What computer (internet speeds) you use to stream CrunchyRoll HD content to your TV
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I am currently using a Macbook (7,1) for my streaming of Crunchyroll. Processor is 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, video is the Nvidia 320M integrated graphics. I upgraded it with 8GB DDR3 ram, and a 7200rpm 500GB hard drive. I have the DisplayPort adapter for HDMI from Monoprice.

Internet: (I live in two places)

In NY, I have Verizon FiOS with 25 Mbps Up and 25 Mbps down.

No issues with 1080p. Outputting to a 42" Plasma TV.

In PA, I have Blue Ridge Cable. It's 5 Mbps down, and only 300 Kbps up. (They charge what FiOS charges too)

720p content - zero issues, but sometimes get pauses in the middle of a video and have to refresh.
1080p - hit or miss. If I am getting the full bandwidth, it will go for a while, but then start crapping out 10-15 minutes in.

Outputting to a 40" LCD TV with 1080P.

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Welcome to the show off thread.
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underlock wrote:

Welcome to the show off thread.


The display's great on my private plane, but connections over the atlantic are spotty this season.

Now, the streaming quality over at my summer house in Ibiza, that's truly something to admire! I update the entire system every 6 months.
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They're having a poke at you.

It's not always up to your internet speed. I recently moved and got my internet up and running. It smoothly streamed 1080 videos at 680KB/s. Though days later it became a little faster and I'm having more interruptions.

At my old house it was twice that at around 1300KB/s. Sometimes at this higher bandwidth it would have too many interruptions.

Of late it's been not performing too well. That could be my laptop. It says I have to replace my battery and expect it to shut down suddenly and run slower.
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I use my eyes to get to CR.
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I use Dial-Up on my Macintosh II
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I'm on wireless, 2mbps(256KB/s), so I can't do 1080P, but SD works just fine since most anime is SD anyways, still looks fine on my 27" Monitor and 32" HDTV, both are hooked up to my PC; TV through HDMI, monitor through DVI, through my TV/PC I get 6.1 audio, through just my PC it's 4.1.

When I lived in town I easily had 54Mbps down from my provider which was more than enough to stream 1080P. 1080P can be used on most graphics cards, 512MB+ anyways, some choppyness on 256MB cards. My PC is a Six-Core Phenom II @ 2.8Ghz, 10GB of DDR3 1333Mhz ram, a 1TB 7200rpm HDD, and a 500GB 7200rpm HDD, Ati Radeon HD 5570 1GB graphics card(PCI-E), but none of this actually makes a difference with 1080P, unless I wanna watch 50 videos simultaneously I guess.
The only time I actually make use of my PC is when I'm gaming(ie:COD Black ops on Ultra settings), other than that, it's playing cards by itself in the corner waiting for something to do.
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i have aol 3.0 so I dont know.
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2Mbps / 720p - No problem with playback
2Mbps / 1080p - Some frame skipping
In both cases I would need to allow the buffer to exceed the video far enough to not catch up to where it hasn't buffer/load.
I used to have a problem with 480p and 720p videos a while back, then I updated Flash Player which resolved the issue. I'm hoping that will be the case for the video playback issue I having with 1080p on Crunchyroll. Youtube 1080p and others work normally.

Intel GMA X4500MHD
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I had 7Mbps and I'd get buffering with 1080. I now have 12Mbps and 1080 steams good... 720 would do well at anything above 1.5Mbps...

I never got any video problems with cards like nVidia GT240s all the way up to GTX460s and GTX 465s.

I crunch BOINC projects and watch videos at the same time on those cards with varying results.

The ATI/AMD Radion cards I have are HD4870s and HD6850 and they tend to do videos with fewer glitches while running BOINC projects than the nVidia cards...
BUT that might have something to do with the BOINC apps themselves....

I haven't noticed any difference between the types of CPUs as far as streaming video goes. The slowest CPU I have running is an AMD Athlon2 64 4400+ and the fastest is an Intel 2500K i5. If I let BOINC run the faster ones do better than the older slower ones.
that's to be expected....
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