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Have you ever seen a UFO?
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21 / M / California
Posted 10/11/12
Nope never, wouldn't really even know what to be looking for.
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25 / F / Kentucky
Posted 10/12/12
I have never seen one, but I used to have really creepy dreams about aliens. Because of that they scare the crap out of me now xD
Posted 10/12/12 , edited 10/12/12

Zatheko wrote:

Nope never, wouldn't really even know what to be looking for.

I'd say you'd need to look for something that looks like it doesn't belong in the sky.

Checklist of acceptable sky candidates includes:

Blue (this IS the sky)
Stars (at night)
Sun (day star; hard to miss)
More clouds

If you live in Alamogordo or Roswell, New Mexico see sub section A:

US Nuclear Test Weapons
US Airforce Test Planes
The Bifrost and/or Thor hero of myth


Flying Saucers aka Weather Balloons: (tell tale signs of positive sightings include common engine failure symptoms for airborne craft including but not limited to: Crashing, Burning, Occupants with large cranial structures and grey skin running around near crash site screaming and/or burning and dying, US Military vehicle cordons and armed Military Police personnel redirecting traffic and shooting photo journalists and conspiracy theorists on sight)

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Posted 10/12/12
Does a UFO in a movie count?
Posted 10/12/12
Imagine what kind of advanced civilization would travel across thousands of light years (or for dumb people, thousand of Earth years at the speed of light non-stop) just to see retards.
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22 / M
Posted 10/12/12
Maybe....I'm not sure what it was. Yes, I've seen UFO, I couldn't identify it...

It was far away, and it flew very very fast. It was at night and it just glowed with a pink/orance color.

Thinking it was the military running testing something, here at San Diego.
We do have many military sites, could have been that.

A few months later, many reports of a 'loud sound'.
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22 / M / United States of...
Posted 10/12/12 , edited 10/12/12
Age in time: 17

The Area: Backyard

Time: nighttime

Original Reason for being in the location: Star Gazing

Encounter with: U.F.O passing by

Whole Story: I was in the backyard gazing up at the stars, there was nothing else much to do during the time. But, first I heard a strange noise nearby. My first thought was just 'police' then 'is my alarm clock going off?' and extc. So, after checking around ( in and out of ) the house, then finding no valid source for the strange sound and then quickly heading back outside to star gaze. I started to scan night sky outside of the telescope viewing hole, using my own eyes in other words. Then, something black and slow was just cruising around in the night sky, I rubbed my both of my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Then, I quickly found out that I wasn't seeing things. I should also mention that I was with another person during this time and they were seeing it too. Now, the object appeared to have a really dark black color body. The objects size was roughly the width of two houses side by side, and the height of a 1 floor house. The object was in a hexagon looking shape with a flat top and bottom. The bottom had a few lights ( and by few, I mean 3 faint white lights on the bottom.) The object movement was SLOW, I mean REALLY SLOW. But, it still remained in the air. Now, if you want a visual representation of the speed of the object, just simply casually walk around and you got the exact speed of the object. The object was also flying REALLY close to houses, as in If I simply got up on the roof of the house and extended my arm up, I would be touching the object. The object also was making a VERY faint 'Woov, Woov' sound. Then the object jittered back and fourth for a split milisecond and took offpast the trees. Then I couldn't see the object anymore.

Time length: 2 minutes

And that's my only U.F.O encounter
Posted 10/12/12
Yeah on the fucking tv.
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Posted 10/12/12
If I saw a light in the sky or something like that I'd probably just write it off as a plane... for me to say it was a UFO, or aliens, it would have to be something that came down and sucked the blood out of a cow and drew crop circles right in front of me.
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