AMVs and you
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Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
Ok, so I don't really feel like I belong in these forums and I'm probably quite a bit older than most of the people reading this. I know I'm probably completely out of touch with the people that hang out here as well.

There's one thing that really needs looking into however.. The amount of crappy AMVs people are spamming on youtube :S

You are NOT contributing or adding anything of value by posting some hastily edited footage from your favorite show with Linkin Park (or equally horrible "band") playing over it. If anything, you are ruining any chance of anime ever getting any credibility.

Ok, there. Got that off my chest. I know I might be preaching to the choir here, but please, this needs to stop now.

My "gateway drug" to anime was coming across Kankuro vs Shino from naruto on youtube. I'd probably curb stomp any person that said they were into anime if I'd come across "Kankuro vs Shino AMV LINKIN PARK" the first time I saw that scene however...

Please do everyone a favour and help stop this madness
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Posted 6/15/12
i agree and all but there is nothing i can do
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