Area/Monster List
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Sort of like a map. If you need to find a specific monster for a quest/a specific NPC, this forum will help you.

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Seraine Field

NPCs -
Katie (Quest NPC)
Annie (Quest NPC)
Andy (Quest NPC)

Monsters -
Lvl 20: Wild Caterpillar - Earth Element || Drops: Cacoon
Lvl 20: Dirt Moth - Earth Element || Drops:
Lvl 21: Fire Frog - Fire Element || Drops: Frog Leg
Lvl 22: Mutant Beaver - Water Element || Drops: Short Log
Lvl 23: Walking Fish - Water Element || Drops: Fish Fin
Lvl 24: Fire Trent - Fire Element || Drops:
Lvl 25: Wild Pupa - Water Element || Drops:
Lvl 26: Wild Fire Butterfly - Fire Element || Drops: Red Butterfly Wing
Lvl 27: Wild Electric Butterfly - Electric Element || Drops: Yellow Butterfly Wing
Lvl 28: Wild Giant Caterpillar - Earth Element || Drops: Large Cacoon
Lvl 29: Giant Fire Frog - Fire Element || Drops: Spicy Frog Leg
Lvl 30: King Dirt Moth [Boss] - Earth Element || Drops:
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Kring's Path

Douglas (Quest NPC)
Miriam (Quest NPC)

Lvl 5: Tiny Sand Lizard - Earth Element || Drops: Sand Lizard Tail
Lvl 6: Tiny Fire Lizard - Fire Element || Drops: Lizard Fang
Lvl 7: Tiny Dirt Moth - Earth Element || Drops: Moth Antenna
Lvl 8: Little Sand Wolf - Earth Element || Drops: Rough Fur
Lvl 9: Little Harpy - Wind Element || Drops: Harpy Feather
Lvl 10: White Lizard - Electric Element || Drops: White Lizard Tail
Lvl 11: Desert Mouse - Earth Element || Drops: Block Cheese
Lvl 12: Sand Wolf - Earth Element || Drops: Rough Fur
Lvl 13: Sand Lizard - Earth Element || Drops: Sand Lizard Tail
Lvl 14: Fire Lizard - Fire Element || Drops: Lizard Fang
Lvl 15: Fierce Harpy - Wind Element || Drops: Harpy Feather
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Chessley Town

NPCs -
Noona (Player Guide)
Jakki (Merchant)
Hellen (Quest NPC)

Monsters -
Lvl 1: Sappling - Earth Element || Drops: Flower Petal
Lvl 1: Lemon Slime - Water Element || Drops Lemon Juice
Lvl 2: Wind Puff - Wind Element || Drops: Mini Cloud
Lvl 3: Fire Puff - Fire Element || Drops: Tiny Flame
Lvl 4: Leaf Puff - Earth Element || Drops: Tiny leaf
Lvl 5: Bubble Puff - Water Element || Drops: Single Bubble
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Airson City

A technological city where the sky is the limit. Specializes in air-based stuff.
One of the biggest cities in 2nd Life.

Miranda (Pilot NPC)
Granger (Quest NPC)
Chris (Quest NPC)
Jaqueline (Merchant)
Vanessa (Inn Keeper)

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Kornelia Beach

A beach near Airson City that is crawling with monsters.

Mia (Quest NPC)
Fisher Greg (Quest NPC)

Lvl 31: Land Turtle || Earth Element || Drops:
Lvl 32: Sturdy Turtle || Earth Element || Drops:
Lvl 33: Ice Crab || Ice Element || Drops:
Lvl 34: Giant Seagull || Water-Wind Element || Drops:
Lvl 35: Giant Turtle [mini-boss] || Earth Element || Drops:
Lvl 36: Armor Crab || Water Element || Drops:
Lvl 37: Hammer Crab || Rock Element || Drops:
Lvl 38: Ice Seagull || Ice Element || Drops:
Lvl 39: Rock Turtle || Rock Element || Drops:
Lvl 40: Scaled Giant Crab || Rock-Water Element || Drops:
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Amethyst Caves

Dark Caves leading to an underground system. The main light source comes from the Amethyst Crystals that shine from within the walls.

Aliyah (Quest NPC)
Malachi (Quest NPC)

Lvl 50: Fire Spider - Fire Element || Drops:
Lvl 51: Poisonous Slime - Poison Element || Drops:
Lvl 52: Ghost || Drops:
Lvl 53: Archer Skeleton || Drops:
Lvl 54: Warrior Skeleton || Drops:
Lvl 55: Poisonous Spider - Poison Element || Drops:
Lvl 56: Fire Slime - Fire Element || Drops:
Lvl 57:Shadow Ghost - Dark Element || Drops:
Lvl 58:Ice Skeleton - Ice Element || Drops:
Lvl 59: Fire Ghost - Fire Element || Drops:
Lvl 60: Possessed Skeleton [boss] || Drops:
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Lylan Village

This once large city has now been reduced to a small village due to a mysterious war. But some people here managed to save their homes and live comfortably, using mines in the caves for support. Monsters roam in the ruins.

Lena (Merchant)
Alec (Informant)
Damien (Quest NPC)
Aaron (Quest NPC)
Jasmine (Inn Keeper)

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Sandiria City

This is the largest city in 2nd Life. It's full of different merchants and shops. All players are allowed here, no matter what level they are.

Momoka (Merchant)
Micah (Merchant)
Arina (Quest NPC)
Sara (Quest NPC)
Evan (Quest NPC)
Jace (Inn Keeper)

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Hillburn Village

It stands in the mountains with its most noteworthy feature, the hot springs. 

Gilbert (Quest NPC)
Brian (Quest NPC)
Lily (Inn Keeper)
Josie (Hot Springs NPC)

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