Urban Exploration and other scary places....
Posted 5/16/12
Anyone every visit old creepy houses, ghost towns, etc? My friends and I use to do it years ago and are looking to start again this summer. So far I've visited an abandoned hospital, airforce base, Salton Sea and a mansion. Next on the list is a private school, and jail

I will be posting up some pics soon...
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Posted 5/16/12 , edited 5/16/12
I live in Detroit. I go outside and I will be shot in certain neighborhoods. Yes, I do hear gunfire every day, sometimes the semi-automatic kind.
Posted 5/17/12
haha i know what you mean, i use to live in the worst part of San Diego, we had a 24 hour jack in the box up the street, but since it would get robbed a few times a year, or employees wouldn't show up, they ended up being closed all day AND night

Here's a few pics from the abandonded hospital....
Posted 5/17/12
leftover stuff

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Posted 5/20/12
I used to do this when I was kid (like seven) with my friends. There where lots of abandoned buildings; houses, manors, churches and industries where I lived.
I used to climb up the wall then slip in through the balcony and then run downstairs to open the door for my friends. I used to love exploring, even though what we did was technically illigal.
Posted 5/21/12
yeah, now as we get older its harder to find time, yeah its usually illegal, but our valid excuse is we're looking for film locations and will pay to use it. Now and days with easy access to GPS and internet mainly anytime, we're scoping out places that will soon be abandonded so we can get first dibbs on it. I need to find my photos from the abanonded mini airforce base
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