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Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
The Twinkling Life | Day 1 : The Cold Blood Killer

It's stoped, yeah it's stoped. The rain stoped and also my hearts stoped. I feel like a cold blood killer after SHE left me. I think why am I alive now if I don't have anybody ? Maybe my destiny is to be a killer. Kiba my senpai told me that, this world is cruel, everybody have a cold personality, never caught by their smile and how they be nice to you. Yep, it's me Ratoku Imai the cold blood killer in this town.

"Help !!! Help me !!!" I was very very bored to hear those scream. Such a noisy sound, let's just make it quick. Every night in this city, me and my gank always found a person to killed. Did we have a reason why we have to keep killing ? NO !!! We don't have such a reason, we're a cold blood killer who kill without reason.

One day, in the night I found a young teenager girl to kill. Why I must kill the innocent girl, yeah that's because I remembered Luka everytime I saw here walking across this bridge. Then, I just come to her and take out my knife. She seems very shocked that time, but after that she just smiled at me. I became very confused, and droped my knife. Did I get a crazy girl now ? Perharps ! I just droped my knife and ran away. I was very shy then, because I just ran from an innocent girl who smiled at me when I want to killed her.

The next day, in the very morning. I met that girl in the same bridge, she say hi to me and smiled. I swear, I never saw a girl like her before. A normal girl would ran as fast as she can when she saw me. What an un-normal girl, I just make a little smile at her and pass as fast as I can. But she caught me and say a sentence. " Don't you dare make that little smile to me have a nice day." And she left. What a girl.

[To Be Continued]
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