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Posted 6/28/12
Alright here you can post a link to the website where all of your stories are or you can simply put it all here .

Name or NickName:{Need}
Age:{Really I don't care}
Poems or Stories?:{Can do either or but gotta make two of these}
Long or Short Stories?:{Gotta pick one of these}
Description:{Story only}

Rules on Stories
1. Be more descriptive
2. No text words like u , r , and etc
3. Put all chapters in spoilers if your gonna put it here
4. If it's on another site put up the links for ALL chapters
5. Make a page not a forum . Makes it neater
6. I don't know
7. That's it

Rules on Poems
1. No text words
2. Put it in spoilers no matter how long it is
3. On another site put up the link for ALL poems
5. Make a page not forum
6. Eh
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Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12

Name: Meagan Victoria Jean Pruden
D.O.B:Nov. 20th
Poems or Stories?:Story (Under Co.)
Long or Short Stories?:Long
Cover:(edited it myself)
Chapter 1

A Horrible Dream

“Mizu, Mizu wake up!” a distant voice urged becoming clearer. The voice seemed somewhat familiar but far away. ”It’s time for school Mizuki!”

Mizuki woke up struggling for air as she bumped into glass in front of her. She was submerged in water and seemed to be in a tank of some sort. Unable to make out what was on the other side of the glass she started to pound it frantically gasping for air. With a drowned out scream Mizuki broke the glass with a loud shatter and burst of water that sent her sliding across the hard tiled floor.

Coughing Mizuki raised herself up slowly as her feet crunched on the sharp glass sending tremors up her leg.


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19 / The interweb
Posted 7/1/12

Approved and Description mean't like what the story is about xD But it's cool
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