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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
Name: Tetsuya Sakai (Ted)

Weapon: Kirin's Soul

Magical form: A necklace first appears on his chest and his right iris colour changes into having a rainbow effect.
He then places his hand above the necklace to draw his sword out of it. His watch automatically starts counting down from 300 seconds as soon as the sword is completely drawn out, indicating the time period he can use the sword, else if it stays outside above the time limit, he dies because a part of his soul is mixed into the blade.

His attacks normally revolves around the 4 base element: fire, water, earth, and wind.
His power can be classified into 4 levels.
1st tier: Base element
2nd tier: Combination of 2 base elements to form more powerful spells.
Fire + Water = Mist
Fire + Earth = Magma
Fire + Wind = Lightning
Earth + Water = Swamp
Earth + Wind = Sand
Water + Wind = Ice
3rd tier: Unlike the 2nd tier, combining 3 base elements will not create a new element. Rather the main element will be focused and summon the aura of a legendary creature.
e.g.: Fire (main) + Earth + Wind = Cerberus
The main element tends to be the polar opposite of the lacking element (in this case Water)
Tier 4: The combination of all 4 elements aka Final Union. This attack can only be used at the last one minute of his transformation. However once used, his form will immediately be cancelled. There is also a few other downsides to this form.
1) His sword can only harm those with a wicked soul, making it ineffective against anyone who have a pure, untained soul.
2) When his countdown ends, he either temporarily loses either one of his senses or becomes totally paralysed. This resulted in his great dislike in using the Final Union, and will avoid it as much as possible.
He use special cards to activate each base element and through fusion he can use higher tier attacks.

Wish: To carry on his deceased friends wishes for peace, justice, freedom and unity.

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Posted 6/15/12

Yes, I drew it on lined paper; please just ignore the lines.
Didn't scan as well as I'd have liked, but it'll work.

Name: Xin
Age: 14
Soul Gem: Silver... four-pointed star? I dont know what shape lol :P
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: dusty/grayish brown
Weapon: Chains
Wish: Xin wished for the capture and imprisonment of her mother's murderer.
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Posted 6/15/12

smaragdos wrote:

Your attention to detail is wonderful; I keep noticing more and more little things every time I look at this picture.
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Posted 6/15/12
After a week of procrastination and the occasional hard work, my magical person is completed! Going by the original rules of the contest, this character is inspired by myself, or rather, he is the person I may have become had I lived in the world of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'm not the best artist, though I did spend a lot of time on this one, so I'm really relying on the story and character rather than artwork, so please read, if you have time!

Hand-drawn and coloured with a dozen (very dusty) pencils I found in my brother's room:

Here's the uncoloured version:

Name: Isamu (勇)Age: fourteen. Reason of contract: to protect his friends. Wish: for courage and strength.
Passive Power: stubborn resolve. Active Power (Soul Blade): absorption of a person's negative emotions.
Side Effects: immensely stoic, Soul Gem leaks mana to create familiar-like "demons."
Primary Weapon: "Monster Slayer," a Japanese sword of variable size.
Secondary Weapon: "Soul Blade," a hidden knife within the "Monster Slayer" that absorbs dark feelings.

Here's the back-story and details:
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Posted 6/15/12
Please disregard the blurriness!!! >___< It's a lot clearer on paper, and I don't have whatever that computer program is that makes everything look nice. But anywayyy this is my magical girl, Nishimura Masako. Her mom was raped and killed, so she learned boxing for self-defense. Her dad was still alive at the time, and she and him got along pretty well despite their difficulties and the fact that everyone made fun of Masako because they thought her dad was a weirdo. Masako worked hard to get the highest grades in her class in hopes of achieving a better future, which made her classmates real jealous of her. One day, the popular girl in her class offered to pay Masako and make her popular as well if she gave her all the answers to her homework, tests, etc. and gave up her class rank. Masako refused, so when a terrible crime scene occurred, the popular girl paid a lawyer to make false, but convincing, evidence to get Masako's dad in trouble. The evidence worked out so well that Masako's dad earned a death penalty for a homicide he didn't even commit. Masako found out all about what happened and was angry and overwhelmed. When she met Kyubey, she wished that no one other than herself can ever take control of the people and things she has a right to keep in her life, and that anyone who tries to will pay serious consequences. Her weapons are the armed laser gun knives because her boxing skills enable her to move the arm knives with skill and the laser guns emphasize her attacks. Her magical power is that she can control any witch's movements as long as she keeps direct eye contact with it (and no, don't think I'm being a total cheater. There IS a down side: not all witches have eyes)
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Posted 6/15/12
Urgh. I can't believe I waited so long to check this out! Here's my entry. It got a bit cut off by my scanner, but the main thing is still there.

Here's another sketch I did just of her outfit:

Name: Amaya Tatsuki
Age: 15
Wish: "Don't let her touch me again. Make the pain stop."
Soul Gem Colour: Green (Located on her right leg)
Theme song: Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine (because everyone needs a theme song. )

Weapon: Amaya uses a chain and sickle as a weapon. A wing-shaped weight on the end of the chain is used to ensure stable flight when the chain is thrown around an enemy within the intention of capture. If the chain fails, Amaya uses the sickle itself with its drastic curve to latch onto her prey.

Bio: An only child, Amaya was abused by her mother from a very young age. As a result, she had always suffered from low self-esteem and is believed to have some mental health issues. The scar on her right arm, partially hidden by her armband, came from an incident she had with her mother when she was eight and resulted in being threatened with knives. She failed to avoid her enraged mother's swings and her arm was cut open. She made her contract with Kyuubey when she was fourteen and didn't hesitate to make her wish. She wished for her mother's violence against her to end before she was killed by it. After the wish was granted and she became a magical girl, Amaya couldn't remember being any happier. However, her happiness didn't last long. Although her mother's violence towards her had stopped, she was still the same person and merely took out her anger on someone else, namely: her father. After returning home one night from hunting witches, her father was lying dead on the floor and her mother was being arrested. Amaya stayed in foster care for a few months before running away. She currently lives by herself for sake of convienence and also as a form of comfort.

Powers: She calls her power "Luminance." She, in a sense, has the ability to illuminate the area around her, or take the light away, hence the name. She uses it mostly to limit the sight of her opponents by submerging them in near total darkness, or temporarily blinding them in bright bursts of light.
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Posted 6/15/12

[wow just barely making it here: halfassed my way through the coloring, but I like how it turned out 8'D]
Name: Junko Watanabe
Age: 18
Weapon: Morning star
Magical Abilities: Power Boost (an charm that increases her power, aka the yellow aura in the picture: can only be used on herself), healing, Defense Boost (A charm that increases her party's defense: can only been used on others, not herself.)
Soul Gem: Orange, function as a locket that keeps her side-cape together while transformed.

Junko was an active young woman. Born into a family, where the father was an ex boxing star, the entire family of 3 where very physically active. At the age of 10, she began boxing training with her father as her coach. As her father was forced to retire early because of an injury in the ring, he expected Junko to only perform perfect, and nothing less. She was raised to believe in always wining. Losing was not an option.
As she entered the junior boxing league, this lesson carried on in her matches: She won again and again, in the hopes of making her father proud of her.
But it wouldn't be long before she had a rival. In the finals when she was 17, she was going up against another young woman, who was as passionate about boxing as Junko was. Kiku Yoshida. Only her goal was to win the prize money for her family.
It would be pride against need. And it didn't seem like Junko would win.
After a hard training session close up to the finals, which ended in a huge argument with her father, Junko spend some time alone in the ring. That is where Kyubey appeared. It didn't take long for the small creature to convince Junko to make a contract. Her wish was clear:
"Make me stronger, so that I can win against any opponent in the ring!"
Her wish was granted, and true enough, she won the finals.

It didn't take long for the guilt to gnaw into Junko's soul. she soon discovered that Kiku Yoshida had to quit boxing, and that her family had to move away from the expensive city. It was rumored that they even had the Yakuza after them, because of huge amounts of debt. Junko knew that she had done wrong. None the less, she began to fulfill her duty as a Magical Girl, Defeating witches, and winning as often as she had done in the ring. Soon she formed a small magical girl group, who kept their city safe from witches. It didn't stop the building guilt in Junko though, and one day it took overhand.
It was in the news. A family had been violently butchered, the police suspecting Yakuza involvement.
The victims where Kiku Yoshida and her family.
Right as she got the news, her soul gem turned into a grief seed, turning her into the 10-armed witch, Brunhild. Her barrier was made up of a boxing ring, the trophies and medals that she had won and newspaper articles about murders, and her familiars being Shieldmaidens (the silhouettes of all who had lost to her).
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
Her staff alows nature to bend at her will. The blue on the tip allows for healing also. :3

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Posted 6/15/12

Her weapons are the two skulls
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12

Dragon slayer Magic Boy !! lol
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Posted 6/15/12

SHINJI vs VICTORIA Magic battle!! XD
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/17/12

Well i can't really compare to these professionals but i enjoyed making it.
Lastly i would like to say WOW to all the art here.. its just super amazing how great it all is! You guys who win Congrats! you def earned it xD

Time taken: 12 hours
Tools used: Photoshop CS6>Pen tool only
As you may tell coloring is not my forte hehe..

Weapon: Saber Blade(Left hand)
Weapon: Sun Catcher-->Particle beam (Right hand)
Wish: To fly (mind in the clouds a bit)
This was created from an original sketch done on paper.

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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
This is my first time joining a contest on Crunchyroll!
and here is my entree

Name: Hotaru
Weapon: Transformable umbrella, can used as a sword or shield
Soul Gem: Peacock gem color, on the neck
Posted 6/15/12

NAME: Junichiro Ishikawa
WEAPON: Spiked Brass Knuckles

the rest are just close ups XD im pretty happy with how this came out all-in-all the face is based off mine(scars, glasses and hair). and im hoping i win =D

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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
Name: Mei Mikoto "The Soul Ring Elementalist"

Age: 15

Weapon : Soul Rings (The soul rings are able to create an emotional connection between two people, aswell as control and contain both the elements of fire and water within the rings)

Height : 5'4"

Weight : 126lb

Personality : Out-going (around people she knows) Timid & Shy (Around strangers) and Practical.

Wish : To release the contract made by Kyuubey with her twin sister "Asuka" after her own wish to save "Mei" from a fatal wound suffered in a car crash.

Storyline : On the way to a family holiday together with her sister, mother and father to the Japanese coast Mei experienced a moment of clairvoyance where-by she saw her sister Asuka wreathed in flames among a tangling of metal with a voice resounding through her head saying "Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."
The immense sorrow expressed by the voice sounded so familiar yet so alien to Mei, fearful of the vision she had kept it to herself dismissing it as some sort of relapse of her imagination.

The time spent with her sister were always the happiest moments in her life and it was even more enjoyable with her whole family together, this holiday was particularly special because it was the last time the twin sisters would actually be together because Asuka would be moving abroad for a scholarship in music. Determined to create a precious memory with her sister, Mei had the idea of going out star gazing with her sister during the last day of their holiday on the coast.

A beautiful starry sky overlaid the heavens, the moon was full and shining and the tide was calm and rippling.

However, along the coast-line, a vague black smudge cut the outline of the beautiful scenery.

A light flickered.

(If you want more of the storyline just tell me!)

The finished line work after erasing all of the initial sketches (Overall it took me about 10 hours to do all of the lines, what I found particularly difficult was drawing the creases of the clothes (which you can see are pretty basic and I want to improve at) and drawing the HAND that looked even slightly normal took me 5 hours of re-drawing the same thing over and over (Probably my biggest weakness is drawing hands in the correct positions and I used my own hand as a model for this picture )

At this stage I decided to actually colour it in with the limited amount of letra markers (cheaper version of copic :v) I actually have.

After I went in with photoshop to do some adjustments. And then you get the final product

Well this is the first ever anime / manga inspired-picture i've ever uploaded to the internet and I hope you enjoy it, if I had enough time I would of taught myself how to draw more 'complicated' clothes but alas time was hard to come by.
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