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Doomsday cult descends on town
Posted 3/28/12
Still waiting for those lovely days to come.
Posted 3/28/12
I like the believers explanation of why the world is gonna end. "the earth is gonna align with the center of the milkyway!" which besides being nothing to worry about, also happens every year on december 21st. You can't fix stupid.
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Posted 3/28/12
Man I wish the aliens were coming, would liven things up.

However since I do believe that this coming December will be another 2k waiting to happen, I just pity the children who were involved from their parents paranoia.
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12

greenlees wrote:

thank you, now if only more people could use common sense.

What's sad is that in an attempt to provide logic, the maker of that little gif never noticed the atrocious logical fallacy in the 'world should have ended 7 months ago' theory.


Hint: Mesoamerican calendar is not based upon the calculations of the Julio-Gregorian calendar.

Less subtle hint:

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Posted 3/28/12 , edited 4/2/12
I think this is sad why just why what will they do when nothing happens
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Posted 4/2/12
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