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Posted 6/28/12
For patrolling, just relaxing or doing whatever else you can think of.
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Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/10/12

Hibiki sat atop of a building wind blowing through her black hair as she scanned the area. " Why again did you want me to bring you here" Natsuki her Faerie Companion asked very bored. Hibiki not looking at him answeared in a soft voice " Because the veiw is nice and i wante to go people watching" Natsuki sighed and walked slowly over to Hibiki and ploped down beside her." Like anyone people would be running aroun the city in the middle of the night" Natsuki said pokeing Hibiki in the face. " Theres a person right below us" Hibiki said ignoring him getting a little annoyed with every poke even though she didnt show it. " It's probubly an old lady or something can we go home" Natsuki whined sounding like Hibiki's age ( Witch is 12 btw) rather than a 17 year old. Hibiki not looking at him threw one of the many small knives she has hidden at him purposely making it miss his face by an inch to show she was irritated. Natsuki quickly stoped griining a little. They both stared at the person below who was acting suspiciously now.
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