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RP w/ Friends
Posted 3/28/12
*plops down onto a patch of grass, twirling a lazy
flower between her fingers...

Neh..who will I meet first.. :3
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
*Runs in with a crowd of men in black chasing after me, shooting guns*
*Grabs hold of hinata and points a gun to her head*
Posted 3/28/12
*slips through his grasp like butter twirling
her fluffy tail between his legs..

Neh..who are you? :3
Posted 3/28/12
*Runs after you, swinging a chainsaw*
I am your worst nightmare!!!! you can run all you want, but that just excites me! BWAHAHAHA
Posted 3/28/12
neh *blushes... all this commotion for me?
*hides pink face with tail, then looks up at you
with large eyes...

you wouldn't wanna harm a cutie pie like me..
would you? o//o
Posted 3/28/12
I don't think you understand. I'm a complete psychopath, that is aroused at the thought of blood and insides gushing out.
Basically, yes, I would love to harm you.
*Takes out tazer and tazes hintata*
*Puts hinata in a bag, and ties her up in secret dungeon*
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23 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 3/28/12

*throws a pokeball @ Ha-chan*

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25 / M / This Dying World
Posted 3/28/12
I think we has a pretty good troll here guys
Posted 3/28/12
*tries breathing in the small bag, squirming around frantic...
nehh! v__v
Posted 3/28/12
*Hits bag against the wall until all squirming stops*
Hmm, looks like I'm having minced meat for dinner tonight
Posted 3/28/12
*pokeball hits me in the butt..
neh! @_<
Posted 3/28/12
*Uses chainsaw to bat away chromie's Pokeball*
You shall never catch me Mortal! Now DIE! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted 3/28/12
*kageben no jutsu! ~pewf~
*licks paw then searches for the exit
Posted 3/28/12
Number won't matter against my MINIGUN!
Posted 3/28/12
*clones pewf one by one.. i dart away from the shots
and scamper off down a hallway and into a room...

wonder where those men went...
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