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Post Reply "Another" Anime Contest! Write a Scary Story & Win Prizes!
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Posted 5/25/12
Here's mine:

My Nightmare:

I was at school at midnight and found myself looking at the door to the kitchen of the school. When i looked inside the door to the kitchen there was the three lunch ladies standing there with devil horns on their heads. Before i knew what was happening i was strapped to a hospital bed and i could not move then a knife come to my throat and i felt the coldness of the knife and the fear. Then i woke up screaming.
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Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/27/12
They all sound cool
Wish i could write scary stories but i'm only good at tragedy stories and sad stories, romantic, fantasy stories not scary
If you guys want to hear any of my stories just tell me and i'll write one and share it
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Posted 5/25/12
wow better right one myself
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Posted 5/25/12
I'll give this a try. Though, even if we're not premium members, can we decide to have the anime prize if we win? Haven't done a contest here before ^ ^;

It was a dark night and the stars were twinkling while everyone were at their seats in class. The time has come for the ultimate test. The students must finally awaken to their true form. For most people, people's true forms are how they really act, but for these kids, they actually are monsters. They may look cute, but they are actually feeding on each other. Flesh ripping apart and blood dripping can be heard outside the classroom door. Moaning from the students were so loud that people from the first floor can even hear them. What happened to them was that the world was at point of no return. Where humans struggle to survive and not get eaten from the living dead of hell. Yet, it's up to a group of skilled fighters with tons of skills and experience to break this curse. The curse of the living dead rising from the demonic power sealed within the school. Will these brave fighters break the curse or become one of the living dead?
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29 / Gates of ....
Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/25/12
200 words is kind of small... I could understand 500 (about half a page) to 2000 (about 3 pages), but 200? :S That is like a paragraph or two.
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Posted 5/26/12
This seems interesting
Here is my story:

The moon shone through the windows of the classroom as the wind howled, hammering against the windows. I leaned against the doorway, my eyes closed and singing a silent tune.
Somewhere else in the school grounds, a young girl ran into the school building panting, her soft brown hair dripping wet. As she got her breath back, she stared down the corridor. A blue light shone from the one of the classrooms, her heart thumped faster, ‘No one should be here,’ she thought. As if an urge, her feet moved on its own account towards the room. Trying to pull back, she looked from side to side, in the window a little boy smiled with blood all over him.
In front of the door, a beautiful women sat at the front desk glowing blue, holding a hand mirror, my body shaking as the force pulled me in, ‘Sweet dreams’ the women whispered in my ear, before an invisible hand went straight through me, my eyes wide in fear. Pulling my soul away from by body, blood filled the room with the mirror next to my body and a chain tugged at my heart as the women ate my soul...

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Posted 5/26/12
here is my story:

who is there? she said. and she slowly opened the one was there,but....he was behind her. she turned her head,but he couldn't see her.she was dead 20 years ago.
Posted 5/26/12
Here is my story might have some errors idk if its good or not

Hime wore her plaid red skirt and black dress shirt with a red vest, her hair was long and black. It was a summer night when Hime was waiting for the foreigner, Michael at Yakamura High. Michael appeared with a big smile on his face and ran over to hug her; he softly kissed her on her forehead and smiled.
Michael began, Hime i'm so glad you are here, I missed you and I wanted to say, I love You Hime. Please go out with me!"
Hime could not believe what she just heard she then looked up at him and replied with a happy, "Yes, will!"
As they were turning back to get off the rooftop there was a noise, a noise that came from behind; an eerie voice shouting, "I will rip your guts out Michael!"
They turned back and there was no one, so they quickly headed towards the door when they saw, there friend Claire, in a puddle of blood and her cuts everywhere on her body. Hime screamed and fainted. Michael picked her up and started to run; there was that voice again and that same phrase

~~~~~To be continued~~~~~
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Posted 5/26/12
Inspired from my conversation with a friend I'm kind of flirting with. Btw, we we're talking creepypasta. So this is one hellish of a writing for me. Quite funny how I referenced each entities we discussed here.


A girl in pigtails with magnificent dark red eyes in a school uniform is sitting next to me. I blink, she vanishes. I hear a voice that says I am the only one who could see her. I want to let everyone know that she’s here but I’m the only one who could see her. Should I tell them?

The teacher suddenly drop on the floor. Everyone looks at her body. All we see are the neck scars left by strangulation and the protruding bones on her neck that looks like a painfully twisted spine. I hear a scratch from the blackboard. It was her.

I follow her into the janitor’s office. The door locked. I gulp. A tall black entity with no eyes with eight legs and arms stares at me and slowly makes its way to me. I could not scream. I could not run. I am chased by this entity!

I woke up feeling I was in a different place. I see her with the dark entity with its eight eyes with excitement in both their eyes. I scream and nothing comes out of my mouth. Damn.
Posted 5/26/12
this is my story and yeah only 200 words is tough i hope you all enjoy it:

My girlfriend was cute. She wore her hair in twintails with blue scrunches. I remember telling her I liked hair like that when we started dating and then she always wore her hair that way. She seemed taller standing over me. Her rosy colored cheeks and soft lips made a tight lipped sad smile. I don’t know what I did wrong. That melancholy expression on her face was something I never wanted to see. Yet it was right above my face as my vision began to go blurry. The class was deathly silent. All I did was say hello to the new transfer student, admittedly a cute girl with blonde twintails. That was when my cute girlfriend suddenly stabbed the back of my neck with a knife. I made a sick dying sound simultaneously as I coughed up blood. Staggering to the front of the classroom I collapsed face up to see my cute girlfriend standing above me with the knife shaking in her delicate small hand. Blood spurted from my mouth when I spoke softly “I still love you.” She gasped and shrieked. The last sight I saw was my cute girlfriend’s dead body falling on top of me.
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24 / F
Posted 5/26/12
ill give it a shot
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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/26/12
Wow, great stories everyone! here's my take:

“Thirty minutes late. Detention again”, I thought to myself. Panting heavily, I pushed the heavy door just enough for me to slide in. Not a sound. A thick bitter smell filled the air, it was hard to breathe. As I rushed to Ms. Steven’s class, I noticed a red spill under one of the classroom doors. “The paint prank, again” I thought.

When I got to class, I knocked and tried to open the door. It barely moved. Through the crack, I saw my classmates piled in the far corner, drenched in blood. I saw Sam’s face, lifeless, eyes wide open. My stomach turned and my legs gave way. I leaned on the door. The door moved, and Ms. Stevens’ head, barely attached to her body, came dangling in my face. I yelled, and pushed the door away. Ms. Steven’s body fell violently to the floor. The little amount of flesh holding her head to her torso ripped away splashing me with blood. I screamed till my lungs foundered.

I heard a noise down the hall. I looked and there it was. Huge and scaly, with four huge feathered wings, bloody claws, and murderous eyes. It came right at me, I ran. I ran as fast as I can, but it caught up and jumped right in front of me. I stood still, my knees shook, my heart fluttered, I was ready to die, I closed my eyes.

I heard its wings move and a blast of wind rushed me. I heard it breathe heavy. A few seconds later, I was still alive, I opened my eyes, it was kneeling in front of me, its head at my feet.

“It is you I am looking for, Hikoubu-Sama”, it said

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Posted 5/26/12
Alright, here it is! Even if I don't win, I hope that somebody enjoys it.


“Hi, I guess you’re the new kid, right?” asked the brown haired girl.
“Oh, I-I yeah. I am”, stammered Tamaki.
“Well, try to be careful, this school can get pretty exciting sometimes.” The girl gave him a playful wink and Tamaki felt his heart flutter. Was this a budding romance in the air? With a cute girl next to him, Tamaki thought this day couldn’t get any better.
“All right class, time to get into formation”, announced the teacher.
Tamaki wondered, “Formation? What formation?”
“It’s okay, you just wait here. It’s a little something we do every year to the newbies”, said the girl. Tamaki slowly slid back into is seat with complete trust in his newfound friend. Everyone in the class circled around him, holding hands. That’s when it happened. They changed. Their faces began to sink in, their skin began to color and rot, and the stench was unbearable. The room’s temperature rose, as if a blistering, infected wound had been open. That’s when the class began to smile, a horrible smile that exposed cruel fangs that glistened in the light. In horror, Tamaki just sat and stared.
“Don’t worry, it’s a school tradition,” hissed the class.
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Posted 5/26/12
Well, I tried. I had to cut out over 100 words -_-

"Ignore the new girl, Tammy. She's weird."
These words replayed in my head, while I laid motionless on the cold floor of the Home Ec. classroom.
If only I had listened. If only I weren't so lonely.
Crouched next to me, her piercing stare was almost as painful as the needle she used to pierce my skin.
"It's a butterfly." Said Tammy, carving her art into my arm, which she kept clamped between her legs.
On her lap, laid a creepy old doll with missing eyes and tattered clothing.
"I need more paint."
Suddenly, Tammy stuck the sharp needle into my wrist, scratching back and forth, repeatedly. I would have screamed, if not for the fact that my mouth was sewn shut.
A stream of blood poured out of the cut.
Tammy stopped for a moment and looked down at her doll.
"You got blood on Betty." She said to me, coldly, and licked my blood off of the doll's blank face.
Soon after, she finished her masterpiece.
It was strangely beautiful.
Tammy gently kissed my cheek and innocently asked, "Will you stay my friend forever?", sounding just as lonely as I felt.
I nodded my head, sadly, and wondered if dolls could cry sometimes, too.

I hope you enjoy reading, and good luck to everyone.
I had no idea there were so many great writers on here. It's quite intimidating.
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30 / M / Oklahoma
Posted 5/26/12
I'm enjoying your stories, guys. I hope you enjoyed mine as well. Looking forward to seeing more aspiring writers take a crack at this daunting task.
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