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What posters do you have on your bedroom walls?
Posted 7/4/12
I still have some of my old game maps hanging up. FFXI world map along with maps from Baldur's Gate I & II, for example.
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Posted 7/4/12
3 (used) target silhouettes, a C-5, a C-17 and Aviation Map.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 7/4/12
Infinite poster
Exo poster
SHINee's Minho(Sherlock) poster
NU'EST poster
B.A.P poster
Young Team 7(naruto) poster
Itachi and Kisame poster
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26 / F
Posted 7/4/12
FF13 2, the watchmen, kick ass. those three and that is it for now want a gurren laggan
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27 / F
Posted 7/5/12
LINKIN PARK it's been there since I was 16. I seriously want a poster of Mirai Nikki now though.
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F / Above You! ♖✮♝♞♟♠...
Posted 7/5/12 used to be flowers.
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55 / M / Atlanta GA
Posted 7/5/12
I have a mixture of Gothic, Horror, Science fiction and art work from the old rock and roll. People get it make many people uncomfortable which means they will not come over and bother me.
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Posted 7/5/12 , edited 7/5/12
Oh boy... I have so many posters it's not even funny.

I have two signed posters:
Invader Zim (signed by Richard Horvitz! He spoke to me in his Zim voice while he was signed it, hee hee!)
Coraline (signed by Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher)

Anime related:
1. Three Blue Exorcist posters (My calendar for this year is Blue Exorcist themed. Of course I'm using the pictures as posters. Each page covers two months, so three of the posters are already up. I actually had a seventh (it was the front page), but I gave that to a friend)
2. Two Madoka Magica posters
4. Durarara!! wall scroll (Of Shizuo and Izaya)
5. Higurashi Kai
6. Ouran HSHC wall scroll
7. Pokemon World Face-Off (Technically a game poster, but whatever)
8. Soul Eater
9. Another Pokemon poster (This one is a long poster with pictures of each Sinnoh Pokemon)
10. K-ON! (promotional poster I got at Supanova)

Not anime related:
1. The signed Invader Zim poster
2. The signed Coraline poster
3. Five different tiger posters (Yeah, I like tigers. Problem?)
4. The Outsiders (S.E Hinton's novel)
5. Shane Acker's 9 (It's actually nine mini-posters of the characters)
6. Ratatouille
8. Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (I still need to read the books, I've only seen the movie and I've heard it's terrible compared to the books)
9. Otters
10. A Red Panda

I plan to get a Within Temptation poster and a TBM poster.
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29 / M
Posted 7/5/12
Three different world maps of the world, river's of the world, and border's of country's. A beheaded and bloody stormtrooper hanging from a hook from Star Wars: Death Trooper. The maps from Oblivion and Skyrim as well as The Capital Eastland from Fallout 3.

I really need to get some anime posters lol.
Posted 7/5/12
None Like to keep the walls clean although a Ghost in the shell poster would be amazing.
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F / ♬アメリカ//東京
Posted 7/5/12
a lot. lol~
hm.. if i list them all, people may think im nuts. xD
i'll have a good 20+ posters up when i'm finished designing where they should be placed. XD
as of right now it's 9

all band people :3
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21 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 7/5/12 , edited 7/5/12
JYP & Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears
SNSD Visual Dreams
f(x) Victoria Electric Shock (individual member poster)
Big Bang Alive
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
SNSD Hyoyeon The Boys (individual member poster)
SNSD The Boys (on my mirror)
Secret SecretTime
After School Bang!
Super Junior Bonamana
SNSD fanmeet up in LA 2011
SHINee Lucifer (from Japanese single)
SNSD Sooyoung vita500
SNSD Tiffany vita500
Signed G.Na & other artists Kollaboration Event '11

I also have SNSD Run Devil Run, f(x) Electric Shock group, and an extra SNSD fanmeet up in LA 2011 poster rolled up. I have no more space for them D:

2 of the posters I got for my birthday a few years ago and 7 other posters I got for free
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33 / F / US
Posted 7/5/12

I only get one wall in my room that isn't filled with an AC, doors, windows, or a balcony, so I have to keep it sparse.
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F / Wonderland~
Posted 7/5/12
I have a Blue Exorcist, Durarara, and Deathnote posters. i also have a chinese calender.
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26 / M
Posted 7/5/12
Mortal Kombat, DBZ, Chrono Trigger, the original Donkey Kong, and a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle one.
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