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Posted 5/11/12
Name :

Age :

Grade(optional) :

Bio :

Now for the chara!

Chara name :

Personality :

Chara nari :

Abbilities :
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Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/11/12
Name : Akira makito

Age : 14

Bio : akira is a girl who lived with her mother and her sister.her father go overseas for 5 years and now already 2 years.she was lived normally until she gets 2 chara egg.that day she was very shocked about it.

Now for the chara!

Chara name : minata


Personality : minata-she is a cheerful girl and a full energy girl.she is like ran.sue-she is a water type and love cute things.she sometimes being bossy and sometimes being mean.

Chara nari :minata-lilac dream!

sue -aqua tale!

Abbilities :minata-lilac slack! lilac speed!

sue-breeze watery!aqua weeds!
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Posted 5/14/12 , edited 6/8/12
Name: Zokutensei, Kaimuro (Kaizoku to his friends)

Age: 14

Grade: 3rd year Junior High Student

Bio: He grew up picking pockets. That is, until one day a man showed him how to use it for a better purpose. Little does he know that the person who showed him had a Chara. It truely is a miracle he turned out the way he did.

He's kind off popular, meaning he fits in almost anywhere, but hates most peoople around him. Don't let that fool you though, he has a caring heart and isn't afraid to let that show throuhg his tough exterior. One day, he woke up with a Crimson egg in his bed, it had cross-blades and a Pirate's hat on it. he's been a Gaurdian for 1 1/2 years now, yet didn't accept any "ROLE" as a guardian of the school. He fights on his own and will take out any obsticle that gets in his way. be it Friend, Foe, or In different.

Now for the chara!

Chara name: Crim The Red (Crim-san to Kaimuro)

Personality: Tricky, yet calm, smart and Strategic. He aides Kaimuro but only for a price, he is a Kaito afterall. This results in sometimes getting Kaimuro into trouble.

Chara nari: Kaito The Black

Abilities: Assassin's Step - He moves faster than the normal human can perceive. (Much like Ikuto)
Kaito Spiral - He spin in a Dragon's Corkscrew, towards his opponent. only difference is his feet are behind him, and his blades are infront.
Treasure Cove (also called Sticky Fingers) - He pick's the pocket of someone close by. this is how he gets the payment for Crim. It's usually just candy, Crim's favorite is either Rootbeer flavor hard candy, or strawberry flavored Pockey. This ability he had from a younger age do to a tough up bringing.
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