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Posted 5/24/12
ok there we go, EXACTLY 200 words.

Camp ghost? Have you heard of the camp ghost?
There it was again, our freshman year’s infamous campfire ghost story. It was the story of the murder story Akihito-san. He was a murder who’d been locked at Fumio Academy before this place became a school. It was rumored that he would appear after the sun had set and start roaming the halls until he could find someone to kill.
Now why were we here in the first place? The yearly tradition the freshmen go through each year; we were to camp out at the school in the old hall for the whole weekend.
“We’re not afraid of any stupid old ghost right?” My friend, Michelle nudged me, grinning widely.
“Of course not!” I answered. “Besides look at this, why would anyone want to kill me?”
I was wearing a body length chicken suit, my pajamas to be exact. It was a lie though, I was actually scared. Our school was really old, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was actually a murderer here…
Michelle turned to me, “Ha. I know, nothing’s going to ki—”
Her words suddenly stopped as she fell to the ground… covered in blood.
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22 / M / BEHIND YOU!
Posted 5/24/12

Rob88 wrote:

Cool. Here is mine

It was the first day of the new school year; Nina entered her English classroom and sat in the first available seat she could find. A few minutes later two of her friends entered the classroom. Alex and Himeko. Nina had known Alex her whole life, Himeko was a transfer student from Japan, It had already been one whole year since then but Nina and Himeko had become the best of friends. Both Alex and Himeko sat in the seats next to Nina. A few minutes later their English teacher for the year had arrived. It was Ms Armstrong, a new teacher who was well known for being the youngest and most beautiful teacher in the school. There were cheers of excitement from all the boys in the class. They were happy at the prospect of having such a young and good looking teacher to teach them for a full year. “Good morning everyone” said Ms Armstrong. The class responded cheerfully. She then pulled a book out from her bag and said “The first book we’ll be studying for this class will be ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer”

wow, that IS scary
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12
"The New Guy"
by Mako

There's a new guy at school, his name is "Crone." His appearance was that of a small slender guy who wore nothing but a raggedy baggy set of hoodies and pants. For some reason, Crone would always greet everyone in a tactile way by overemphasizing the good ol' cheek pinch and handshake combination. Crone's most favorite people in the school were usually the athletes; especially the wrestlers and judokas, Denisu and Shinad to be more specific. Shinad was a varsity wrestler who was a natural athlete. Denisu, on the other hand, was a judoka who flaunted his buck-teeth and bunny tail. Crone was very supportive of his two new friends, especially after their tournaments when they received all sorts of injuries such as cuts and stuff. After 5 weeks and 4 days, Denisu and Shinad suddenly disappeared. Denisu and Shinad were later found in their closets, or at least what was left of them. As soon as the story broke, Crone disappeared. Crone was later found deceased inside a gym locker. Cause of death? Necrotizing soft tissue infection, in other words, “flesh eating bacteria." In other news, Crone had been deceased for almost 50 yrs according to his death certificate.
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Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/25/12
Giving it a shot, since I managed to hit right at 199 words.

ETA: I just wanted to mention that I wrote this before I actually started watching Another...just saw a scene that this was kind of reminiscent of, so thought I should bring it up.


Don't you wonder?

“Have you ever felt like you could disappear?” the girl asked.

The question would put anyone on edge, but the way she bit her lip and stared up at him expectantly and the fact that she’d been sitting in the classroom, a small solitary presence perched on the edge of a desk, drew him to humor her.

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

Her face fell instantly and, for a moment, he felt guilty for causing her such disappointment. Her hair fell in her face as she looked away. Why hadn’t he talked to her before? Were they even in the same class?

“Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to slip into absolute nothingness?” she started, moving to stand by the window as a hint of sadness wove its way into her words. “No sound. No thoughts. Just darkness.”

He moved to join her by the window.

“I guess it’s hard to imagine,” he replied, unsure of how to respond.

She looked up at him suddenly, the endearing need for approval gone from her eyes and replaced with a coldly manipulative stare. In a moment, her hand was at his throat.

“Do you want to find out?”
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Posted 5/25/12
This scary story takes place in a school setting. There are cute characters. Unexplained scary phenomenal happens. Could not go into further detail since it is not explainable. The End.
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28 / F / Floating on a che...
Posted 5/25/12
Here's my story, I hope you like! :)

The Komodo Dragon Wizard.

After anime club kimi pushed the t.v to the storage room with Rose, Yoshi, and her childhood friend Bryan. they passed the chemistry lab where they keep their komodo dragon.

Boom! The door to the lab burst open, a large tongue came out and grabbed Yoshi; He screamed as Bryan ran to help! It was too late so we bolted for the storage room!

I huddled up to Bryan he made sure to tell me that everything was going to be alright. I was falling for him, he was fearless! Then we heard a screeching, like nails on a chalkboard; it was so creepy! Knock knock, Rose ran to open the door; I screamed no but it was Yoshi!

Yoshi stood there, then he attacked Rose; I yelled Zombie! Bryan and I took the back, we ran down the hall. Dead chemistry students jumped Bryan I stopped! The giant komodo dragon, almost got me but I got by; stumbling out the school! I made it home trying to tell my parents. They wern't listening, then I turned around... There he was with a twisted smile. I thought Bryan has always liked me since we first met.
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Posted 5/25/12
Please don't say this is horrible but here's my story.

One special night Akira and Yuusuke were having their newly born baby while Ritsu was outside with his grandfather. The baby came out and it was a baby girl. They were so happy to see the baby so beautiful and so they named her Suki. Ritsu began to get jealous and hated them for not paying any attention to him but when Suki turned four, he began to like her. He saw how she cared for him even though the parents loved him. He felt as if he had to protect a precious gem and not let anyone steal her away from him.

One rainy day Suki went with her parents to go to the cake store to pick up a cake, a cake for Ritsu. She was so excited to see Ritsu’s smile and smiled happily but they had to hurry. Yuusuke began to drive home when a speeding car past, heading for them. They both quickly covered Suki with their bodies. It was so fast that Suki was scared. She saw her parents dripping in blood and with a smile on their faces. They whispered “take good care of Ritsu for us”. Suki couldn’t even move and felt as if her voice had been stolen.

I haven't finished it yet and it hasn't gotten to the scary part so i'm really sorry but PLEASE!! don't say it's horrible. i don't mind 'boring' but not horrible
Posted 5/25/12

Thanks, I figured I better call them zombies. Cause that's what they were. XD like I said, I drew a bit of inspiration from Valve's Left 4 Dead series on XBOX 360. For example, a crying girl (the Witch in L4D 1 and 2), a fire axe (my favorite melee weapon in 2), and the Infection (just like the infection that plagued the world in L4D and turned everyone into Zombies).
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26 / M / Migratory
Posted 5/25/12
They say it happened back in the nineties, during the yearly culture festival. The vice president of the student council had reluctantly agreed to help promote class 2-C’s cosplay café. Everyone knew it was sure to be a success. After all, who can say no when a bespectacled beauty in a bunny girl outfit tells you to buy a cup of coffee? There was a line out the door all day long, right up until she missed the top step on the main stairwell. Some say it was her first time in high heels, others say she was pushed by a jealous rival. Whatever the cause, the back of her skull split open like a watermelon on the bottom step. You can still see her in the school building sometimes, standing there in the corner of your eye, her white rabbit ears stained red with blood. They say she only appears when someone’s locked in a heated argument, debating down to the tiniest details. A beautiful, ghostly reminder that there’s no point in splitting hares.
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26 / F / Los Angeles, CA
Posted 5/25/12

cardboard_shark wrote:
A beautiful, ghostly reminder that there’s no point in splitting hares.

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24 / In my own little...
Posted 5/25/12
I can't convey an authentic sense of fear in only 200 words.
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Posted 5/25/12
"Kaichou!! We should do the maid cafe for the school festival!"
Ai figured that since Class 2-A was made up of 80% boys, that they would suggest a haunted house, but no.
The school was having a contest. The class who makes an amazing booth and blows the teacher's minds, would receive a lifetime supply of free 'brain' food, known to increase intelligence

-Day of the festiva
"Welcome-nyan to Kyonshi-nyan Cafe-nyan!" The boys were dressed in cute, frilly, pastel colored dresses, skirts; anything, everything girly.

It was about time for the teachers to roam the school and vote the winner of the contest.
They walked into Class 2-A’s maid cafe, smiling.
The teachers' heads were ripped off their body and slapped into the window behind them. Blood gushed from their necks and they all fell limp to the ground like a broken ragdoll. Yelps and screams came out from their mouths and then they fell silent in an instant.
"We definently ‘blew’ their minds."
Ai smiled at her classmates, as each of them worked together to assist their green teachers, to make it easier for them to piece themselves back together and receive their lifetime serving of brains.
Posted 5/25/12
ROOM 203

The school Yukai has been rumored to have ghost of students in room 203 that were killed. Three students Ayame, Yuu, and Kyo entered the school grounds on a dare.They walked up the stairs, each step creating a chill, like it was there last. Suddenly Ayame noticed Yuu has disappeared.
" Kyo, w-where's Yuu?"
" She was just here."
"W-we have to find her."
"Ayame, she probably went to the restroom".
"Let's just find room 203."
A startling scream echoed the hallways.
"YUU!, THAT WAS YUU'S VOICE." Running Ayame stopped where the scream came from. ROOM 203.
Turning around Ayame opened the door to 203. Cluthing to her teddy bear, Ayame slowly turned her head. Her eyes covered in fear.
Kyo slowly walked to the classroom and say Yuu body dripped in blood.


" My names is Miyuki Takahashi. Three students have been gruesomely murder in room 203 . The school has been closed until further notice. Police have yet identified these students, due to the nature of these murders. One student was found holding on to a stuffed teddy bear. It has not been the first murder in room 203. In year 1976, a murder of 10 students and 1 teacher have terrified our town, and now ANOTHER murder of three more students have taken place. Will it be the last, and are these murders connected" Stay tuned for more information. This J-News.''
Posted 5/25/12
Once upon a time at school, there was a test. A cute girl screamed and fainted. The end. P.S. She died.
Posted 5/25/12
“You won’t leave me, right Jess?” my best friend Yoomi asked. I nodded and she smiled at me. “Well, come on! We need to get ready for the Night of Fright.”

I panted hard as I ran down the dark school hallway, trying to escape it. I turned back once and saw that it was staring at me with vicious eyes and had a bloody knife in his hand. I knew who that blood belonged to. “YOOMI!” I screamed the name of the person who is already dead. I ran faster but tripped over something on the ground. I squealed in pain, realizing I sprained my ankle. The thing stopped running and slowly walked towards me. I screamed again and tried to crawl away but I was too weak. I used all my effort but eventually gave up. I felt tears roaming down my face and the thing spoke, “Nighty-night, Jess.” The thing gripped its knife and made one quick motion towards me.

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