onizuka a 22-year-old virgin and ex-gang member. These days, he wants to become a teacher, mostly for the cute girls. Once getting a position at a privet school in Kichijoji, he finds that he is taking care of middle schoolers much to his dismay. Things change when he finds that the children have many problems in their lives and his brand of philosophy and teaching can help them. Will Onizuka become the greatest teacher ever or will his teaching style get him fired?

My Thoughts: What happens when an x-gang leader decides he wants to become a teacher? Well, I guess that’s what this show tries to answer… along with a lot of mayhem and jokes! The storyline follows a guy who parents would probably scream about if they were teaching there child in real life as he tries to become a real teacher. Strangely, the show does not start out with the main class but during the days that Onizuka is able to go and work as a student teacher. This only lasts a few episodes and gives a sense of character for Onizuka, then gives us all the other students.

The students on the other hand… they feel like one shot notes actually. We got the computer nerd, the game nerd, the mama’s boy, the clumsy large breasted girl, the bitch, the incredible genius, and so on. Each one has problems with life and Onizuka just knocks one problem out one at a time in a short amount of time mostly.

A lot of the comedy is pretty much parodies of a lot of different things normal students would see… and then it throws the whole book at them and yells ‘NO! We are going to go off the deep end even more!’ which Onizuka does on a regular bases. It’s a bit funny how much shit he can end up walking away from and not be either dead or thrown out of the school entirely. Onizuka is one lucky son of a bitch; I can say that for sure. If he believes in something, nothing will get in his way of doing it. That’s what really makes him a great teacher, not how he teaches but because he is able to believe in himself and his students. In the ‘end’ that’s how he wins most of his students over to his side after many of them had already felt betrayed by other teachers.

The animation actually is pretty crazy, sometimes looking really serious and other times going completely belly up. This is one of those shows that you never know what will happen next in the animation. I’m not really found of when they become really realistic in the faces, giving it an almost gangster look. Sadly though, when they don’t do that it feels like the faces lack in a way. The women’s faces look better but the males feel rather blank without it. I do understand the reasoning behind this though. The show was based off a Live Action drama that was a large hit in Japan so they tried to imitate that into the anime and that makes it kind of loses its luster.

The music in the beginning of both seasons is pretty good though the ending lacks mostly. It just lacks the energy that should probably be in it and makes things just seem like I want to skip them all. It was definitely not so for the opening which I mostly didn’t skip for how epic it was! The English dubbing is really off and sometimes feels rather amateurish, although it was a little easier to watch then the Japanese (Partly my own opinion, I’m not much into the subs). But, although rather bad, it’s actually really good that way. I was really surprised that Wendee Lee actually plays an older woman then a little girl!


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Teacher_Onizuka

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Posted 12/6/12 , edited 12/8/12

Pretear(Apr 4, 2001 – June 27, 2001)
Director: Kiyoko Sayama
Fantasy, Romance, Reverse Harem, Comedy,
Key Words: Magical Girl,
Studio: Hal Film Marker; Kadokawa; Shoten; Rondo Robe Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 13

Himeno Awayuki is a standard girl who just wants to adjust to her new life living in her stepmother’s mansion and try to become friends with her two stepsisters who push her away every chance they get. Her father mostly is with his new wife leaving Himeno feeling lonely but that doesn’t stop her from trying to always be joyful.
On the way to school, she runs into Hayate, the leafe knight of Wind and gets into a fight with him, though when she is confronted with her new found power, it is up to her and the knights to rid the world of the demon larva and help protect the worlds leafe.

My Thoughts: Well, this little magical girl show is pretty much standard in many ways. It’s not that it’s bad, mind you, but the story feels like it was told before in other shows. A young girl is trusted with the power to save the world and only has to let pretty young men inside her… um, not that way.

The whole thought of ‘pretear’ing seems to stem around the thought that she and one of the leafe knights becoming one and sharing the power that leafe knight controls. You can consider it sexual except when you have three of the leafe knights as preteens and toddlers, it gives you a unsettling feeling. Each episode feels rather like a slice of life rather then a magical girl show because the only fighting that really happens is at the end of the shows and the rest is placed for talks of the heart.

When we get down to the characters, again, they are pretty standard. Himeno is a normal girl who has problems with family. She’s clumsy, whiny, and yet overly cheerful most of the time. Something that really annoys me about her is that it only takes her a couple minutes to get right back to being the out of control energetic girls.

Hayate is an asshole that blames himself for what happen to the first pretear. Sasame is the more gentle and playboyish who understands peoples feelings. Kei is kind of a narcissist. Go is… there isn’t much to say on him or Mannen, Hajime, and Shin. They just, well, are. We get barely any story about them and besides Hayate and Saseme, they only stand there to have more then two characters for the main character to pre with. When looking up the characters on the Wiki to get a little more of the backstory, besides Shin, Hayate, and Sasame, the others had only 4 lines or less explaining the characters and two were mostly filled up with who played the voices for them. Even Himeno’s narration was a bit short, there was pretty much nothing for any of them to go on.

The Animation is actually alright, mostly perfect with only a few hiccups once in a while. The transformations though should not be as long as they are every single time although they are shorter then most. The boys of course look rather pretty, and all the girls are rather cute to beautiful. This is basic for magical girl shows and have a bishonen look about them. Perfect for women who love that style, though men might find it annoying to see long lashed men.

The music is pretty much standard lovely sweet music that feels a bit like Sailor Moon music. Some feel wonderful, but other times, it just throws me out of the show a little. The English voices… leave much to be desired, at least for the women. They are rather high pitched and feel forced. The men sound better and I can only wish to hear Illich Guardiola do more stuff. For your information, he played Hayate. Chris Patton does the perfect voice for Sasame in that his voice is rather sexy!


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pr%C3%A9tear

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Wolf's Rain(Jan 6, 2003 – July 29, 2003), Urufuzu Rein
Director: Tensai Okamura Written by: Keiko Nobumoto Music: Yoko Kanno
Adventure, Supernatural,
Key Words: Wolves, Post-Apocalyptic, Steam punk, metafiction,
Studio: Bones Licensed American Publisher: Bandai Entertainment

Episodes: 26

There is a legend that when the end of the world comes, Paradise will appear and only the wolves will know how to find it.
Together, Kiba, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe, mostly lone wolves, were drawn to Freeze City following the sent of Lunar Flowers. The flower child had been placed within a laboratory there, in hopes of learning how to open paradise. Just as the wolves get close to finding her, she is snatched away from them. Will they be able to find a way to paradise or our there efforts in vain?

My Thoughts:Have you ever watched a show that played with your heart so much that you actually cried when watching it? This is what happen to me when I watched Wolf’s Rain. Now before I get pegged for saying that it’s the best show ever, that is not the case. While I love most of the concepts and ideas, followed by music and characters, the show does have one or two downfalls that keep me from saying it’s the best. The story is very slow and almost always seems to go one step forward and two steps back in many different places, leaving you feeling like you don’t want to watch anymore once in a while. I warn people that this is not exactly the show you want to be marathoning, especially if you have a tendency for feeling too much for a character or get to involved in the show.

The characters are almost all wonderful and fleshed out with their pasts, and they even explain their pasts instead of saying, ‘go read the manga’ which is good because when it came out, there wasn’t really any manga on the shelf. The manga only got out just as the show was in completion. Something most people don’t get out of the show is that each of the main characters (the wolves anyway) is actually supposed to symbolize a different type of wolf that is actually endangered.

Kiba is an Arctic (Tundra) wolf, a very beautiful white wolf. He is my favorite of the pack for he has a rather strong will about him. He’s proud of his wolf heritage to the point that he hates showing himself as a human though he does to survive. I consider him much more spiritual and idealistic of the wolves for he seems to always look for a reason why he exists. Most of the time, he seems lost in thought and rather disconnected from everyone else except for Cheza whom he stays very loyal to. Now, still I have one or two nit picks about his character. You would think that threw a long series like this, he would grow to trust and change a bit more then he does, but yet near the end, he seems to still be exactly the same as he was in the beginning. The journey doesn’t really change him in any way and I feel it makes him seem like he was a little to perfect.

Tsume is a Gray wolf with a large scar across his chest from his old pack. He’s untrusting of both human and other wolves for much of the series, ready to snap at a moments notice when something happens. He’s always on edge, and with turn away from almost anyone, except Toboe. I can see why there are so many people out there that have paired him up with Toboe in a romantic way for he always seems to be more protective of Toboe then any other. Although I fall into the wishing to god that the romance were there, I can see what actually is there. I believe that Tsume protects Toboe more for the fact of almost protecting his own ‘innocence’ and love that he lost long before the series even started. Toboe being a pup means he never got to deal with the heartache of being betrayed by his pack. He looks at him more like a brother then a lover (Sorry fan girls). In my opinion, Tsume seems to be the one that grows the most out of any of the wolf characters.

Now, speaking of Toboe, he is my second favorite character of the whole show! Toboe is a Red wolf, and the pup of the group. Tsume always calls him the runt because he’s a bit smaller of the group and acts the most immature of times. He had a sort of sheltered life being brought up by a old women he called Granny so he’s rather friendly to people, even trusting them enough to sometimes show what he is. For most of the show, he does act rather whinny and childish, although he grows as the story goes on making him a bit stronger as a ‘person.’ He stops wanting to rely on others and tries desperately to be on his own, though he looks up to Tsume a lot for his strength. Again, people may see this as a romance between the two but I see it more as a little brother looking up to his tougher big brother more.

Hige is a Mexican Wolf who seems to be the most laid back of the group. He’s flirty, eats a bit more then the others considering how chubby he is, and just goes with the flow most of the time. He’s also a rather interesting jokester, being quick to poke fun at a situation. He also doesn’t really change like Kiba, though he does fall in love with someone and gets the reason he needed to protect them.

All I can say about the next wolf is that it’s a black wolf dog but if I said anymore, it would be a spoiler.

Then we come to the main villain of the show, Darcia. He is one of the nobles somewhat responsible with the ‘extinction’ of the wolves. He searches for the flower maiden for his love, Hamona, who was stricken with an illness that her soul was taken to Paradise and she had fallen into a coma. After a while, Darcia is driven insane by the act of wanting to go to Paradise to be with her.

Now, I have one thing to say about the ending, DEPRESSING! And yet I really want more! It may be a spoiler but I want to see what happens after. I wish it had a second season to it or a series that happened after.

The animation is rather beautiful yet dark, keeping a rather steam punk and post apocalyptic look. The animation is pretty fluid, with nothing really being comical. Actually, if it had anything comical in it, it would destroy the feeling of the show. Everything has a gray filter over it and keeps it dark to where sometimes I had to pop up the brightness a tad to see things.

The instrumental is beautiful monotones and almost music box like. It’s gentle and keeps the sad slow tone that the show has within itself. The opening song ‘Stray’ has a rather dreamy like quality that gives it an almost hunting feeling while staying rather energetic. On the other hand, the ending song ‘Gravity’ is a more slow, sad song that has almost a sleepy tone to it. The difference in both of these songs mimics well to how energetic the show is, to how slow it gets in the middle, and then the climax will have you grasping your seat to see what will happen.

The voices in the English dub are awesome! Johnny Yong Bosch perfectly betrays Kiba better then I think most of his other roles in how almost dreamy his voice is. It’s done as though you’re walking in a daydream looking for something but never finding it. On the other hand, Crispin Freeman gives a perfect contrast as Tsume with his rather brash and almost barking attitude. Unsurprisingly, Mona Marshall is the voice of Toboe with his rather childish personality and girly looks and voice. Now, though they play these roles so well, that I didn’t even notice who was playing the characters because I was two into the characters!


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf’s_Rain

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The SoulTaker(Apr 4, 2001 – July 4, 2001)
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Action, Horror, Supernatural, Drama,
Key Words: Scientists, Futuristic,
Studio: Tatsunoko Productions Licensed American Publisher: Geneon, TechTV, G4,

Episodes: 13

After his mother attempts to kill him, Kyosuke Date is rescued by a young women who believes she is a piece of his sisters soul. Called a flicker, she is captured by the Kirihara Corporation because of her involvement. When Kyosuke tries to save her, he finds that he has a superhuman mutant power known as the Soul Taker.

My Thoughts: This show… is creepy. The art style, camera angles and the way they use colors makes the show feel like a psychological thriller rather then just a horror show. Everything about the show is designed to bring shivers to your spine in an attempt to make the show more dramatic.

We start out with Kyosuke Date (Pronounced as Dan-te at least in the English version) being stabbed threw the chest by his mother, with red… I guess it would be snow… falling. He ‘returns’ from dieing to find that his twin sister and to find that he has a strange supernatural power that is known only as the power of the Soul Taker. He gets a weapon that looks similar to a light saber in the first episode, which only made me think of Star Wars in that he is trying to save his sister from a ‘ship-like’ place. Not to mention he’s hanging out with another person, Shiro Mibu, who acts like a Han Solo type of character.

I mean, a lot of this reminds me of Star Wars in how the backgrounds look to the characters themselves. As I said, Kyosuke Date is like Luke Skywaker in that he is just a boy who didn’t know his full strength until after something dramatic happens. His sister, Princess Leia in that he’s trying to rescue her from these strange Kirihara Corporation, where the Kirihara Corporation is like the Dark side of the Force. Shiro, like I said before, is like Han Solo in how badass he is and that he’s a pilot.

So, a little known fact is that the little cat girl Komugi is the reason why ‘Nurse Witch Komugi OVA’ was even created (Sadly, oh so sadly) and so after hearing about this right before watching the show, I felt like I should of put this off to the side and forget about it. I just couldn’t stand her there, and I can’t stand her here. She breaks the story and destroys the serious parts. I only think the reason why she is even in the show is because Shinbo needed a cute little girl in the show. There is pretty much no reason for her to be there except for a romantic being for Kyosuke (though he seems to have no feelings for her).

The artwork is pretty much the same as Le Portrait de Petit Cossette and its understandable so since the director was the same, Shinbo. Shinbo is known for his ‘little naked girls’ and strange dark, psychological thrillers. The color work is all dark colors with intensely black shadows all over the place. We barley see any normal colors and most of the characters and back grounds are all shades of one color that either contrast or blend in the other object there depending on if the object should stand out or fade into the background. For example, in an area where the characters are sneaking around, the whole scene is shades of blues, greens, and an occasional purple. I’m not all too sure why they always have a close up of this one lone cross at times. It seems to put a large push to the catholic side in both that and the many stain glass images that are placed around the show. Even showing Kyosuke as baby Jesus in a sense.

The music is a little odd, making it feel more like a movie then a series. For instance, they have a very beautiful high action peace with singing played along with the action of when Kyosuke turns into the Soul Taker and fights. The music is pretty good in giving the right atmosphere to the scene and plays rather good on the silence. When the background sound does play, it adds a mystery to the story or the intense feeling of the battle. The English voices are all right I guess, though Kyosuke is very whinny. Brad Swaile is the voice of him, and you would know him from his voice being given to Rock from Black Lagoon and Gohan from Dragonball Z (Adult and teen version).


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_SoulTaker

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Blood+(Oct 8, 2005 – Sep 23, 2006)
Director: Junichi Fujisaku
Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Tragedy,
Key Words: Blood, Gore, swordsman,
Studio: Production I.G Licensed American Publisher: Sony Pictures Television

Episodes: 50

Saya Otonashi had a very normal, happy life growing up with her adoptive family until a strange monster ends up shattering it. Only she can stop the monsters that are destroying her world, and along the way, deal with her own past.

My Thoughts:
For someone who has not seen Blood: The Last Vampire yet, it may seem a bit confusing as to the storyline, although the story is only loosely based off of it. For the idea of it being a Vampire show, this is not. It has no actual vampire although it has some variation of a ‘vampire-like’ monsters. It doesn’t really explain much about the main characters and why they really were the main characters in the first place. It starts out with Saya and her friend seeming to be way to close then just friends. Saya pretty much lost her memory and goes to blood transfusions often. As she does all this, she searches for her memories. Then all hell breaks loose that same first episode. WARNING! There is a little bit of spoilers in this review.

There is a saying that goes around the show of ‘whatever will be, will be’ but yet, the show does not really keep to this. Other interesting things is the fact that the monsters in this are similar to vampires and yet, they are not exactly like vampires. It actually feels pretty interesting in that sense for it gives it a feel all its own (and yes, I know there are a couple animes out there with almost the same feel. This one at least tries to be different though). Much of the story is rather sad and dark, with only a little bit of comedy what doesn’t stand out well.

We will talk about Saya first. Saya is just like a normal girl with a big secret. She is actually not human, but yet not like the monsters (Chiropteran) she fights. From the moment she tastes Hagi’s blood, she remembers things about her past that were sealed away when she fell asleep 30 years before. Its really hard talking about her and the other characters for it can really bring about spoilers for the show.

Hagi is her Chevalier and only person who have been alive almost as long as Saya has. He was bought from his parents as though he was a piece of livestock with the hope he would ‘breed’ with Saya like they were animals. I actually really do with that the two would get together and find happiness because they are a rather cute couple. He’s the rather silent type almost all knowing and truly cares about Saya.

There is a deep connection between Saya and her adopted family. It’s so great that when Saya leaves, they end up trying to follow her to help her as much as they can. It’s really heartfelt and will bring tears to your eyes if you’re rather sentimental about this type of stuff.

The animation is actually rather beautiful, looking like it was done almost perfectly. At times, the scenes are rather dark and give a rather horror based look about the show, and then it will actually lighten up to make it a little more cheerful. As the story gets going, the darker it gets and the more fight scenes happen. I know this is a little strange to say, but in Anime terms, Saya actually does look a lot like a Korean. Other characters are a bit interesting, though there really wasn’t much that stood out. I love how they created Hagi in the rather quiet and mysterious type of character. He has a very Victorian feel about him everywhere he goes.

The music is beautiful, mostly orchestra related and captures the sad moods rather well. The voices are actually pretty good, though some of the supporting characters sound a bit off. They made the perfect voice for Hagi as Crispin Freeman. He’s perfect for the mysterious style of guy. Saya on the other hand sounds a bit whiny at times though, and it gets a little odd.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood%2B

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Itsudatte My Santa OVA(Dec 7, 2005)
Director: Noriyoshi Nakamura
Romance, Comedy,
Key Words: Magical Girl, nudity
Studio: TNK Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 2

One lonely Christmas Eve, a boy sits in the square waiting for a call that seems to not come. He is alone and unhappy but doesn’t want to bother other people with his problems. Suddenly, a girl shows up out of nowhere and asks him ‘will you spend the night with me?’ But this is no ordinary girl, she is a Santa Claus, a girl with the powers to give presents all over the world and she wants to help him smile.

My Thoughts: This is a rather… odd show. It’s about a boy named Santa who has always been alone every Christmas and yet because he was born on the Eve of Christmas, he is given the name Santa. Who in their right mind would call their son Santa? Well, his neglectful parents it looks like. Then suddenly, out of know where (like almost every other romance anime out there) this girl shows up and asks him ‘want to spend the night with me?’ And thus begins are strange and odd show. Its not that this show is bad, more like predictable.

Santa sounds rather whinny and annoying but because of Mai, I wouldn’t be surprised. Mai is extremely crazy and overly energetic. She can only create things that start with ‘San’ because she is in training. Now this doesn’t work well because in the dub, the items are not called the same in Japanese and so changes that. She can’t cook, goes overboard at times, and is rather stupid as well. At least Naru had brains, this girl doesn’t seen to have an ounce of smarts in many areas. All she really seems to know is how to be a Santa.

In the first episode is about there first meeting, as well as them talking about Christmas and fun. Sadly, it feels very, very bland. It’s got cheesy written all over the script. It would actually be fine if they ended it there but they actually have a second episode. The second episode though… its just a excuse to see the girls in swimsuits. There was no real reason for them to have a second episode. It’s even cheesier then the first!

The animation is rather good, though it does end up having scenes that are reused so many times. A lot of the animation is rather standard and bland half the time. Luckily, they don’t go out of their way to show breasts but they hint a lot about panty shots.

Oh god, we get to the voices now… Although Chris Burnett is a rather nice voice and fits the character of Santa well, Brittney Karbowski is so not the part I would of picked for Mai. Her voice tends to get way to whinny and annoying the more she talks and it turns into a high pitched squeal when she’s talking to long.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itsudatte_My_Santa!

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Manga Review: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-618443/angels-review-manga-and-comics?pg=4#44846909
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Inuyasha(Oct 16, 2000- Sept 13, 2004)
Director: Masashi Ikeda, Yasunao Aoki
Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural,
Key Words: Sengoku Era, Demons,
Studio: Sunrise Licensed American Publisher: Viz Media

Episodes: 167

Kagome Higurashi was a 15 year old girl who lived in her families Shinto Shrine with her Mother, brother, Grandfather, and cat. When her cat gets lost in the Bone Eater’s Well, Kagome goes after him and ends up being transported to the Sengoku period. During a attack, a special Sacred Jewel that had been lost long ago came from her body and was turned into shards. Now she and the half-demon Inuyasha must collect the shards before the evil Naraku does.

My Thoughts: It was bound to happen sooner or later, to review a long anime like Inuyasha. As a girl in highschool, I fell in love with the show and in the ‘sexy Sesshomaru’ and even the perverted monk, Miroku, at times. I was pretty much a fangirl even if I missed a couple episodes once in a while and when I couldn’t see the whole thing. Does it stack up to my expectations now that I have seen other anime shows and have watched the rest of this? Well, it may fall flat at points but I still do like it. It’s not the greatness I once held it up to be now that I have seen so many other great anime. But enough of this, lets get down to breaking it down.

The story itself is actually rather fun in where a young girl gets transported to the Sengoku period of Japan. Although the main storyline is pretty good and interesting, it falls apart as the fact its just way to long. It goes on over and over again with them finding the jewel shards, big fight for the shard, and then somewhere in the mix is the fights between Inuyasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku about who is saving who and for what reasons. It gets repetitive. Not only that, but the show had not ended until 2009 when ‘The Final Act’ was created. Still, I guess its better then making up an ending like Fullmetal Alchemist did.

There are so many characters that I will have to break them down to a select few that come up over and over again. We shall start with Kagome. Though we do not normally see her personality fully except for her fights with Inuyasha. She is stubborn, a little clueless about the world she goes to many times, and she has a rather wicked temper. But against that, she is still rather loving and sometimes motherly to everyone around her.

Inuyasha is as stubborn, clueless, and has a wicked temper just like Kagome. Seeing what he is and how he had to survive and live, we can see why though. He had always been alone before, fighting to stay alive and having normal demons and humans pick on him for being a half-breed. He seems to have more reason to be the way he is because of this then Kagome.

Miroku is a perverted young monk, similar to Happosai from Ranma. I wouldn’t be surprised at this because the main creator was the same. Deep down, he’s actually rather caring and sweet, though you have to get past his first impressions. Sango also a bit hot tempered, and it makes me wonder if he just tried to make all the characters almost exactly the same when you break them down. That’s why its really hard to review this show.

The animation is rather clean in most areas, though sometimes the battle has rather poor backgrounds with speed lines and some reused stock. Very rarely do I see problems with the main animation. Once in a while with the comedy thing it lacks but all together, at least it’s consistent.

I actually like the English voices as they were the first that I watched, and because they grew on me. Kagome’s voice can get kind of whinny at times… alright, almost all the time but she kind of is like that in personality. Many times, she does seem strong and her voice does reflect it somewhat. Inuyasha’s is also sometimes whinny as well making a good counterpart to Kagome’s. When you hear Sesshomaru’s voice, you will understand one reason why fan girls squeal at the sound of his voice. I hate Jaken’s voice no matter what though. There are some small problems with the script on how they changed it. Some things they say do not seem to be something a person from Sengoku would say. The music is actually rather wonderful most times with just a couple pieces that fit perfectly to many different scenes.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InuYasha

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It was new years' eve and MAK was in the mood to celebrate the end of the year after all the work he had to endure that year and man, did he needed a break and that's when he found a flyer for this NYE party that was close to him and then he calls up Angel if she wanted to go and luckily she was getting over a cold and felt energized to go since it's been about 2 1/2 months since we hung out..

Angel went with him, shrugging at the thought of going to a party. She wasn't a really party person but she could always go for a drink, especially when its free. As the two sat talking with a couple other people, she felt rather strong arms wrap around her shoulders. She quickly turned and slapped Kurai with a glare, "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked him.
He smiled at her and then chuckled, "I know the owner of course... he has had a bit of a deal with me for a while now," he said rather satanically, though he was only doing it to tick her off.
"Stupid fucken devil of a anime creep..." she growled.
"Why do you think my name means Dark in Japanese?" he chimed in, teasing a little more, then turned to MAK, "And how has the running been lately? Anime Gods being nice now?" he asked as though he knew the answer.

As it turns out to me, Kurai happens to know the owner of the place, although he should've researched more and then he asked him about the Anime Gods and then MAK retorted, "Oh, I haven't heard a word from them in a while. Something about the world police searching their HQ for illicit reasons. How's things with you being an asshole and harassing people been doing? I heard about Angel one-upping you last time."

"Ah... that was a fluke...." he commented dastardly, chuckling, "This time, I have something better to see the new year with...." "Don't you fucken ruin our year," Angel warned. "And why would I ever do that?" he smiled.

He made a comeback saying it was a fluke -yeah,right- and once again Kurai made some threat about seeing a terrible anime, which looks obvious from his smirk. Then MAK really started to looked pissed and said, "Look, fool, it's a fucking NYE party. We just came to have a good time, relax among other people, get a drink or two and really, you decided to do this shit right here, right now? Who the fuck you think you are?"

Kurai smiled, "A troll of course. That was what I was made for."
"That and getting a black eye it seems....." she growled.
Kurai shrugged and said gently, "Well, lets hope you don't have to see a nurse yourself after watching /this/ show..."

Then MAK looked at Angel and said, "Wait, what did he mean by 'seeing a nurse yourself after watching this?" Then MAK really started to look worried and then said, "Angel, do you know what show he's talking about?"

She sighed and looked at MAK threw her fingers, "Do you remember the anime I have been slowly reviewing... SoulTaker?"
Kurai smiled, "I heard about you looking at that one. How long have you been doing that one now?"
She glared at Kurai, "None of your buisne---"
"About two or three months now?" he asked, smiling.

"Okay", MAK said, "But you said SoulTaker was an alright anime and it's not like there is some spinoff of some character from that show that you really hated and......" Then MAK realized what he said could be tip Kurai off and he did a facepalm going, "Ah, shit!".

Kurai smiled, "Ah.... but there is a spin off.... and another and another...."
"They ACTUALLY DID THREE FROM THAT CRAP!" Angel's eyes widened a little.
"Of course, but I will save two for later... much later, my little nurse witch," he cooed.
Angel growled, "Don't fucken call me that!"

"Oh yeah?", MAK questioned boldly, "And what happens when we don't? Another vague threat with the Anime Gods added in? What are you going to do about that, motherfucker?" Apparently, with enough drinks in his system, MAK will get pissed off very easily.

"Because you wouldn't want this cute little angel to have to review it on her own for New Years, would you?" he asked as he put his hands on her shoulders and then got slapped again with claws.

Then MAK walked up to him on the ground with bloody claw marks on him and said, "Alright. Fine. I'll do it.....for two reasons.1) I'm not gonna let my friend suffer this alone and I don't want to abandon my friends, especially to a creep like you. 2)Because you really need your ass kicked."

Kurai smiled as he jumped back a bit, "Ah, what a perfect friend you are... and now for the challange... Review Nurse Witch Komugi, the 5 episode one."

Nurse Witch Komugi OVA(Aug 23, 2002)
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto, Yoshitomo Yonetani
Comedy, Romance,
Key Words: Magical Girl, Parody, Fan service,
Studio:Tatsunoko Production, Kyoto Animation Licensed American Publisher: ADV Films

Episodes: 5

In the magical land of Vaccine World, a virus named Ungrar broke out of prison and went to Earth. Komugi was entrusted with the magical baton to turn into Nurse Witch Komugi and rid the world of the monstrous Virus and his minions.

My Thoughts: Welcome to my nightmare… If Kurai really wanted to break me, this is a really good one to use. I don’t know who decided to actually make an anime out of the stupid pinked haired girl Komugi from SoulTaker, but they need to be forced to watch this themselves.

The story starts out talking about a rather odd place called Vaccine World where a virus has broken out of prison and went to earth. Because of this, the Goddess of Vaccine World sent this little talking… squirrel-puffball-annoying sidekick-thing… to go find a human to use the magic baton to defeat the virus. He finds Komugi who takes the job only because she wanted to cosplay as a nurse witch. Yep, its one of those shows… the shows where its all fun and games to the person trying to save the earth. I wish he would of at least looked around a bit more or at least thought twice about giving the baton/wand to the first girl he saw. At least someone who gives a crap what the hell the magic was actually supposed to be used for! She, of course, is in love with Kyosuke Date like in SoulTaker. Unlike SoulTaker though, he has the personality of a wet noodle. I have a feeling that this is what Komugi wanted him to be. In fact, I would consider this to be exactly what was going on in Komugi’s empty head all threw Soultaker.

Anyway, then we have Runa who in SoulTaker was the sister of Kyosuke but in this world is nothing more then a childhood actor who does anything for money. There’s Asuka who is a movie actress here but is the love interest sort of in SoulTaker. There’s Shiro who is her manager Yui… both really doesn’t have much of a personality on there own.

I guess the show isn’t all bad, its better then Puni Puni Poemii by a long shot. The artwork is better and the story is a bit more consistent then Puni. If it has fan service, then it has fan service… if it wants to play on parodies, then they do it. They know exactly what they want to be and don’t try to be anything more.

The animation is actually quite good, though sometimes not consistent throughout. I was surprised that Kyoto actually had in doing the artwork and it shows with its rather bright and detailed artwork in no matter what part. The lines are crisp and the colors fill the whole area. Characters don’t normally lose their proportions unless its to push the comedic affect. The characters do look like they were pulled straight from SoulTaker (however, their personalities are actually destroyed) to the point that it’s easy to see who was who.

The English voices are consistent with SoulTaker and so must of it will be said in my review on that series but her’s the low down on this, I CAN’T STAND KOMUGI’S VOICE! She’s a whinny, immature, shell of a girl who is pretty much played off as just the normal everyday high school girl with a crush and a secret. Of course, in order to combat her voice, they have little puffball there a 12-cigarette pack a day voice with a high pitch whine. This we have to hear everytime he talks with Komugi with almost all his sentences ending in ‘Komugi’… ‘We got to save the world, Komugi. Your our only hope, Komugi’… Um… Ya… I like Kyosuke’s voice yet it doesn’t work for the personality they did for him. The opening music is actually quite catchy, and a rather cute piece. Some of the other songs like when Kyosuke is supposed t be singing is actually some pretty nice stuff. I have to say that most of the soundtrack is created rather well and has a nice tone to it, at least when there are vocals. On the flip side, when there is only background music, it doesn’t stand out much and just gets lost or unnoticeable.

In the end, its bad, but not as bad as some others I watched. It’s nothing I can’t deal with having to watch.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_Witch_Komugi

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After that, MAK goes to Kurai and said to him, "Look, I don't know about you and your sick kicks and all that, but what is with you harassing Angel all the time with these shit anime? Why do you have the need to keep doing this? Do you have it in for her or something?"

He smiled slightly at MAK, and chuckled slightly, "I wouldn't say have it in for her... more like, I know she's to strong to be overpowered by just one crappy anime..." his voice was actually soft for once, more gentle and slightly sad in a way, "Besides, its what I was made for, destiny and all that. You should know about destiny."

That last thing Kurai said did have MAK thinking of his destiny and yet made MAK feel almost sorry for him. "I get the feeling of destiny, too. I do know that Angel can handle whatever you throw but sometimes destiny can mislead you to something that can make you miserable and can I ask you a question? Are you actually happy now, Kurai?"

Kurai chuckled as he looked over at him, "Do I look like I would do it if I wouldn't be happy? Take a look at me for crying out loud, I scream bad boy, don't I?" Then his voice lowered even more, almost to low for MAK to hear although he could just make out him mumbling, "Besides... It means that I can actually stay around... her..."


Nurse Witch Komugi OVA(June 6, 2003)
Director: Masatsugu Arakawa
Comedy, Romance,
Key Words: Magical Girl, Parody, Fan service,
Studio:Tatsunoko Production, Kyoto Animation Licensed American Publisher: ADV Films

Episodes: 1

My Thoughts:


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_Witch_Komugi

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Nurse Witch Komugi Magikarte Z OVA(Sep 10, 2004)
Director: Kou Matsuzono
Comedy, Romance,
Key Words: Magical Girl, Parody, Fan service,
Studio:Tatsunoko Production Licensed American Publisher:

Episodes: 2

My Thoughts:


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurse_Witch_Komugi

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She-Ra: Princess of Power(Sep 9, 1985 – Dec 2, 1986)
Director: Gwen Wetzler
Animated Series, Action, Fantasy,
Key Words: Swordsman, Transformations, talking animals,
Licensed American Publisher: Filmation Associates Mattel

Episodes: 93

Follow Adora and her friends as they battle against the evil Horde.

My Thoughts: Well here’s a really vintage show! She-Ra was pretty much the female version of He-Man; of course they kind of still had stereotypes for women here. Most women in this are rather stupid and/or silly while the men are more… handsome? I guess they are supposed to look like that though they don’t to me. There are way to many side characters in this to remember them all an so its hard to explain them. Most also have one characteristic and never grow from that.

The animation is really stiff and jumps in quality a lot. Sometimes items and people are well detailed and other times we have almost flashes of blimps for characters. They forget to put some things into the scenes making it inconsistent in that area to. It’s standard for old time cartoons to be like this but I still just can’t get over it. Almost all the characters seem to wear spandex that’s so tight, that we can see every muscle on their bodies while the women are overly sexualized unless side characters.

The voices are really odd; the voice of Adam makes him sound like a little whinny child who really isn’t a hero. The side characters, animals and such, sound really stupid and do get annoying after a while. Sometimes it’s even hard to understand them with the slurring in their voice. Other then that, they did a stupid thing where the women’s voices are so high and squeaky or like they are talking threw a hole in their necks. I found myself having to play with the volume all threw the episodes trying to get a volume that would actually work because the levels are just so disjointed. The levels just don’t work well as most of the voices are so low I can’t hear them when the others are yelling loudly.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/She-Ra:_Princess_of_Power

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Magic Knights Rayearth(Oct 17, 1994 – Mar 13, 1995)
Director: Toshihiro Hirano Written by: Nanase Ohkawa Music: Hayato Matsuo
Mecha, Action, Adventure,
Key Words: Magical Girl,
Studio: Tokyo Movie Shinsha Licensed American Publisher: AnimeWorks

Episodes: 20

When three young girls went on a trip to Tokyo Tower with their school, they never expected to be transported into a magical world named Cephiro. There, they find that they have a power that can save Cephiro from the High Priest Zagato who had captured the Princess Emeraude.

My Thoughts: So, what happens when you cross Fushigi Yugi, Sailor Moon, and a Dungeons and Dragons vibe with way too many comedic jokes? Well, I guess this shows it. The characters are pretty much generic, the story is pretty generic and to top it all off, the main characters seem rather stupid, including Fuu who is supposed to be smart. In fact, the only real character that actually had the right thought in the head during the first episode was Umi who kept trying to get back home. Of course, she slowly gets into the swing of the other characters after the first one.

I’m not going to lie; the characters are dip-shits. They are completely stupid most of the time without any real reason to be stupid. It did surprise me though just how smart Hikaru was once in a while, only to have it crashing down moments later in her stupidity. She has almost no holds bar over going head first into a fight and so its no wonder she levels up faster then the other two. Every single character, not just the main characters but even the side characters seem to have this strange way of explaining far more then they really should at any given time. It pretty much becomes a large monolog as they explain a very small piece of the plot.

Umi is pretty much a loudmouth who will always speak her mind and sadly, that means be the annoying whinny brat all the time. She whines about everything, ‘I’m tired’ ‘My feet hurt’ ‘When will we be able to go back to Tokyo?’ stuff like that. She’s one of my least favorite characters even though all the characters do tend to become whinny throughout the show. Fuu is a rather sweet girl who always seems to care for anyone but even with that, she will not go head long into battle without some sort of plan. And then when you least expect it, she will do something stupid without thinking of the other people in her group. It’s like she has multi-personality disorder or something because she never does what she says.

Ferio is a rather odd character in that he always seems to be switching sides all the time. I get kind of surprised that anyone actually believes a word that the trickster says. And Clef isn’t any help because he’s a stone who when he talks to them from the heart, his lips don’t move at all so you have no clue if its really him or actually a trickster at times.

So, now this paragraph is about a big spoiler that I really have a problem with. The ending although a good twist, comes out of the blue and doesn’t really make much sense. The rune gods turn out to be mecha’s and they have to kill the person that summoned them. So much for saving the good princess from the ‘evil’ sorcerer. Turns out the sorcerer was misunderstood and was killed for no reason at all. I’m all for killing one to save a thousand but in this case, at least four lives were lost all because a princess went gaga over a guy, not to mention whoever else died by monsters and other catastrophes. This princess was a spoiled little brat in that aspect. Don’t take me wrong, I’m all for love, but this just kind of got ridicules.

The animation jumps all over the place and goes from normal, to chibi, to overly dramatic rather fast. I believe one of these scenes did this in about 3 minutes. Not only that but they place a lot of still shots or really little movement as though they were hurting for cash, what I consider cheep ass animation tactics. In fact, after Clef is turned to stone, every time he ends up talking, he doesn’t move his lips at all in the hologram that shows him. I mean come on, if you want to show him when he’s supposed to be speaking, move his mouth at least a little bit or just do his voice with no image of him. Every character looks generic, we have the generic looking bad guys, the generic looking heroines, the generic looking side-kick plush toy, and to top it all off, a generic looking princess to bring this whole world into perspective. All the characters have really wide eyes that pretty much take up most of their faces, which have really pointy… jaws and cheeks? Characters are also really long legged like in the Sailor Moon shows, sometimes going to an extremely elongated body like in xxxHolic. Characters do not have to look like they are thrown in a taffy machine one minute, then really chibi the next.

The English dubs are all about comedy it seems but I don’t blame it all on the dubbers. The animation also shows this but I already talked about that. Fact of the matter is, they seem to crack jokes this way and that, breaking any good drama the show could have had with a witty little joke. It throws me for a loop that they would do such a thing but I haven’t read the manga yet so not sure if Clamp actually did that as well. I do like that when they are getting a bit to obvious, they actually point it out. When going about picking voices, I believe they decided to pick the generic character voices. Julie Maddalena, who played Yumi from Chobits, Meiling in Cardcaptor, as Hikaru. Bridget Hoffman, who played Belldandy in Ah! My Goddess and Chitose from Chobits, as Fuu. Wendee Lee, who did Urd from Ah My Goddess and Ururu from Bleach, as Umi. Unsurprisingly, they do a good job though I get tired of these characters.


Link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_Knight_Rayearth

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Magic Knights Rayearth Season 2
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