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Lifetime goals
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23 / F / Somewhere Over th...
Posted 6/23/07
bcom the richest human being throughout history...

..finish all my animes if they ever get completed

.. ...and....visit japan(/and learn the language fluently?)
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25 / F / Ancient Hittite E...
Posted 6/23/07
1. Find something that I'm great at, not just good, but great!
2. Visit a few places that I've read about in books and see if they're anything like the author describes. (Venice, Italy Forks, Washington etc.)
3. Get married to the one I love.
4. Have kids and be a good mother! (I don't care if people think I'm not going to be a good mom, I'll just prove them wrong. TT_TT)
5. Draw something that is amazing and that I will never be able to duplicate.
6. Help someone who's down on their luck get back on their feet again.
7. Learn atleast 3 different languages (English (-check-), French (-working on-), Japanese (-one day-)

heh heh, I hope at the very least I can get married and have kids. I don't really want to go to college and get a time comsuming job like a doctor, that's what my parents want me to do. Hmmmm, we'll just have to see how things go. =3
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33 / M
Posted 10/30/07
Complete my walk with Yah holding hands with my wife.
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28 / M / Singapore
Posted 10/31/07
To make as many criminals fall by my bare hands.
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25 / F / In front of your...
Posted 10/31/07
Hn, finish my studies...I sooo wanted to be a doctor! xD Specifically, a pediatrician. Pass my board exams, here in our country or in some other country xP. Get married to the guy I love and have 2 children~ xD
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27 / M
Posted 10/31/07
Kill a lot of people (not randomly).
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21 / F / Canada
Posted 10/31/07
1. Be the biggest Otaku in my school then I'll go for world ^^
2. Watch the "Naruto Shippuden Movie" and "Bleach: The Diamonddust Rebellion"
3. Grow up to be either a manga artist or lawyer
4. Meet lots and lots of anime lovers ^.^
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30 / F
Posted 11/1/07
1. A pastry baker owning a small cafe

2. Comfortable income & my very own bachelor pad

3. Own pretty clothes >.<

4. Lose some weight for no. 3

5. Travel & see the world
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22 / F / Malaysia,South Ea...
Posted 11/1/07
1) be happy
2) be a usefull human
3) get a good education
4)get my dream job

juz that umm im not a human that like too think the future.........
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29 / F / South Carolina
Posted 12/20/07
1. Find my soul mate.
2. Publish a book.
3. Adopt some children.
4. Street race in San Fran.
5. Safely watch tornadoes and visit Comanche Nation in Oklahoma.
6. Visit the Red Wood Forest.
7. Go to some house parties in New Jersey.
8. Karaoke in Japan.
9. Give the right advice to some one who will use it.
10. Successfully do a cart wheel and back flip.
I'll add more as my life goes on.
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27 / M / Singapore ~
Posted 12/20/07
Be a successful and famous man across the whole globe . With plenty of money before i die to ensure my offsprings can live without working for next 10 generations =D
Posted 12/20/07
Fill my room with anime figurines and live in Japan X3

and to follow my rule, "SMILE(:", always.
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24 / F / st lunatic high s...
Posted 12/28/07
1. become a travel writer + photographer / webdesigner? o____O may change in the future
2. own the largest collection of manga
3. travel the world, literaly all over
4. backpack around asia and europe
5. sponsore children
6. create more enviromental awareness
7. help animal activists
+ more >.<"
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Posted 12/28/07
huh... cool! Mine: 1. Live in Japan
2. Have a wonderful husband
3. Maybe a nice kid
4. See that kid go through college or whatever they want to do after high school.
5. Have a nice close knit group of friends.
6. make my own band as kind of a hobby.
7. Visit France
8. Visit Israel
9. Visit Ireland and Scotland
10. Learn more languages.
11. Have a great job either teaching English or American Culture in Japan.
12. Travel everywhere else
13. Watch more anime
14. Hopefully I'll die happy and in my sleep.
I think that's basically it for me.
Posted 3/24/08
Hmmm ... I think just get a good paying with less work to do job .
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