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w - わらう; "warau" (meaning "to grin")
www - LOL (elevated form of "w")
wwwwww - ROFLMAO
wktk - ワクワクテカテカ; "wakuwaku tekateka" (excitedly anticipating)
dkdk - ドキドキ; "dokidoki" (palpitations, nervous admiration, etc.)
gkbr - ガクガクブルブル ; "gakugaku buruburu" (onomatopoeia for someone trembling with fear)
gdgd - グダグダ; "gudaguda" (means lazy, sloppy, etc.)
bkk - バカか; "baka ka?" (when someone's an idiot)
ktkr - キタコレ; "kita kore!" (form of "It's here, OMG!")
mky - "maji kuuki yomenai" (super clueless)
mjk - マジか; "maji ka?" (means "really?!")
ggrks - ググレカス; "gugurekasu" (literally means "google it, you scum" when someone's too lazy to look something up)
ksk - かそく; "kasoku" (meaning "go faster!" or "accelerate")
kwsk - 詳しく "kuwashiku" (means "details, please?")
orz/OTL - person bent over (defeat, embarrassment)
gj - good job
jk - stands for 1) joushi kousei (high school girls); 2) joushikiteki ni kangaete (use your common sense; "obviously")
otsu - おつかれさま; short for "otsukaresama" (just like "good job")
fuita - ふいた; spewed water (usually of surprise/shock, etc.)
kaos - "chaos" (usually used in game videos)
tmt - also "tomato" or "トマト"; short for "tomatta" (止まった) (used when the broadcast lagged or stopped abruptly)
DQN - or "dokyun" (a derogatory term meaning someone lack knowledge, is poor, and is violent; also a yankee)
ROM - "ロム"; (means a lurker or someone who watches/listens but doesn't comment)
DT - 童貞; "doutei" (a virgin, usually male)
(ry - short for "ryaku" (used at the end of a phrase like ellipses (...), usually when someone doesn't want to continue what s/he's saying even though it's obvious)
8888888 - パチパチ; "pachi pachi" (sound of clapping)
184 - anonymous
4679 - よろしく; "yoroshiku" (4-yon, 6-roku, 7-shi, 9-kyu)
801 - BL/yaoi references (801 - "ya" + 0 + "i"chi)
2828 - ニヤニヤ; "niya niya" (grinning to the point of giggling)
2525 - ニコニコ; "niko niko" (smiling)
こy - こわい; "kowai" (something scary)
ひy - 卑猥; "hiwai" (obscene or sexual in nature)
うp - uploaded (hiragana "u" and english "p")
おk - okay (hiragana "o" and english "k")
ネタバレ - "netabare" (spoilers)
今北 - 今きた or いまきた; "ima kita" ("i'm here now', usually said when you just entered a live)
わこつ - wakotsu (short for "waku otsukare" or good job getting the broadcast slot)
うぽつ - upostu (short for "upload otsukare" or good job uploading)
しょけん - 初見; "shoken" (a person who is watching the broadcast for the first time)
知ったか - "shittaka" (a person who acts like a know-it-all but doesn't know what s/he's talking about)
リア充 - "riajuu" (a person who has a life outside the internet, RL-happy people)
ノシ - *waving* (usually goodnight/goodbye)
アッーーーーー! - "Aaaaaah!" (usually regarding something gay)
うわー - "Uwah!" (literally, "uwah! D:")
ガタン - "Gata-n!" (used for shock from revelation or something; usually with a kaomoji)
あああああああああ - "Aaaaaaaah!" (oh nooooo!)
おおおおおおおおお - "Ooohhhhh!!" (wooooow)
えええええええええ - "Eeeehhhh??" (Whaaaaat?!)
ざわ....ざわ.... - "Zawa...zawa..." (waiting for something good/bad to happen; usually used in vids w/ interesting adlibs at certain times)
日本語でおk - "Nihongo de OK" (talk/comment only in Japanese)
んc - Nice Cut!
Tontontonkatsuton (とんとんとんかつとん) - a way of applauding; is a drumming noise, like badabada tap dah (Similar to the Kuchi shōga of a taiko drum)
こn (Kon) - is most likely short for Konnichiwa
"ptpt" - It stands for "putsuputsu" meaning the stream is choppy.
おうえんしてる - Ouenshiteru can also be written as 応援してる. It means "Cheering [you] on!" or "[I'll/We'll] support you"
ワロタ - Warota is a variation of "waratta". It literally means, "I LOL'd."
なぜうpした ? - "Why did you upload this?"

Please add in w/e is missing that you know of.
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