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i do not own any of the art. this story is entirely fictional!
the art may be some random anime person from any anime. i do this bcuz that is how i see my
character in my story!


Main Character: Miyuki Kurumi

Age: 16.
Birthday: Dec. 14th

her story:

Walking up the steps of Saima Highschool, the fresh new smell of a new school year blew through my nostrils as I walked in the old, yet new feeling building as I did last year. The uniforms changed this year; a white and navy blue sailor suit and skirt rather than ties. It was deemed as "popular" this year. All the guys seem to love it a lot. I find myself trying to tug the skirt over my bare thighs, as I see guys staring. My face turns bright red. I walk into the auditorium for opening ceremony, and take my seat next to a girl I somewhat remember from last year, because I could not find any of my friends.

"Can I sit here?" I asked.

"Oh, sure!" The girl replied. She had short black hair, her bangs pinned to the side with a cute pink and brown clip. She had red hazel eyes that lit up with excitement. I believe her name was Haruna Fuyumi.

"How are you, Kurumi-chan?" She whispered. I was surprised she still remembered my name.

"I'm great... Fuyumi, right?" I asked, smiling carefully.

Of course, she nodded, her eyes burning with excitement. Every started clapping, as the curtain rose and the principle stepped out to welcome the student-body president. I'd expected some cute guy, that all the girls would fawn over like in most animes, but, it was a normal looking guy with glasses. He stepped up, and welcomed the other student-body council.

After opening ceremony, we were excused to go home, and prepare for tomorrow. Haruna Fuyumi walked with me. We had side conversations, such as our long vacation, and what we did.

We parted ways. I swung my bag over my shoulder, with new pamphlets and notebooks in them for me to examine when I got home. I looked at the grown, and walked. As I approached a near corner, I must have been too deep in thought, because I bumped into a boy, who smelt wonderful...

"Ah! I-I'm sorry!" I said, bowing. I stopped, looking at his feet. He wore the same slacks I've seen all the other boys wearing at opening ceremony. I slowly looked up, still bowing, and his eyes were locked on me. I blushed, standing straight up. He smiled.

"Its okay." He ran a hand through his dark brown hair. I began to walk around him, smiling back at him. He grabbed my wrist.

"Come on! I know somewhere we can eat ice cream!" He said.

"uh!" I didn't know what else to say. i blushed, and decided to go along with it.
i didnt understand if this was real, or if i was dreaming. i never new a boy would actually just randomly do tht. i blushed, as we ran together, his hand around my wrist.

(To be Continued!!)

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