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RP w/ Friends
Posted 3/28/12
*Hit's big red button, which causes the whol underwater secret dungeon to go into lock down. The only way to escape is by using my voice to deactivate it*
You have better things to worry about. Like the hypno-brainwashing gas that I'm pumping through the whole place! I will capture you and do unspeakable things!
Posted 3/28/12
*pulls gasmask out of my neko ninja kit
...does handsigns camoflage jutsu!

oh! the men are trying to burst through this
terrible place! Help!! Help!
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
Oh, those guys? Don't worry about them, I called them because we're gonna have a massive Gang-bang... I mean party. Yeah, Party. Anyway, I'll find you soon enough, I got super spider sense.
Posted 3/28/12
0///0 ... *scratches the window..then scampers all over dungeon
...starts to pant.

no...way...out. v//v *huff huff
Posted 3/28/12
*I turn on my sexiness. Hinata can't resist and comes running towards me. I knock her out and chain her to the wall*
Well, let's get this party started!
Happy Ending!
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
*watches the whole ordeal happen from the dock
above the hideout..

o.o ohmystars! my wooden clone is just
putting spinters in the worse possible places!!!!

*shrugs and twirls the lazy flower again..
Posted 3/28/12
Fuck it, I'm bat man, I'm off to save the planet. Toodles!
Posted 3/28/12
Neh.. good riddance mr. pervy :0

Posted 3/28/12
But.. but.. I'm batman D: Everyone loves batman! LOVE ME
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Posted 3/28/12
[Watching everything that has just transpired from atop of a mountain.] Hm, that's some intense stuff that guy is doing over there, I should do something! I SHOULD DO SOMETHING AND NOW! [Skin begins to slowly solidify, sparks begin to emit from body, a surge of lightning strikes down at my location, an explosion of smoke covering me.] Now, now I play the waiting game. I wait for the perfect time ... to strike. [Plotting while transformed into a rock.] This foe of psychotic nature shall stand no change against me, and my rigid body.
Posted 3/28/12
Hey look, A rock! I know, I'll shit on it!
Posted 3/28/12

C'mon, read the forum rules, please. I beg of you.
Posted 3/28/12
Haha, I was waiting for someone to report it... Now I'm leaving
Posted 3/28/12
i loves everyone :3

...even sasuke <.< cold-hearted b-

*grin.. ^-^
Posted 3/28/12

haikinka wrote:

Number won't matter against my MINIGUN!

Nice entertainment there.

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