[2013 JDrama] Yae no Sakura
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Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/25/12

Kuroki Meisa to act in next year's NHK Taiga drama

On the 24th, it was announced Kuroki Meisa would star in next year’s NHK Taiga drama “Yae no Sakura”. Although the popular actress Kuroki has played the heroine in many dramas before, this is her first time acting in a Taiga drama. Kuroki famously had a sudden marriage with Akanishi Jin, and is expecting a baby in October.

Kuroki, even after her marriage, has continued her activities as an actress. However, for Akanishi, the papers are blank. Due to suddenly marrying Kuroki, Akanishi’s country-wide tour was cancelled. Further, he is to pay the all of the fees cost by cancelling the tour, and was forced to step down from the Fuji TV’s remake of “GTO”, scheduled to start in June. It’s unclear if promotion will increase for Akanishi, who is currently awaiting the premier of Hollywood movie he acts in, “47 RONIN”, due next year.

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Posted 5/27/12
poor akanishi
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Posted 5/31/12
Meisa Kuroki Shows-Off Baby Bump in "Yae No Sakura" Press Conference

Looking very much pregnant and already in her 5 months, Meisa Kuroki shows-off her baby bump at the recent press conference for the upcoming Taiga drama, "Yae No Sakura".

At the press conference last May 30th, Kuroki was seen wearing a white blazer, which did so little to cover her plump stomach. The singer-actress, who married Jin Akanishi last February, was often seen placing her hand on her stomach during the conference. Kuroki is expected to give birth by mid-October.

In the drama, Kuroki will play Nijiima Yae's rival, which will be played by Ayase Haruka. The NHK drama will start shooting this summer, but Kuroki won't be joining the cast until she have given birth to avoid any complications that might delay the shoot.

"Yae No Sakura" won't be released until Jan 2013, it will be a 50-episode drama that is expected to last for the entire year.

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Posted 5/31/12
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[Japanese 2013 Drama] Yae no Sakura

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