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39 / F / Lufkin Texas
Posted 12/3/17
I'm going to get some manga's for christmas
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colorful colorado
Posted 12/10/17
I can't, there stored away in boxes. No space for shelves. Some day I will put my manga collection on shelves. I can share some of my manga data from my book database.

Top 5 manga authors
Ken Akamatsu
Gosho Aoyama
Nagaru Tanigawa
Kosuke Fujishima

Top 5 manga series
Case Closed
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Prince of Tennis

Top 5 manga Translator
Alethea Nibley
Athena Nibley
William Flanagen
Joe Yamazaki
JN productions

Last bit of data. About 49% of my manga is rated 16+ / older teens
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16 / M / East Coast-United...
Posted 12/13/17 , edited 12/14/17
Here is my collection.

(Cricket, Cricket)

Do you like it?

I should really start a collection eventually.
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24 / M / st.john's
Posted 1/11/18
i got some new manga:

pretty guardian sailor moon volume 12 (last volume).
yamada-kun and the seven witches volumes 1-4.
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19 / M
Posted 1/11/18 , edited 1/11/18
so in my collection I have

-A silent Voice volume 1-7
-Akame ga kill volume 1-13
-Berserk volume 1-38+Illustrations files
-Blood Blockade Battlefront volume 1-3,7-8
-Death Note 1-12+How to read guide
-Deeper Samurai Kyo volume 1-28
-Fullmetal alchemist volume 1-27
-Great Teacher Onizuka volume 1-25
-My hero Academia volume 1-11+official guidebook
-One-punch man volume 1-8
-attack on titan: birth of Livai volume 1-2
-Trigun maximum omnibus 1
-Nichijou volume 1-10
-hunter X Hunter volume 1-20,23,25-27,32
-One Piece volume 1-19,28,46
-Soul Eater Volume 1-7
-Noragami volume 1-17
-Twin star exorcist volume 1-11
-Pokemon adventure entirety of first 3 gen and gen 5
-Yotsuba & ! volume 1-7,13
-Yuru Yuru volume 1-3
-I am A hero volume 1-8
-Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles volume 1-21
-Durarara light novel volume 1-8
-Nisekoi volume 1-3
-Azumanga Daioh Omnibus

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26 / F / Illinois
Posted 1/12/18

I used to have a few more but I stopped buying the series and sold off what I had. There is a handful of Japanese only manga in there too.
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35 / M / Middle Tennessee
Posted 1/12/18
I just started collecting last week. My collection consists of volumes 1 through 3 of The Ancient Magus' Bride. The rest is on order and volume 8 is on pre-order. No need for a shelf yet
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Posted 1/28/18 , edited 2/10/18
I've now got more manga recently. My collection consists of:

- Fire Punch Vol.1
- That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol.1-2
- To Your Eternity Vol.1-2
- Cells at Work! Vol.1-4
- Judge Vol.1-3
- O-Parts Hunter Vol.1-3
- Inuyasha (Viz Big) Vol.1
- Death Note (Viz Big) Vol.1-4
- Vinland Saga (Omnibus) Vol.1
- Solanin
- I am a Hero (Omnibus) Vol.1

I've also started collecting Light Novels:

- Occultic;Nine Vol.1
- Wolf & Parchment Vol.1
- Grimger of Fantasy & Ash Vol.1

In total, I have 26 in my collection (including Light Novels).

I recently got two more manga in my collection:

- Good Night Pun Pun (Omnibus) Vol.1
- Monster (Omnibus) Vol.1

So now I have 28 in my collection.
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