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Post Reply "Another" Anime Contest! Write a Scary Story & Win Prizes!
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12
Hi this is my first post on Crunchyroll! Here is my 200 word story:

Love You Too Much

I arrived under the schools blossom tree as the love letter instructed. There's a legend; the couple that kiss under the tree will be together forever even after death. It was my first love letter, so I didn't care who it was from just feeling loved made me happy. Unfortunately, I waited over half an hour hoping that it wasn't a prank. Hopelessly I cried out “Is there something wrong with me, why doesn't anyone love me?”

Suddenly, a girl popped out behind me. The only thing different in her uniform was a crimson ribbon that clung to her hair. She said “I love you”
and ran towards me.

I cried as she hugged and kissed me. My heart felt like it was about to burst. Immediately I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I pulled back and saw a knife. I now cried because of the pain. I fell to the floor and saw her lean closer to me. She whispered “we will always be together” and with that she slashed her own throat and fell beside me. My strength faded, the last thing I saw was her blood soaked ribbon.
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12

MichaelGoodeaux wrote:




That wasn’t the sound my heart was making. We were trapped in the school while large hoards of people outside were trying to force their way in. Now these weren’t just normal people. These were people infected with the Virus. The Virus was a sickness that had passed around turning people into zombie-like creatures, but the thing is that they weren’t dead. So until the official term comes out for these people, we’ll just call them Zombies for now. This was an elementary school where many kids came to learn each day. Not anymore, I thought. The only thing they’ll learn now is how to survive. Suddenly I heard something breaking. It was a window down the hall. Somehow one of the zombies had picked up a trash can and hurled it at the door. The boards still held, though, but the zombie’s hands were grabbing a little girl, around the age of 6, and trying to pull her out. I rushed over to the wall and grabbed the fire axe. In two quick motions I chopped off the hands of the zombie. The girl fell to the ground, crying.

“Are you alright?” I asked

Without a word, she continued crying. I picked her up and carried her down the hall, to safety.

This one's interesting. I love zombie stories, but I could never cut one so short! One thing, though: Why must ALL zombie stories either call the infection thing "The Virus" or "The Infection?" I mean, wouldn't people bother to come up with a better name? Just wondering about that in general, not your fault High five to your character for being the only one in the zombie world who's rational enough to just call them zombies!
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22 / M / ClearWater
Posted 5/24/12
oh wow this is tough well i aint gunna do it ill just buy random stuff in japan and write goodie's on the bag
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20 / M / Seattle, Washington
Posted 5/24/12
most of the stories are "this person forgot her phone so she went back to class" or "there are rumors about ghost in that school"
anyway, goodluck :D
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Posted 5/24/12
This was a fun challenge for me, since I don't think I've ever tried to combine horror and cuteness. Not too sure how well I did but here it is. Enjoy!

Class Dismissed

They were such a good class, young, impressionable, and full of such marvelous potential that was ready now to be unleashed on the world. Miss Smith beamed cheerily at their upturned faces. “Good morning class! This is such an exciting day isn’t it? I know most of you can hardly wait to be done with school but there’s still your final exam.”

A couple of her students shifted, obviously bored, drawing her attention. “Remember this exam will comprise a full half of your grade, so do your best.” She shook her finger playfully at the answering groans of disgust and winked. “I know you can do it!”

She smiled again, one that grew as she slowly let her teeth show. “Now, begin.”

Miss Smith watched in delight as about half the class leapt out of their seats attacking the remaining students. Such prompt action, she really did have a wonderful class this year. She continued speaking unperturbed over the rising screams. “Please remember class that while it isn’t considered polite to play with your food, it’s certainly a lot of fun!”
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Posted 5/24/12
Mira Mira

Chibidori muttered her show and tell poem to herself while walking to Himesama Kindergarten. She rehearsed last evening with grandmother but was still nervous. Chibidori was determined to make her grandmother proud. Grandmother was queen among ningyo doll artisans.

"Chibidori, please show the class what you have to share with us today," chimed the beautiful Miss White.

Chibidori lisped fearfully, "yesh, Mish Whithe," exposing a kawaii smile which was missing a few baby teeth.

The little darling ambled forward, dragging an adorable panda backpack meant for a child twice her age.

Chibidori placed her backpack on Miss White's desk and carefully removed the doll.

Both the class and Miss White ooo'd and awed as an exquisitely tailored gown of blue and gold emerged. That was until the head emerged. The head lacked detail and hair.

Chibidori, sensing the uneasiness, blurted out, “Sowwy. Dolly Mira ith noth finith yeth,” and handed the doll to Miss White.

Miss White stared at the incomplete doll uncomfortably as Chibidori began to chant:

Mira Mira
My Snow Whithe Doll
You ith faireth of dem all.

The kindergarteners screamed in horror as Miss White's raven black hair and beautiful face melted.

The doll was complete.
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24 / F / California
Posted 5/24/12
Kyouchi High

“Ah! I forgot my notebook!”
Mayu ran back to class telling her friend Nori to go ahead without me.
She reached my classroom and opened the door slowly. She saw a shadow figure sitting in the front row, second seat from the window.
The shadow figure turned its head, “Oh, Mayu. I didn’t know you were still at school.”
It was the class president, Taro.
“Hey Taro! Yeah, I forgot my notebook and we have a test tomorrow right?”
She made her way to her desk and scuffled around. She couldn’t really see that well, as the sun had already began setting.
“There it is! Alright Taro, seeya tomor-…”
Taro had his head down.
She walked over to him, “Taro, you’ll catch a co-”
There was a pool of blood on his desk, dripping onto the floor.
“T-taro? H-hey!” She stuttered, slowly reaching his shoulder and quickly pulled it back.
His body was ice cold. Mayu ran out of the classroom terrified.She checked the teachers’ office, but everyone already left. She tried calling, but there wasn’t reception. As she turned around to leave, a pale white face with deep black eyes was staring at me.


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Posted 5/24/12

True story, about my house, which is haunted. The house is located pretty far from everything, there is 7 miles of forest behind my house. From researching, I have learned the house sits on what used to be a slate quarry in the early to mid 1800s. It was abandoned, and mother nature took over, and it's now a thick forest.

No one lived or used the house for 7 years before I bought it... I am now realizing why. It's scared everyone, who has stayed there with me. Everyone who has stayed there has seen or heard some unusual stuff, which has scared almost everyone who stayed there.

The first time I went there, I was with another ex, who freaked out when we pulled into the driveway. She was like "Who the hell is in your house?!!?" I was like no one, no one has stayed here in years, and it's the first weekend I am using it. She swore up and down she saw a man standing in front of the window as I pulled into the driveway.

It's made itself known, that's for sure. I have heard walking in my house at night, glasses being moved on the table, and even walking up and down the stairs. I sometimes will call out into the empty house as I am leaving saying "ghost, please watch over the house and have fun while I am gone."

This past winter I got to my home late from work on a Friday night. I built a large fire and turned the heat up to about 73. I soon passed out on the couch. That night was not going to be an ordinary night of noises though. From deep in my sleep, I felt something shaking me. A hand was wrapped around my arm shaking me, as I woke up I felt an icy cold grasp around my arm slowly stop shaking me and loosen up, and felt fingers brush down my arm. I was wide awake now, and the room was extremely cold. It felt like I was outside in the winter. The fireplace had a huge fire burning, but that icy chill in the room lingered. I looked around the room and for a for a second or two... standing in the darkness was a man in old miner clothes staring right at me. I sat up horrified, and with that he was gone and the room was toasty warm again.

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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12
here is mine, it's a bit longer than 200 words(tiny tiny bit) but i hope you enjoy reading it :)
Edit: there really isn't any dialogue, so i hope that's alright

Red Flower

The prevailing winds rippled through the landscape, breathing life into the grasses as they waved and wiggled about in the gale. This wind also gently stoked the crackling flames that leapt up throughout the old school, spurring them on to leap up into the darkening evening sky. Above the gentle rustle of grass and the sounds of the flames as they licked the timber while leaping out doors, windows, and any other openings, a soft sobbing sound emanated from the center of the complex set ablaze in orange. A lone maiden sat kneeling on the dirt at the center of the raging inferno that was the middle courtyard. Her fair youthful features were blanketed by dark soot, and twin lines of moisture streamed down her cheeks. Her white dress was blackened like her face, and much of it was in tatters. Eyes fixed on the hard earth under her, her face twisted in anguish, the drops of salty liquid unceasingly flowed and dripped down onto the ground. Her slender fingers grasped a small blackened torch in one hand. In the other, a red-stained knife could be seen clenched in her hand. The wall to one side suddenly collapsed, and the charred remains of students tumbled out onto the courtyard; every single one of them showed a gap sliced through the neck.
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Posted 5/24/12

Rob88 wrote:

Cool. Here is mine

It was the first day of the new school year; Nina entered her English classroom and sat in the first available seat she could find. A few minutes later two of her friends entered the classroom. Alex and Himeko. Nina had known Alex her whole life, Himeko was a transfer student from Japan, It had already been one whole year since then but Nina and Himeko had become the best of friends. Both Alex and Himeko sat in the seats next to Nina. A few minutes later their English teacher for the year had arrived. It was Ms Armstrong, a new teacher who was well known for being the youngest and most beautiful teacher in the school. There were cheers of excitement from all the boys in the class. They were happy at the prospect of having such a young and good looking teacher to teach them for a full year. “Good morning everyone” said Ms Armstrong. The class responded cheerfully. She then pulled a book out from her bag and said “The first book we’ll be studying for this class will be ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer”

All of the sudden there was a huge explosion from behind Ms Armstrong, and her head was shattered by a large bullet. Gray matter, and blood sprayed everywhere covering the classroom like paint. Nobody could move, everyone was in shock. A large man with a wide brimmed red hat, red cloak, and 2 massive handguns began to phase through what was left of the blackboard. As he appeared he grinned evilly and said,,,,,,, What have we learned today children?...........The entire class responded . Vampires Do Not Sparkle!!!! = )
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24 / M
Posted 5/24/12
The Classroom Doll

My name is Daisuke Tomokane. I've been admiring a beautiful doll that sits on the teachers desk. I can't help but notice how it looks back at me. A transfer student named Chihiro Inoue joined our class. One day after school, she confessed her feelings to me. She was popular and pretty. I was happy to hear her confession. A week passed since I've been seeing Chihiro. During that week, I paid little attention to the beautiful doll. I did notice that there was a hole on here dress. I felt bad and placed a hair pin that I was going to give Chihiro, to cover the hole on her dress. The next day, Chihiro was found dead. Her wrist cut. I never thought she wold commit suicide. I was so depressed and found comfort in our beautiful classroom doll. Someone must of poorly sewn her hole and took the hair pin I gave her. I later found out Chihiro had cut her wrist with a hair pin, the same hair pin I was going to give her. I went back to the classroom to see that the thread used to sew her dress was a strand of Chihiro's hair.
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22 / M / United States
Posted 5/24/12

RedLady2 wrote:

Ordaku wrote:

RedLady2 wrote:

Ordaku wrote:

Eh...I broke down and decided to enter!

Title: “Miyu and Mitzy – Survivors of the Third Apocalypse!”
Story © 2012 Andrew Mitchell, all rights reserved.

“Miyu? Do you have a sec?” Mitsy asked, hiding behind an overturned desk. The two girls had just taken shelter in the Chemistry Lab – the zombie hordes right behind them. With a crash, a hand broke through the door’s glass pane, reaching for the latch.

“Hold that thought,” Miyu retorted, firing off a quick round and severing the undead limb in the process. “I’m a little busy saving our lives at the moment.”

“I know, but it’s just that…I don’t think I have what it takes to survive….”

“What do you mean?” came Miyu’s reply, with a cocked eye in her friend’s direction. “You’re with me, aren’t you? I have enough skills to get us both out of this mess.”

Mitzy’s eyes had a glazed look about them, and she seemed on the verge of tears. “But that’s just the point: I don’t have any special abilities of my own. I can barely hold a gun…my medical skills are worse than useless. I wouldn’t even be good for procreation – have you seen how flat my chest is?!”

Suddenly Miyu was before her, a soft smile touching her face. “Don’t worry…you can leave all that to me. We’re in this together.”

This one was really really good but it was more inspirational and funny than scary. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS. I say if you expanded it and made it into a novel, I would buy it for sure. :)

Thanks! I deeply appreciate your thoughts! I had my doubts at first, but I'm really happy that I decided to pen out my idea -- it turned out better than I expected!

As for exanding the world of "Miyu and Mitsy," I completely agree. As soon as I submitted it for the contest, I thought about the possibility of writing more and turning into a full-length novel, but I wanted to wait and gauge reader's reactions first. You've definitely helped me think about my future plans for the characters!

Awesome I am soooo glad I could help! I want to write novels too and I think it would be so cool to see your own book on a shelf of a bookstore. I haven't had time though since I am still in highschool :S But I really want to get some ideas down over the summer and practice my writing skills. I am writing a fanfic for Naruto. But I am using a character I have created myself and Anko (I love her!) I think it's pretty good so far but I still need to improve. And I also want to stray away from fanfics and create my own set of characters and my own type of world. Maybe we could exchange ideas? Just a suggestion.
Btw the part where Mitzy pauses and says "Have you seen how flat my chest is?!" Omg I just burst out laughing saying that's brilliant! hahaha!

Yeah, that sounds great! I would love to exchange ideas sometime, and maybe check out your fanfic, too. Oh, and I'm in high school as well, so I know how hard it can be to find time for just about anything, especially writing!

And thanks! I'm really glad that you enjoyed my piece so much! The line just came to me, and it seemed right for Mitsy's character.
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12

The school yard was littered in dead bodies and gore. Hiro stared at the girl with the kind eyes in disbelief. “You killed everyone,” he said. “But why?” Mai stared back blankly.

“Ever since the start of freshman year I have wanted nothing more than for you to notice me, for anyone to notice me. No one made the effort to even talk to me. Not even you.” As she spoke a noise came from the shadows that made Hiro’s blood run cold. A monster-like creature appeared behind her. “Now that my revenge is complete,” Mai stepped inside the beast's mouth and turned to Hiro, wrapping her delicate arms around a giant fang, “I must surrender my soul to the demon who made it all possible.” Hiro looked helplessly after her. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s too late now” She answered. “But you can make it up to me. Eternity in hell will be awfully lonely without a companion.” With that, two clawed tentacles whipped out and pierced Hiro in the chest, blood exploding from his mouth. Before he could collapse the tentacles yanked him forward. The last thing Hiro saw was Mai’s smile as the massive jaws closed around them.
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28 / M / Sky City, Canada!
Posted 5/24/12

You Left Us
by Andrew Stevenson (199words :D)

A young boy stood hovering in midair. He stood motionless in between the row of desks. Pale as could be.

“You Left Us”.

Words of hatred etched in ink covered the boy. The classroom was distorted. The chairs bent upward and the black and white tiled floor eased itself into an unnatural slant. The lights one by one slowly flickered out.

Elizabeth stirred from her seat and crossed the room with light skips towards the boy. Her stockings were of a blue and white checkered pattern. Her shoes, like her eyes now, grew crimson in colour. Her white dress which hung loosely around her thin frame was of the older Edwardian fashion. She skipped lightly, her footsteps resounding off the creaking tiles as she hummed a lighthearted tune. She flicked her dark blue hair to the side as she turned him to face her.

His pupils dilated in fear.

Elizabeth touched his outstretched face and a new cut formed over his cheek. He winced. Her eyes closed with a great wide smile. The boy managed a whimper, though his body had by now recognized realized he would not be able to leave.
Elizabeth opened her eyes again.

“Found you.”
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Posted 5/24/12
I figure I'll give this a go myself. :)


A high school boy ran down the darkened corridors in his school uniform, the squeaking of his dress shoes on the floor the only sound. He didn’t dare look to see what caused the squeaking, he already knew; blood. His hands covered his ears as another ear splitting scream echoed throughout the school.

“Why is this happening?”

He continued running down the hallway, constantly searching for people, at least, people that were alive. His eyes focused forward, above the ground. He avoided looking into any of the classrooms, after seeing the first one. He tried talking to whoever was left, to see what was going on. No one responded, they just ran away screaming. Screaming seemed to be the only sound he heard, besides the squeak of his shoes. Finally he saw the back of a girl in her school dress, whistling an eerie tune.

“Hey you!”

She paused, turning to her right to look at him.

“What’s going on? Why’s everyone panicking when they see me but you?”

“Wouldn’t you run too, if you saw a zombie?” she replied, turning to face him fully. He started shaking at the appearance of her face, half beautiful, half decaying, and screamed.
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