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M / Hawaii
Posted 6/23/12
Hey I'm new to this group and I saw that there was no forum topics, so I decided to start one.

What would your character be if you where a burst linker?

Normal Avatar Name (optional):
Dual Avatar Name (Color then Name, example: Silver Crow):
Nicknames (optional):
Level (1-10):
Legion (Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.):
Specialty (long-range, close-range, jamming, etc.):
Special Abilities/traits:
Special Moves:
Killer Move(s):

Color code:
Blue: Close range
Red: Long range
Yellow: Jamming
Purple: Multi-range
Green: Defense
Brown: mix of the primary three colors
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M / Hawaii
Posted 6/23/12 , edited 6/23/12
So I'll start off by showing my character Brown Panzer

Gender: Male
Dual Avatar Name: Brown Panzer
Nickname: The Tank Buster
Level: 6
Legion: Unaligned
Color: brown
Specialty: long-range, defense
Weaknesses: heavy body, slow moving, attacks tend to cause damage to self, his large size prohibits his mobility and flexibility and makes him very noticeable.
Strengths: high damage attacks, high strength armor
Special Abilities/traits: Armor piercing shells
• Right Punch
• Left Arm Mounted Tank cannon (two second cool down between attacks or the tank barrel over heat and cause damage to self, the barrel could also crack and become un-useable)
• Back Mounted Mortar cannons (fires 10-15 bombshells, over use can cause over heating damage and can lead to backfire)
Special Moves:
• Mortar Order (fires 40-50 bombshells)
• Body Slam (causes damage to self, cannot quickly recover if it misses)
• Bunker Buster Blast (ranged attack, very deadly at close range, can blast through thick armor, fired from right arm cannon, causes a small amount of damage to self)
Killer Move(s):
• Bunker Blaster Blitz (rapid fire bunker buster shots, lasts for ten seconds, causes damage to self due to over heating and could potentially break arm from firing too many too quickly)
• Master Mortar Max (continuously fires mortars over 30 seconds, 30 bombshells at a time at two second intervals)
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24 / M / New York
Posted 6/23/12
Hmm good thread give me a day or two and I'll have my avatar thought of hah
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M / Hawaii
Posted 7/2/12
Hmm... been kinda bored recently so I made another character for fun...
Dual Avatar Name: Obsidian Sound
Nicknames: The Black Rock Prince
Level: 4
Legion: Red Legion
Color: Glassy Black
Specialty: long range, jamming
Weaknesses: weak/fragile armor
Strengths: heat resistant, body is covered in very sharp obsidian points, directly touching him can cause damage, his black color helps him to blend into dark environments, does not conduct electricity, poison resistant
Special Abilities/traits: electric guitar can send jamming signals as well as damaging long-range sonic waves; Obsidian Sound has a body covered with very sharp yet fragile obsidian blades, the blades can cause damage it you attack directly or touch him the wrong way, Obsidian is capable of “surfing” or “skating” on his guitar.
• Sonic wave (can deflect weak projectile attacks back at the attacker)
• Guitar club (uses his guitar as a club for close-range melee attacks)
• Sonic shield (creates a sonic shield around himself that deflects weaker projectile attacks)
• Sonic Bomb (sets down a delayed time bomb that causes a very powerful sonic shockwave)
Special Moves:
• Illusion Parade (causes other players within ear shot to see multiple Obsidian Sounds, lasts for two minutes or until the real Obsidian is found)
• Rocket Jam (jams a players ability to auto target players with attacks; such as homing rockets)
• Jam Party (jams the abilities of other jammers)
• Obsidian Break (launches sharp obsidian blades from his body)
Killer Move(s):
• Barrier Break (allows Obsidian Sound to break the sound barrier and dash at super sonic speeds, though Obsidian has little control while dashing)
• Earth Rock Anthem (Using low frequency sound waves Obsidian Sound causes a powerful earthquake with a massive area of affect, Obsidian Sound cannot move while preforming this move; lasts about a minute)
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23 / M / United States
Posted 9/13/12
Guys, is this any good?!?!
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Posted 9/16/12
Dual Avatar Name: Crimson Bullet
Nickname:Buring Fist Jet
Legion: Unaligned
Color: Crimson Red
Specialty:Close Range
Weaknesses: Defenceless for a moment when attacks hit and knuckle cooldown low attack range
Strengths: A speed and velocity, able to sharp turns at the smallest point and Fast Attack speed
Special Abilities/traits: Has a special right arm that let he shot himslef forward to do a punch that hit like a speeding bullet and can fire a beam 2 times a battle, nothing affects his right arm.
Edge Bullet(A blade pops out from his arm when he launches allow his to cut trough things)
Burning Beam(Fires a beam of flame:Max 2 times per battle Last 3 seconds)
Upper Bullet(Does a uppercut at high speed to send enemies flying)
Special Moves:
Dual Bullet(the left arm copies his right arm letting his left do whaat his right can)
Stride Bullet:(Speed doubles for a 10 seconds)
Layer Bullet(Can only be used once per day and can keep Crimson Bullet Unharmed for 15 seconds)
Killer Move(s):
Ignis Bullet:(Fire a extreme beam of pure heat to melt his foes cleany)
Soul Bullet(A Last Resort Move at 15% of hp he can use this to double all his attributes For 14 but his hp bar goes down to 1 cause the Caution: player expirence extreme discomfort and fatiuge after usage)

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