Post Reply timmy turner!
Posted 5/12/12 , edited 5/13/12
grant a wish and make a wish!

(real wish or uninterrupted)
Posted 5/12/12
i wish for hyukkie!
Posted 5/12/12

I wish for food that isn't chicken.
Posted 5/12/12

i wish for new music
Posted 5/12/12
Wish granted~ You can listen to Darren Hayes.
I wish for a cute kitty who isn't annoying.
Posted 5/13/12

i wish to go to the beach
Posted 5/14/12
Granted but it's going to rain the whole time. p:
I wish for no cramps.. e_e
Posted 5/15/12

i wish for good food
Posted 5/17/12
No. You just don't get it.
I wish for new pants!
Posted 5/25/12

i wish for more anime
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