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Hi everyone..hope your weeks going well! Im just going to jump straight in inane comments..theres just not enough time!

DRAGON AGE: Dawn of the Seeker-

What would be cooler than combining one of the best rpg games of recent years and anime?..well not much and the folks at Bioware and Funimation thought so too!
'Dawn of the Seeker' is about a young headstrong Nevarran Seeker called Cassandra Pentaghast and the deadly peril she finds herself getting caught up in. Theres a dark conspiracy at work within the Chantry and she aims to put a stop to it before its too late!
She'll be accused of treason and murder and have to fight off friends and enemies-blood mages and even corupt templars. There may even be a few dragons involved!..(so no pressure for Ms Pentaghast then!)

The 90min film was released in Japan on Feb 11 this year and the english blu-ray/dvd release is on May not long to wait! It will be priced around $15. Hopefully a UK release will be soon after..

I cant wait to watch this..i LOVE Dragon Age,so this is almost the perfect anime for me! (please let it be good!!)

GAMING ETIQUETTE:-Does it matter?

Above is a pic of some poor unfortunate getting 'teabagged' by another player, and something im sure many of you have seen,had done to you-or have done yourselves...
Ive noticed since christmas that theres been a decline in player behaviour on the main multi-player game i play..BF3.
Theres more instances of teabagging,camping, spawn camping/killing, bunny hopping,glitching etc..than ever before!
Its an age old problem across the spectrum of multi-player games..but now its come to my game!

I find that i just dont enjoy playing that Battlefield as much as i used a reasonably good player and play a hard but fair style..ill not jump to avoid getting hit and i dont use the latest overpowered weapon (im looking at you mass 26 dart)..but its getting more and more annoying at having to share the same gaming space with these..'individuals'.

I feel sorry for a lot of newer players that want to play a game,only to be annihilated constantly by players that really just have to cheat/play unfairly to win at any cost. It sets a bad example and destroys the community spirit.

So what to do Wolfsan? Well, you can play on servers that cater to decent players, lead by example by not doing any of the aforementioned things, get respect for using a normal weapon skillfully, teamwork-dropping med and ammo packs ALL the time..the bad players-skillfull or not- cant be stopped easily,but you dont have to be one of them.
Play fair,enjoy the game and ignore their desperate attempts to be 'the best'.
Rant over...;)


Yep, i saw the new Avengers film at the weekend and i loved it.
I must admit despite liking all the films leading up to it..Thor,Ironman,Captain America etc i wasnt sure if they could really pull it off.
Well when i saw that Joss Whedon (of Buffy and Firefly/Serenity fame) had directed it i relaxed..and once the film started up i was happy. Its a great cast and they work well together. The scripts good and theres lots of funny moments to break up the tension.
The action scenes are also pretty amazing as youd hope-it delivers in spades!
For my money Dr Bruce Banner/Hulk is my fav avenger...i'll not spoil it for you,but hes a real show stealer for me.
I highly reccomend that you see this film if you can ,and if you havent already. I dont think you'll be disappointed :)


I started watching this recently on a whim..a kinda "why not?" moment.
Im glad i did! What a great little gem of a show this is. It has well charachters i was actually interested in and a storyline to go with it. Theres not a whole lot of action..its more of a show about building relationships with people and how hard it can be for some.
Its about a girl who is also a demon and moves into an exclusive, posh apartment building for others like herself.
She is assigned a secret service agent who looks after her.
As i said above,its mainly about these two charachters and how they grow on each other.

Its on CR now, all 12 episodes so you can go and enjoy it as much as i have..and for my money the ending was spot on,exactly what i wanted-which is pretty rare in an anime i find.
I could have explained it a lot more but i want you to watch it and enjoy the unfolding story as i did..i know youll enjoy it!;)

HARA KIRI:Death of a Samurai-

If you like Samurai films then you will need to see this. Like 'The Twilight Samurai' it deals with family,love,honour and this one has a large dose of revenge in it too..and its just as good as the afore mentioned film.
It blew me away with the amazing acting and the fight wont quite be expecting what happens,i know i wasnt.
Its one of those great slow burners and builds up and up until it literally explodes in a quick and lethal finale..
Watch and enjoy.


Dramatic title i know..but its kinda true too.
Ive played the game through once and not bothered again.
Technically its a great game. Looks good,sounds good..but like a clone of a much loved pet it just doesnt have that special 'something' for me.The decisions you made in the first two games were virtually why bother in the first place?
I'll not open up the can of worms that is the debate about the ending-the fact ive only played it through once tells you where i stand.
Instead of leaving this great franchise forever,ive been playing lots of ME3 multiplayer..and enjoying it a lot.
With friends or with random strangers its possible to have some great gaming experiences..holiding of hordes of reapers, geth etc.This is where i'll stay now.
I'll watch with interest to see what Bioware does with the new DLC..but i think for me the golden age of ME has come and gone.


As the title suggests..i am in the process of trying to set up something special for a future issue of 'Wolfs Week in Gaming'.
All i can say at this point is that its either going to be good..or pretty darn amazing ;)
So stay may well be in your best interests!:)

Thats all for now folks!
As always,feel free to leave any comments.
Have a great week!

ps-More game previews to come,as well as some other features i have up my hairy sleeve!
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