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Anime that should receive a second chance?
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Posted 9/3/12

pakslonglegs wrote:

Saki - the player. I really enjoyed the first series, and have hopes that there will be a Season 2. The one that just finished is not Season 2, but a parallel story.

I wouldn't worry about Saki. The only reason why there hasn't been a season 2 is because the manga write takes his time with the matches so there isn't enough material for one yet. If they weren't going to make a second season, they wouldn't have had Episode of Side A come out. Anime fans in Japan tend to forget anime that isn't less than 3-4 years old. If you look at any Japanese poll, recent anime are always at the top of the list.
Posted 9/3/12 , edited 9/3/12
Deadman Wonderland
Elfen Lied
Vampire Knight/Guilty
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
- A lot of people say the anime version sucks. I like the anime but it left out a lot of things (I read the first episode of the vn and currently on the second) Either Deen, the studio who made the anime version in the first place, or better yet another animation studio remake it or Deen should continue the anime with another season. I will say both since A) it will satisfy fans of the vn more
B) To me this anime needs another season.
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Posted 9/4/12
Would love to see a second season of Skip Beat. Hopefully they're just waiting for the Ren/Kyoko romance to conclude
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Posted 9/4/12
I haven't seen any shows that have ending after just a few episodes, but I've seen a couple excellent series that stopped after two seasons with nothing resembling an ending - "Ah! My Goddess" and "Rosario + Vampire" primarily. There's also "Sekirei" and "Spice and Wolf," but I think there's still hope that a third season will come out for both of those (at least from what I've found on the net.) It would also be nice to see a continuation of "Shuffle!" as well.
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