please help, need anime suggestion
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Posted 4/7/12
I'm looking for anime similar to Rosario + Vampire
been watching anime for years I have such a long list of things I've seen and thoroughly enjoy, but lately they have been making anime like this and I gotta say to this day no anime surpassed my #1 spot till I just watched Rosario + Vampire: Wish i gave it a chance sooner!

I like the raunchy humor and I love the show so much - looking for suggestions on good anime like it (not talking about more vampire shows just raunchy humor and such) I think they are called harems?

Can anyone help !

comment suggestions and brief description of show!
thx =>
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Posted 4/7/12
Personal Threads are not allowed.

I'll recommend you to use the links below:

The Anime/Manga Help Thread

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