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Posted 5/20/12 , edited 6/13/12

Username & Name:





Fav. Music:

Fav. Food:

Fav. Animanga:

A short bio/shout-out:

i'll start :

Username & Name: Carmen / Fany

Age: 12

Likes:Anime, kpop, music, kpop, manga n etc

Dislikes: lq pics, rude ppl, bitch n etc

Hobbies: making gifs/ gfx, listening 2 music, cooking n etc

Fav. Music: kpop and jpop

Fav. Food: a lot

Fav. Animanga: a lot

A short bio/shout-out: 2 lazy 2 write one
Posted 5/21/12
Username & Name: kpop4everluv179 / Katie

Age: Secret

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Photography, singing, & writing fanfics :: Dislikes: Heights

Hobbies: Singing

Fav. Music: K-Pop & American pop

Fav. Food: Too many to list...

Fav. Animal: Baby pandas!

Fav. Animanga: Don't have one.

A short bio/shout-out: Haaai!^^

Other: N/A...
Posted 5/24/12
Username & Name: cryztal- ( Candy )

Age: 16

-- Likes : Kpop , Music , Food XD , Chocolate & Cute stuffs ..
-- Dislikes : INSECTS & SPIDERS !! ><

Hobbies: Reading , listening to music , bowling , window shopping & chatting ~

Fav. Music: All Kpop music ♥

Fav. Food: SUSHI !! XD and homemade cook ^^

Fav. Animal: Panda , Dolphin & Penguin !!

Fav. Animanga: Hmm .. Kyou Kara Moah ..

A short bio/shout-out: Uhh .. HALLO !!!!!!!!!!! ^ ____ ^ Nice to meet chuu all ~
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Posted 5/27/12
Username & Name: abbly_77 ( Rina )

Age: 16

Likes: Kpop, Jpop, teddy bears, anime, korean drama, photography, singing etc.. XD
Dislikes: scary like animals/insects
Hobbies: drawing, singing, dancing, violin, cooking, chatting, txting, & shopping

Fav. Music: Any Kpop/Krock

Fav. Food: sushi and egg-roll's :3

Fav. Animal: Panda!!! && puppies

Fav. Animanga: have tooo much XD

A short bio/shout-out: Hellooooor!~ ^___^ I love to say RAWR!~ when im bored XD lmao

Other: i can be random when im bored to death XD
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