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Posted 9/11/14

poisonelf wrote:

Just wondering about something. In GGO is Kirito's avatar actually a girl or is he just a very effeminate boy avatar. Just wondering what everyone else thought. I can't seem to tell and they seem to be vague on purpose about this.

It's a male avatar. Kirito makes an effective trap.
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Posted 9/11/14
okay in one of the recent episodes it showed him under watr swimming, and I still was unsure casue it looked like he had small boobs, i gues just the art style
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Posted 10/6/14
I have seen quite a few anime as well, and I have to say that SAO is my favorite. I really wish they would continue this past the caliber and rosary arcs and make this a long-term run series that would go maybe 6 seasons.

+ I remember the time when .hack \\sign was all the rage... And then it got spun off and child-ified.
+ I wish the season 1 OVA wasn't 70% recap 30% new content... would have been much more enjoyable.

my personal comparisons and favorite anime alongside SAO in terms of emotional satisfaction:

1)SAO (by far!)
2)Spice and Wolf
3)Attack on Titan
5)B Gata H Kei (For some reason, I found this series very tame for an ecchi and pretty romantic. enjoyable.)
6)Ghost in the Shell
7)Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
8)Read or Die OVA

My roommate likes Fairy Tale and Heaven's Lost Property... because he's a perv. But to each their own.
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Posted 10/18/14
Those are all good shows. I sure miss Read or Die. B Gata H Kei was written by a woman so it isn't half as pervy as it would be if a guy had written a story based on the same premise (girl virgin takes a mighty oath that she will lay 100 guys or die trying). Winds up being more sweet than ecchi.
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