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Posted 6/9/12

hualani wrote:

russell172 wrote:

ummm 1 question to everyone do you you draw on a paper and scan it ...or draw directly draw in computer ....i just wanna know

Many of the members draw on paper. Some of us draw directly on computer. I just use a mouse and open source freeware program called GIMP. GIMP is available for MAC and WINDOWS. I can't afford a new computer that can run the latest versions of Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator. I can't afford the brand name graphics programs. So my entries have been made on free applications and ancient computer technology.

One of these days I'm going to get a computer drawing tablet and pen. It's actually a lot harder for me to draw and color from computer than with pencils and pens. Using a mouse to sketch takes nerves of steel and lots of determination. But I want to learn computer graphics so I'm forcing myself to learn how to draw as best as I can with what limited tools I have.

How old is your machine. I mean my first machine is 14 years old and I used Photoshop 5.5 on it, which taught me a lot. My current machine is 6 years old and only running PS CS2. I don't know if you can find an old copy of Photoshop anymore, but I found a trick back before I got my tablet. If you learn to use vectors and the pentool you can create very smooth lines without much problem. I actually drew with a trackball using "multiple" layering, which allows you to colour without erasing your pencil lines. I'm not sure if there is a vectoring or pentool in your programs but it might be something to check out.

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Posted 6/9/12
Oh sugar honey iced tea...
i read it completely wrong... WAH Im such an idiot
thank you for pointing that out!... i shall have to start again sob//
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/14/12
Weapon is Rosen Gunblade. The rose vines work both as blades and whip. The red explosion from the muzzle completes the rose.

She ended up looking very similar to Kuroneko, Maybe because I like her so much and she just had that in her XD
So yeah I decided she actually is. Long story short: She's Kuroneko in a parallel world. She wanted to protect Kyousuke and Kirino and thus became a magical girl. But since she has great perception and insight she soon found out the twisted system she is in. Now she strives to break that system and return to her peaceful days with Kyousuke.

Her weapon is Rosen Gunblade. It specializes in destroying large opponents using the awesome firepower it gains from being a hand-held cannon. The explosion from the cannon fire glows bright red, which makes the whole weapon look like a giant rose. The rose vines serve many functions, being a bayonet on the tip of the cannon as well as moving on their own to act as whips. They also act as anchors when she uses her finishing move, which involves binding the enemy with the rose vines and firing the cannon in a zero-distance shot. Being such a weapon gives her extraordinary advantage against witches which tend to be huge in comparison to a normal human. The rose vines also make easy work of smaller foes as well.
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/9/12
The face isn't my usual drawing style, I tried to mock Atsuhiro Iwamaki sensei's style

Her name is Yu Chinatsu, half Chinese : )
Her weapon is a giant double edged axe that grows in size, side weapon are the bells; which can stops time briefly when she rings them.

Try to imagine a girl with black hair, wearing a red Qipao/Kimono dress. Oh! Btw her soul gem is tied around the bow at her waist

And here it is! : D my design.

Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/11/12
I redrew and painted it because you guys are too good.

matching symbols.

As this is a 'magical boy' based on myself I should explain some of the costume details:
I was once a guard with the intention of keeping order and helping people until I realized the personal touch was inefficient as too many people could not be helped when their greatest danger is themselves.

I gave up on helping others and studied watch and clock making wanting to restore the artificial and sentimental.

Years later, I still wanted to help people and decided I could do this by using my skills in machining and studied engineering.

I had trouble with my studies and felt I was at the limit of my mental capacity. Terrified of this thought I contracted with Kyubey:
"I wish to understand how everything works so that I can make the world a better place."

Immediately after this I recognized that everything bad about the environment humans live in was someone's attempt to create their ideal world and that I would do the exact same thing to future generations.

I once again give up on trying to help others and became a witch.

The blue/ black/ grey color scheme are my favorite three colors.
The 'no face' is because I believed the nature of my wish was selfless and required no thanks or recognition.
(The mannequin head It also dehumanizes the witch)
I am wearing a blue engineer's jacket because I was studying at the time I turned into a witch.
Having no arms gives me a 'disarmed' look and shows my pacifist nature.
Having my legs as a part of my chair represents how territorial I am and shows that I refuse to leave a place that I believe needs me, in this case - my barrier.
The chair is old fashioned and my pants are pin striped to show my appreciation of antiquity.
The name Nozomi means 'hope' I think it fitting given the irony of my situation.

The over all appearance:
sightless, mute, deaf, immobile, torso.
Shows the viewer how helpless I feel and that I am unable to do anything for anyone.

My barrier is filled with hidden traps to compensate for my lack of fighting ability and to complement my defenseless appearance.

Witch name: Nozomi
Witch type: Engineer
Witch nature: Curious

My grief seed has a wrench on the top (the symbol of the industrial and engineering)
It also has a gear, the same as the one seen on the back of my chair (my craft)

My minion is a flying book with a ribbon kite tail.
It's duty is to devour humans for their knowledge.

(In reality I'm still studying engineering.)
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/13/12

EDIT : orignally i read the rules wrong but apprently they changed sob//
so this was my replacement but because i can't work out how to delete it, just ignore this one? ( the other one was Haruhi )

My weapon is a giant hammer :D
i wished for a perfect boyfriend however he gets hit by a car and dies and so i get upset and turn into a witch (alice)
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Posted 6/9/12
A New Challenger Appears!!!

Name: Andante Rallentando

Power: Sound and Frequency Manipulation

Weapon: Musical Sai (a magically engineered baton used to conduct and manipulate sound. Also doubles as an offensive weapon.)

Special Ability: Final Requiem (sweeping melody that renders all foes within a 200 yard radius into a deep slumber)

Soul Gem: Lavender (wears on the center of belt buckle)

Wish: The untimely demise of Justin Bieber and rap music
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Posted 6/9/12


first time drawing my own character xD
The BIG Clock Pocket is the magic item and the chains in the clock
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/12/12

Hope you guys like it (:

Name: Rina
Wish: To see the Sakura trees (Hence pink hair)

Since she was little she was sick in bed due to an unusual illness. She would not be allowed to leave the house under any circumstance because being exposed to the outside would damage her health. Her father is a teacher of a kendo class which is why her choice of weapon is a sword.
Posted 6/9/12

Lolz, I Totally Agree. But it does Take more Skill to Hand draw (Speaking From Personal Experiance). On the Computer, you have more Tools to Help you Draw, And different Brushes, and All that Technical Stuff Stuff~ Though it Takes a While to Learn. So it all Depends on the Person~ But Anyways, can I See one of Your Drawings?? I Wanna Know how Pictures Can Take 2 Days ._.
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/9/12
I fail at drawing so I'm going to rely on my writing skills (or lack thereof). My tablet is missing the pen so I can't use it ^_^;
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/9/12

This is my first time drawing a human so please bare with me >_<

This is my entry.

Weapon: Dual swords

She is one with nature and receives her power from it. The spirit of a lion and other wild animals are one with her when she transforms.
I think we can assume her wish had something to do with animals
Her soulgem is a claw around her neck.
Posted 6/9/12
wish i could draw i would love this.........
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Posted 6/9/12
The sad moment when you know what your character would look like, but just can't figure out a way to draw it out! O_O
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/9/12
So...I happen to be easily amused, whimsical, impetuous, and had a few hours to kill this afternoon...
Since it was stated that multimedia was an option...thought I'd mix things up a bit
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