[2012 J-Drama] Makete, Katsu ~ Sengo o Tsukutta Otoko . Yoshida Shigeru
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Makete, Katsu ~ Sengo o Tsukutta Otoko . Yoshida Shigeru
Date: From 9.00 p.m., Saturdays, from 8th September 2012
Station: NHK

Yoshida Shigeru (Watanabe Ken) was a proud, stubborn man who stuck to his own principles even when tossed into jail during wartime. He also held his own against General MacArthur, the supreme commander of the allied powers. The two of them consequently collaborated in the revival of Japan.

Watanabe Ken as Yoshida Shigeru

Japan’s Prime Minister from 1946. He would be in office for nearly 9 years. As Foreign Minister, he successively held the posts of vice foreign minister and ambassador to Great Britain. He persistently opposed war with Great Britain and the United States, and was imprisoned just before the end of the war for being a pacifist. This helps after the war, and he takes office as the prime minister after being the foreign minister. He crosses swords with General Douglas MacArthur, the most powerful man during the occupation period, and guides Japan to peace and independence.

David Morse as Douglas MacArthur

He controls Japan during the occupation as the supreme commander of the Allied forces. Born to a distinguished family in the east coast of the United States, he is full of pride. To convert Japan into a democracy, he orders the Japanese government to carry out various “GHQ reforms”. He enjoys tremendous popularity, but when the Korean War begins, he ends up at odds with US President Harry Truman and is removed from his post.

Matsuyuki Yasuko as Orin

A geisha who wins the favour of Yoshida Shigeru who likes to go to high-end Japanese restaurants. After the death of Yoshida’s wife, Yukiko, she takes care of him at his private residence in Oiso. She never appears in public, and does not even officially become his second wife, but supports him from the shadows.

Tanihara Shosuke as Shirasu Jiro

Yoshida Shigeru’s close aide. He holds his own against the Allied Occupation forces with Queen’s English and remarkable negotiation skills. Trusted like a family member, he is even willing to do the dirty work and continues to support Yoshida. On the other hand, he comes under criticism for closed-door politics. After the peace treaty is signed, his relationship with Yoshida is jeopardised because he proposed retirement.

Tanaka Kei as Yoshida Kenichi

Yoshida Shigeru’s eldest son. He is hostile towards his father who put work first at the expense of the family. He tries to make a career for himself in English translations and critique, but his income is not stable and he is forced to live in poverty. He places a distance between himself and his father who has become prime minister.

Nagai Masaru as Shibata Tatsuhiko

He joins the Foreign Ministry in the face of Japan’s defeat, and is unable to accept the country’s current situation of forgotten pride and submission to the United States. But because he has served under the Foreign Minister Yoshida Shigeru, who would become the Prime Minister, he has witnessed his diplomatic skills and deeply admires him.

Suzuki Anne
Hatsune Eriko
Kaneda Akio
Sasai Eisuke
Shimada Kyusaku
Takahashi Kazuya
Koichi Mantaro
Nakajima Tomoko
Sano Shiro
Ishibashi Renji
Yoshida Eisaku
Nakamura Atsuo
Nomura Mansai
Kato Go
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Posted 7/2/12 , edited 7/2/12
Interesting... CR getting this or do I need to check TVJapan's Jdrama lineup again?
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Posted 7/27/12 , edited 7/27/12
Watanabe Ken to star in new Japanese drama series along with Tanihara Shosuke and Matsuyuki Yasuko

Watanabe Ken (52) will be portraying former prime minister of Japan, Yoshida Shigeru, in a NHK drama series titled “Makete, Katsu~Sengo wo Tsukutta Otoko • Yoshida Shigeru~ (Victory after Defeat ~ The man who created post-war Japan, Yoshida Shigeru~)“, which will air at 9 PM every Saturday from September 8th and onwards. American actor David Morse (58) known for his work in films such as “Green Mile” and “The Indian Runner” will play Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during the occupation of Japan.

Tanihara Shosuke (40) will act as Shirasu Jiro, a close associate of former Prime Minister Yoshida and a negotiator for the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander (GHQ), who’s often called a “difficult Japanese” by GHQ. Matsuyuki Yasuko (39) is cast as Yoshida’s second wife, a former geisha, and Tanaka Kei (28) will be playing Yoshida’s eldest son, Yoshida Kenichi who’s an English literature scholar. Suzuki An (25) will portray Aso Kazuko, the third daughter of Yoshida and mother of Aso Taro (71), who was a prime minister of Japan from 2008-2009. Kaneda Akio (57) will play the role of Hatoyama Ichiro, a former prime minister and grandfather of Hatoyama Yukio (65), who succeeded Aso as prime minister from 2009-2010. Nomura Mansai (46) will act as another former prime minister Konoe Fumimaro.
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