How to keep the magic!
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Posted 5/24/12
hello guys, Ok I saw such a amazing anime series. Some of you may have heard of it; It goes by the name of angel beats. The depth of this 13 episode show is absolutely insane, and very few shows can compare. But i'm sure almost everyone has there own favorite show that you could say changes the way you look at things.

I don't want to lose my love for this show, So After buying the season Dvd. I've been very very hesitant to watch it, because as we all know the Second explosion isn't so "amazing" anymore.

So here's my idea to keep this show a sentimental masterpiece in my mind.

1.) Keep the Dvd on the shelf
2.) Try to hold out on watching even a clip for 2 year.
3.) Listen to the OST to keep the memories of the great show.

Lol so guys is this a bit obsessive, do you think it'll still amazing if i watched it a few more times. Any Advice?
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Posted 5/24/12
It's hard to say since everybody is different. A friend of mine will immediately reread or rewatch something she just finished if she really enjoyed it. I can't do that. I need some time, a year or two before I can rewatch something.

Personally, I say give it time. That way the show will seem more "fresh" when you watch it again.
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Posted 5/24/12
I find it hard to reread a manga from the beginning (vol.1) because all the good stuff happens after the first few books. I tend to skip some parts while reading.
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