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Who art would make an impression on you.
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M / With My Beloved S...
Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/3/12
I wanted to make an poll on these two characters who are known for their's Art!. In your words, Who art made the most impression in the show.

For those who don't quite get me. I'll explain.

Deidara art is made of clay. He is younger than Sasori, but Deidara art need alot of people in order for his art to impress the world. As for Sasori. He believe that Deidara art won't last long, cause they don't last long. Sasori believe that in true art. Is like living forever without dying which is why he turn to puppet mastering but Sasori notice that human body would decay over an while. If not, taking proper care of. Which he turn himself into an puppet to show that his type of art can last an more impression on people.

Also Kishimoto added these two characters to show there is more than 1 type of art in the world When you look back on these two characters.
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Posted 5/4/12
To me, Deidara's art made more of an impression on me than Sasori.

While Sasori's art is puppets that endure through time and are very effective killing machines, Deidara's art presents the horrific idea that an entire village can be obliterated in seconds, as Suna could have been if not for Gaara.

Indeed, Sasori apparently took over an entire country with his many puppets, but I've just witnessed and seem to appreciate the ferocity of explosions more, though not as fanatically as Deidara himself.
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17 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 5/4/12
I think i'll prefer Deidara's explosive clay-things over Sasori's puppets, explosives are cool, especially when it's connected with art.

I dont think art has to do something with dead bodies. And at the end, sasori was killed by Sakura and Chiyo, while Deidara almost killed Sasuke, but he suicided. And you need to control the puppets, while the clay-art can move without any control.
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F / In a superego lacuna
Posted 5/16/12
I think Deidara's art probably had a bigger impact in the show but Sasori's art had a bigger impact on me. I see both as great performance/installation art because their appearance and impact at any one time are transient and are greatly influenced by and dependent upon the physical environment and pushback from the "audience (their opponent)," rather than just being statically displayed on a wall or a pedestal for observation. Both artists use (ahem, mutilate, destroy...) their bodies to create some of their work which is a relatively modern concept. It's been done forever but I think the formal categorizing and legitimizing of it as a type of "high art" is pretty new, and is probably still not all that accepted among traditionalists. Hence, Deidara's constant need to declare himself an artiste. I think it's kind of cute.

I just have a personal preference and fascination for Sasori's puppetmaster thing because I like marionettes, old dolls, that kind of thing. They're creepy, mysterious, and sinister. The fact that he did it to himself is very interesting. The dynamic within Sasori between surrender and control of his body, his person, and his psyche is very psychologically layered and makes him a really interesting character, to me anyway.

And I like his stuff because they can be pretty! Because at the end of the day I have a very basic superficial love of looking at "pretty pictures" just because they are pretty.

Oh, and he gave Sakura a moment to really, really shine, which is quite an accomplishment that few, if any, has duplicated. I did like seeing Deidara give Sasuke a moment of panic, though.
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30 / M / New York
Posted 5/17/12
what happened to Sai's art >(

if I have to chose between those two I would say Sasori's it's eternal, and that is the way art is suppose to be so later generations can enjoy it
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Posted 5/22/12
I voted Sasori, because what is the true point in anything if it dies shortly after it's born? If people never get a chance to enjoy it, or see it, does it even exist, to an extent? Art that lives long into the future is more likely to be treasured. (My username is because that's my favorite quote; I'm actually not a huge Deidara fan)
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