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Last Anime You Completed
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26 / M / Calgary, Alberta,...
Posted 1/2/14 , edited 1/2/14
Elfen Lied


- Great animation, and looked particularly good on Blu-ray.

- Dub was quite painful at times.
- Felt it was embracing the nudity and ultra-violence instead of making a point with it.
- Too many silly moments during serious scenes.

Overall I thought this was bad, and only finished it because it was so praised.
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20 / M
Posted 1/2/14
Arpeggio of blue steel 8/10
-Boring first few episodes
-Felt a little bit rushed

Gargantia: on the Verdurous Planet
-Start was kinda boring, didnt want to watch it that much until the middle
+ending was decent
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22 / F / 'Murica
Posted 1/2/14
[u[We Were There (僕等がいた, Bokura ga Ita)

Genere/Setting: Romance/High school
Rating: 6/10
Comment: Way to many silent pauses and frustrating moments of non communication
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18 / F / イブキド
Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14
Angel Beats, just finished it 20 minutes ago, and ive never felt so emotionally depressed from any source of media in my life. This anime hit me so hard its not even funny. I won't be on Crunchyroll for a while after this...

10/10. Everything perfect.
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21 / M
Posted 1/3/14
Just finished Kotoura-San today

Review: 10/10 Loved every minute of every episode. Got hooked with the anime after watching the first episode. Very funny and has a very good ending that satisfied me. Give it a go if you have time for an anime that consists of 12 episodes!
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29 / M / USA
Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14
Monogatari 2nd Season:

Comment / Review: Fucking GLORIOUS. And props to the artistic direction behind episode 18.

Nisemonogatari had me worried a bit, it seemed like Monogatari was threatening to turn into a generic fanservice show of just-above-average quality. But this season went back to the roots of what I loved Bakemonogatari for, reminded me that these characters are still definitely worth my time, and that the series has a long way to go before it's spent. From a mostly unremarkable start, each story arc got better and better until it was back on top of the season where it belonged.

Rating: 9/10 (no adjustments need be made).
Recommended: Yes; if you liked Bakemonogatari you'll like this.
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 1/30/14

Blood-C 7/10
It was good, don't understand why some people would give it a 5 and less.
Very gory and bloody, especially in the last 2 episodes, damn.
Saya was a very cute character, and that song of hers was so cute xD
CLAMP characters from those of you who don't know.
Nice op.
Don't watch it if you can't handle blood and gore. You might end up puking if you don't :P

Spoilers fr the last 2 episodes, because I just want to laugh together with someone who has watched it XD
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22 / M / Paradise
Posted 3/5/14
Wolf's Rain

A classic (I sure hope it is at least) to be sure. LOVED the ending, although I was sad for days.
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24 / M / Earth
Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
Name of Anime: Haibane Renmei
Comment / Review: 8/10
Really interesting and touching plot, some may find it a bit slow with its pacing but I didn't mind at all
Interesting characters that develop well
Beautiful art style and animation
Well executed ending that leaves you wanting more yet leaves you satisfied and content

Recommended: Yes
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21 / M / ZA WARUDO
Posted 3/6/14
Name of anime: Durarara!!
Rating: 9/10
+Interesting way of storytelling.
+Great Characters
+Makes multiple references to other anime. (ex. Baccano, Toradora)

-The focus on the high school characters in its second half.
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27 / F / West Virginia
Posted 3/6/14
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Overall: 10/10

It's much better than the original. There was never a dull moment. There were so many twists and turns, you couldn't guess what would happen next. I loved it
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25 / M
Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
Rurouni Kenshin

Overall: 7/10

I thought it was good. I liked everything up to the end of Kyoto Arc (Shishio arc). Everything after that, I wasn't much of fan of. Some of the fillers I enjoyed though.

Would I recommend it: Yes
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28 / F / SC
Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
Mushi-shi i loved it, it was fairly calm but not boring kind of calm. Loved, loved the main character. Also has a great OP, been listening to it on repeat for days now lol.

ready and pumped for season 2, i hope CR gets it!!
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28 / M / nortwoods
Posted 3/6/14 , edited 3/6/14
valvrave the liberator 7.5/10
attack on titan 9.5/10
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Posted 3/6/14
The Book of Bantorra

Comment/Review: The 27 episode show takes place in a Victorian steam punk world where a person's soul is fossilized into a book of memories after they die which is kept and guarded by gifted librarians at the Bantorra Library. The arcs and back stories at first are confusing beyond reasoning but they build upon each other like bricks and form one of the best endings I have seen in anime. Though the main character is a bit risque, this is not an ecchi series which was my impression by stumbling upon fan art at first.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Recommended: Yes, to a mature audience.
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