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Created by SailorBee
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Post Reply What's a Better Name for "Bodacious Space Pirates"
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38 / M / Surrey, UK
Posted 11/23/13
I was one of those initially put off by the title. But then I actually heard about the show itself and decided to give it a few episodes.

I currently have the Blu-ray on its way via US import. (UK release is DVD-only)
Yes, ocne I got past the name and gave the show a try, I dropped money on the home release.

As to the title. As a general rule, I tend to dislike pointless name changes. Not just of anime, either. The UK gets a fair few shows and movies with titles changed from the original. And, of all things, the building I work is has recently had a totally pointless name change that people barely use (but mainly cause the rooms are still names after the old name...)

So you an imagine how I felt initially seeing the title. Then I saw that "Bodacious Space Pirates" was the official subtitle to the show in Japanese. So although it may still be an odd choice of words, it doesn't fall into my category of "Pointless Renames", as the English title actually comes directly form the original production.
In fact, "English/Engrish Subtitle" is one reasons I find personally more acceptable for a local title (Alongside the habit of "Abbreviation: Translation of Japanese")
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46 / M / Don't you wish yo...
Posted 12/8/13
Bodacious fits perfectly, and in order to confirm it, I direct you to the most excellent leadership of the Wyld Stallyns themselves :
Bill S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves)


And for you youngsters who have no clue what this is about, learn your history ;)

(and blame those senior projects you have to do at graduation on these guys too...not Pauly Shore. He was just a pretender to the throne)
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20 / M / Philippines
Posted 12/9/13
I like the original japanese name bettee
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Posted 12/9/13
Awesome series
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Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/9/13
'Bodacious' is great! I class it along with words such as 'discombobulate'.

As for the argument it is far too serious for the 'Bodacious':

a) Why is 'Bodacious' not considered serious? Surely knowing more vocabulary makes you a more serious person?
b) Bodacious Space Pirates is hardly serious. In places? Yes. We're still discussing legal pirates here, who's captain is a school girl, among other things!
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Posted 12/15/13
I think the original name is the best.

However, what about changing Walkure Romanze's name.
"MINI SKIRT JOUSTING" has a nice ring to it.
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