Anime concept:Biracial Main characters
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Posted 7/1/12
I've had this anime concept for awhile. and i wanted the characters to be biracial (they'd be african-american and japanese)

Just tell me what you think about my idea
Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12
They have characters of mixed race - however, you can't tell they're mixed considering it's anime, and considering it's 99.9% a European Caucasian mix and Japanese.

If you read the superb manga Banana Fish, it takes place in America and you have a lot of Black characters who actually look their race, White characters who look like all anime characters (lol) and a Japanese character who looks 'white."

I mean...If they can draw and African anime character with the typical Black features, they SHOULD draw an an Asian (in this case Japanese) character with the typical Asian features. It's only fair.

If they can feature an Indian character and always make them dark (though there are a lot of Indians who are very fair) they should draw an Asian character with smaller eyes for example.

Sometimes I wonder at them >_>
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Posted 7/1/12 , edited 7/1/12
Well in the case of just being "biracial" (two races), there's lots of that in the form of American characters mixed in with the Japanese characters. There's almost always at least one American character, but the problem is that it doesn't show very well. Most characters that are supposed to be Japanese actually just look white, so the only difference visually between a Japanese character and an American character is that the American character has blonde hair.

As for African-American characters, IMO, they tend to just not look very good, simply because of art styling not matching very well with that skin color. I feel that having an African-American character in an anime that doesn't look ridiculous would be dependent on that anime's art style; which is why you don't see allot of it.

As for your idea of having the (I assume) main characters be African-American and Japanese, I think it would certainly be interesting, and something sufficiently different. I'd like to at least see it done once, even if I think it would look weird.
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Posted 7/5/12
Multi-racial characters in anime-manga are more common than you might think. Many examples can be found in this TVTropes article:
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