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Guild Wars 2 anyone?
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28 / M / Arizona
Posted 8/23/12
i just pre ordered it so when i get it installed ill post all my shit up on here.... we should get a big group of us on here to play...
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21 / M / Stockholm
Posted 10/10/12
IM tired of that game the physicx of the walking system sucked so that was the thing that took me out of the game :/
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27 / M / Honolulu, Hi
Posted 10/17/12
Do you mean GW1 or GW2? The first one obviously at this point feels a little dated, but the second one's travel design is amazing. I've played toooons of MMO's most of which include the mount system, where you train to ride w/e and go that way. Guild Wars 2 did it right I think, no mounts, but instead they include a heavy number of "way points" on the map to which you can teleport to at anytime. I've found it to be really convenient and fluid if you ask me.

Also I second the motion to get a group of people playing together from CR! We can even start a guild together if it gets big enough (or small time is good too). Small time works too cause you have the freedom to join several guilds but only "represent" one at a time, so you can just switch back and forth between your own personal guilds.
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26 / M / Denmark
Posted 10/18/12
I love the game

I have a character named Bele Ulquiorrah, and it would be cool with CR friends

Server : Desolation
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23 / M / Wake Forest Unive...
Posted 10/21/12
Hyper-inflation to the max hit that game big time. Honestly After you get one max level char there's not much else to do.
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