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Posted 6/17/12
Is there a page were I can see in which Chapter the Anime ended in the manga...? So I can continue from there...I know its better to start from the start but just to know.

Thanks in adv.
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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/17/12
I don't think there's any particular page like that because I wasn;t able to find one. Its more like, you gotta search about that specific anime and ask around on the internet to find out where it ends in the anime and begins in the manga. Thats what i had to do for Bleach and School Rumble and a couple other shows too.

Good luck though!
Posted 6/26/12

The school Rumble ending........... :/
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Posted 6/26/12 , edited 6/26/12
Google is your best friend when it comes to thin question lol
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