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Posted 6/24/12
You guys may have heard about Dragonica (big hit in Korea)
Dragon Saga is quite the same
well, the main different is that this is a server from North America
without a doubt there are other features that cannot be found in Dragonica
since it's kinda new and it needs more people to join, there are many events and benefits for new players right now!!

if you guys like combos, aerial combos, cute 3D characters or active playing style (keyboard based) then this game is for you!!!

you guys can check it out from here: https://www.warpportal.com/landing/dragonsaga/registration.aspx?ref=7838852

after you tried it, and interested in keep playing it~ feel free to apply to the guild Genesis we're friendly and active!

btw my in-game name is CashSeeker

Hope to see you there !
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Posted 6/24/12
Hmm so in other words, you are trying to get referral points?
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