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Posted 8 days ago

4Corvus wrote:

Stonewolfe wrote:

Sadly my bookcase is filling very quickly, and in my current situation will not have anywhere to place another bookcase of any dimensions in my room, without sacrificing other furniture, or use of windows...

Yeaaaahhh... Don't go down that road. I had a serious collecting addiction and at one point my place was starting to look like an episode of hoarders. I got rid of everything, and now live as close to a minimalist lifestyle as possible. My manga collection is entirely electronic.

I really should go electronic, it's cheaper. But I am one of those people that love the feel of a book in my hand. At least my "hoarder" lifestyle would be slightly less worse by strictly being B&N english only manga. But with how much has been coming out recently for what I read at least, I will need to figure out a 2nd bookshelf placement soon. But after that it would probably take another couple of years at least to fill up a 2nd one. Hopefully by that time I would have my own place and could figure out more bookcase space that way.
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