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Posted 6/14/12
Hello, I'm Kira! ;D
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/15/12
Misplaced my old account a while back and never bothered to make a new one, but I figured might as do it and enter!

Yay! Unfortunately my image is too big to politely post : ( So please click the image below to view!

Click to view the image!
Name: Masayo Tanaka
Age: 14
Weapons: Two harpoons with ribbons
Wish: Straight A's in every class

If Masayo had known that being a magical girl was this consuming and serious, she probably would have picked something on a larger scale to wish for- world peace, an end of hunger, or something. She did not understand what she was getting herself into, and certainly didn't know what fighting witches would entail.

She works hard, but somehow some classes she just can't get an A, no matter how hard she tries. Kyubeii found here in the midst of her frustration, and not entirely level-headed, Masayo made her wish to get an A in every class. Her special ability then is to thorough analysis of situations. Unfortunately her bad reflexes don't allow her to take much advantage of this.

In school her main activity is playing the trumpet in the marching band, hence her vestments and headfluff. She has a group of casual friends, but she's the kind to have many acquaintances rather than a few close bosom buddies. She can be self-centered, and when she is in distress she forgets that there are other people in the world suffering as well.

Entry #2
Junkers the Maho Corgi

Age: 2.5
Weapons: Unending energy and boundless enthusiasm for every moment of life
Wish: Unknown, but it probably wasn't for his balls back.
Strengths: Limbs made out of tightly-coiled springs, optimism in the face of despair, ability to tip over small people
Weaknesses: Pot smoke

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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12

Name: Reina Kato
Age: 17
Weapon: Bamboo Staff
Personality: Quick and implusive, happy-go-lucky, stealth like a ninja xD
Back Story: From a very young age, Reina has been trained in self-defense and combat. Although her family owns a dojo, she refuses to inherit it (being the eldest). However, when weird occurrences begin affecting the town, Reina decides to take matters into her own hands. Having knowledge in martial arts and acrobatics, she is light on her feet and able to travel around undetected. Her one and only wish is to protect the town (everyone is like family to her).
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Posted 6/14/12

Here's my magical girl!
Maho shoujo Galaxia
Hobby: painting
Name: Galaxia
-She can travel through the galaxy at the speed of light,
-Can travel into dreams
-with her power staff she can zap witches and monsters with black electricity!
-Her hair glistens like a stary night sky.
Personality: She is very shy but when she fights she is very strong and confident.
Sidekick: little pony with wings that flies through the galaxy with Galaxia. (through In another sidekick for fun)
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Posted 6/14/12
here are my puella magi, her soulgem color is red.

and her witch form and familiar

she was a bullied kid for the gang "the dogs eaters", they always beat her.She was very weak, so she could'nt defend herself.
one day she meets kyubey, Just in time because the dogs eaters gave her the worst menace of her life.

She gained a Flail, confidence and two duties: being the Gang leader and being a Puella Magi

Her outfit is like an armor and her special skill is to control up to 3 witch's familiars, because her wish was the leadership

with her magic,she could pretend to be strong but this may not last long

her Witch form is a bug, because she knows she is weak like a little bug, she knows that she isnt the leader, the "queen", and her familiars are beings like dog-knight , always loyal to the fake queen.
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
Alrighty! Here's mine

I'm a crazy Puella Magi fan; I learned how to write in runes about one year ago.

Wish- for the health, safety and happiness of her friends and family
Magali will become a witch when she realizes the rest of the world is still suffering
Weapon- parasol; can shoot beams of light, acts as an indestructable shield and staff, and breaks falls.
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Posted 6/14/12

Vexie wrote:

(It's not actually on my DA yet but I put the tag there anyway)

Name: Emi
Age: 14

She's supposed to have pigtails, you just can't really see the other one. I may add a story later if I have time. Good luck to everyone!

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Posted 6/14/12

*re-types because most of you probably cannot read my writing*
Wish: Knowledge is man’s greatest power; I wish to know the entire universe.
Grant me all knowledge, Kyuubei!
Weapon: Enchanted Tarot Cards
Name: Diana

((I just got my cast off my right wrist yesterday, and didn’t have much time to draw this, sorry;;))
Her outfit would be mostly light blue and cream, Her hair colour would be brown.
(The circle in her hair and on her glasses is a moon if your wondering~)
(This Magical girl was based off my elder sister~)
(I based the horns from the magician in my sister’s tarot cards)
Within the horn is a “dream catcher”, (its Native and therefore kick-arse.)

:The Tarot Cards orbit her instead of being scattered around (Like Mami for example;;)
The Tarot cards can have certain powers depending on their arcana, the Major arcanas would be her strongest weapons to use against witches and such. Most of the Tarot cards may have fire, electricity, earth, and many other attributes, the list goes on.
Diana would sometimes throw the cards when she's having a rage-fit. But if she's lazy, she'll just get them to throw themselves.
Diana can also summon The people out of the Tarot cards, its quite bad-arse. (I didn't have enough time to draw it, so... (EXCUSES EXCUSES))

((I don't mean to stuck up... BUT IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME IF I WON, SINCE I LOVE MADOKA WITH A PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS~ CB))(If you don't like suck ups, then please ignore this comment. 8I)
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Posted 6/14/12
Man, you don't give much time for these contests. If I had more time I'd color it so this'll have to do.

I call them the "Black Magic Girls". From left to right is:

Weapon: Magic Potions

Weapon: Magic Staff

Demon Summoner
Weapon: Necronomicon

In the spirit of magic girl art here's a bit of my fanart.
Sailor Moon:
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Jupiter:
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Posted 6/14/12
is the deadline this midnight or is it tomorrow?
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Posted 6/14/12

Hello! Love these contests!
My Puella Magi's name is Suzuka Matsukaze. Her weapon is a classic magical girl stick that shoots beams. Suzuka-chan likes cats. Suzuka-chan is very hyper-active which I believe makes her very cute!
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Posted 6/14/12 , edited 6/14/12
This is a magical girl version of my friend, Calyrica.

Her fighting style is "danmaku" via an assortment of automatic weapons.

The poem reads:

With a crackle in her eye
and a bullet in her heart,
the war angel sings her
song of ordnance and zealotry
On radiant wings she
rains carmine punishment
on all who cross her.
She is Calyrica.
In the name of
fire and gunmetal,
she will pwn noobs
and triumph over suckas
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Posted 6/14/12
Her soul gem is a mini moon by the way~
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Posted 6/14/12

This is my entry! ^.^

Name: Lullaby
Age: 13
Weapon of choice: Mechanical pencil scythe
Likes: Drawing, painting, writing, cute things
Wish: "To live forever, so I can see all the masterpieces of the world."
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Posted 6/14/12

It's really half-assed coloring, but it was so last minute Q v Q
I hope you guys like it, and I at least hope to get up to the top 20 > n <


Name: Thomas Pascal

Wish: "I wish to be able to see, so that I may unlock the secrets this world!"

- Blades attached to his wrists and ankles
- A ribbon whip

Soul Gem Location: His eye
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