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Post ur favorite visual novels here
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F / Isle of Skye
Posted 11/16/12

forevercajun1 wrote:

The only one i ever played was Katawa shoujo. I enjoyed it though
I'll probably NEVER play clannad as i absolutely hated the anime with a passion.
I want to play school days just for the lulz factor of getting one of the what? 10+ bad endings.
I really want to check out some otome games, though i don't really know any.
Even then, money is kinda tight right now and my computer is so crappy that it would probably explode if i tried to run one anyway.

Yes! I hardly know anyone that even know Katawa Shoujo. c: And don`t bother playing Clannad; its gets pretty meticulous and boring fast. It`s more manipulative than the anime, which says a lot.
And if you like bad endings like School Days, then you should also get your hands on Shuffle! or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. You`ll get your fair share of yanderes there.
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M / Miami, Florida
Posted 11/16/12
I'm new to Visual Novels. I've only played 4. I don't have a favorite yet. I have tons more waiting for me to play.
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41 / M / Utah
Posted 11/17/12
#1 Galaxy Angel
#2 Shuffle! On the Stage
#3 Little Witch Parfait
#4 Tokimeki Memorial 2 (does this count as a Visual Novel? It's on VNDB anyway).
#5 Heart no Kuni no Alice (haven't finished this one yet but it's GLORIOUS).
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