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Created by DarkOne
Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5. Blood Prison.
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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/6/12
Some of us know that the new Naruto Shippuuden movie 5. Blood Prison came out in Japan of last year, not too long ago, the movie some how end up being translated already on alot of sites.

I would like to hear what people had to say bout this movie. Those who have seen it. Post an link for those who can search for it.

As for me. I thought the movie was pretty okay, not the best nor the worse. It could've had more action from side characters.

What type of lesson would you say that this movie represent to us.

The story of this movie. Blood Prison is. Naruto is being famed of attacking the Raikage & few other ninja from other villages, so taking responability for this action. Naruto is being sent to an Prison. Which he is ripped of his powers, ' being an normal ninja' try to find a way out to prove that he is NOT the one which did this ambush.
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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/6/12
Naruto's motivation was clear: he wanted to escape from the prison because he was convinced the village was in danger, and he was drawn away so he couldn't help protect it. Catching the person who was really responsible would be second priority/achieved as the village is protected. Naruto is often portrayed as an idiot, but he's pretty damn selfless and brave. I'd prefer a brave idiot to an intelligent coward any day. Also because the intelligent people are often complete arseholes.

I also think that very few of the supporting characters had any involvement. I think Sakura had about 2 lines, Sai had none and even Lee and Guy, the two most vocal Konoha shinobi I've ever seen had NO lines. Not to mention the fact that it didn't show how some of them fought, it merely implied that they were contributing. It's a film so they had to get on with it, but it would have been nice to see the other characters chipping in.
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Posted 5/22/13
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