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Posted 5/2/12
Okay so I think I'm opening Pandora's Box with this question but I've just recently started getting in to anime and I'm still trying to "find my way". I had a friend in college who joined an anime club and they absolutely refused to watch anything with dubs because it takes away from the original. I agree with this concept because even though it's a show, Anime is very much an art and the original should never be messed with. However, I have watched a couple of series with dubs and a couple with subs now and I really can't decide on which I prefer.

Sub'd versions retain the original "magic" and even though I originally hated the idea of reading subtitles, I actually don't mind at all and so far have actually enjoyed it. When I watch a dub'd series I seem to "connect" with it more because it's my native language, I connect the voices with the characters much quicker and focus more on the show rather than looking down to read what's being said. My first anime was Clannad and I absolutely loved it, I'll admit I even cried because of Nagisa during the after story series (won't give any spoilers). I don't know if it would have had the same effect if the version I watched had been sub'd instead.

I'm in a position where I can watch the sub'd version here on CR or I can watch the dub'd version from a friend. So really, which version is best?
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Posted 8/12/12
Is hard to tell if I have to chose, I pick mainly subbed. But dubbing, at least in my country are ok, those are better every year. So, if I can i watch both.

But to see a subbed version gives the feel of hearing "what you should be hearing".

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