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Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/10/12
username: hongyinyu
character name: Nikita Fujiwara
age: Ages well, looks in late 20's.
sex: Female
personality: She can be sweet and friendly person but when the situation calls, she knows when to step her foot down and some misunderstand her as being a callous bitch. She can be shy at first but talkative once she gets comfortable learning about you. She is a very optimistic individual and always feels it is her duty to make sure that her family, friends, and students are happy as well. In combat, she is quick, agile, quick thinker, improv problem solver, and patient.
biography: In human years, Nikita was a locally known artist/ painter and loved to cook/bake. She had an optimistic, drama-free, normal childhood growing up, made decent friends, a goody two shoes receiving her graduate degrees, and had a successful career. She was engaged until she witnessed her fiance being possessed by a demon and the demon took his life. Her personality and likes aren't any different from how she is serving as an angel warrior for God as well as the Art & Cooking teacher at the Academy.
powers: Healing, predicting the future by painting the future, painting animals & objects that come to life.
special abilities: REFER TO PERSONALITY. (I don't understand how being smart is a special ability.)
crush?: Her family, friends, students, and pets.
extra tibits?: Always has an appetite for food and Sangria, obsession with teapot sets and stripes, sucker to romance films and novels.
pets?: A man, ox, eagle, and lion.
angel type: Singular cherub (aka Intercessor of God or Protector of the Throne of God)
seraphy league: Cherubim, 2nd hierarchy of angels (Genesis 3:24 and Ezekiel 10:1-22.)
picture: Light skin, slender body, elongated face, hazel eyes, and short, pink wavy hair.


1st Edit: Angel type & league.
2nd Edit: Biography.
3rd Edit: Biography (added teacher position).
Posted 7/9/12
a n g e l
username: nattie7895
character name: Zophiel
age: 17
sex: F
personality: She comes off as serious but is very outgoing and loyal to her angel and demon friends
biography: She was sent to earth to befriend the demons and learn there weakness (Zophiel means Gods spy). But when she learned that not all demonds were malicious and cruel she could not betray them. As punishment for diobeying God he sent her to this acedemy.
powers: Shapeshift, read minds, and sing someone to sleep
special abilities: Very smart and cunning
crush?: N/A
extra tibits?:N/A
pets?: a pet bunny
angel type: Arch-angel
seraphy league?: none
class/level[a scale of 1-5 of how powerful you are taken from your form, determined by me or a mod. so keep blank]
picture[if not then describe. please spolier]:
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Posted 7/10/12

approved . you may now pick a dorm
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F / In your closet wa...
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Username: xXNenekoXx

Character name: Cristina

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Personality:Curious, adventurous, observant, understanding, caring, kind with a hint of sass ;DD

Biography: As a child Cristina witnessed her parents being brutally murdered by demons. This mentally scarred and made her so depressed that she had to have her memory lost to not attempt to kill herself.

Powers: She has the ability to manipulate her own aura(or spiritual energy) into any form she wants and also can read and detect other peoples auras.

Special Abilities She is skilled in pressure point martial arts and also is very fast, flexible, agile and a bit acrobatic.

Crush?: None

Extra tibits?: ZOMBIES YO >:D

Pets?: Nope

Angel type: Unknown

Seraphy league?and what position?: Nope

Class/level: Level 2

Picture[if not then describe. please spolier]:
Posted 7/10/12

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Posted 7/10/12 , edited 7/11/12
a n g e l
username: Anime_Freakxoxo
character name: Emi
age: 17
sex: Female
personality: Strong willed, optimistic, kind, and caring. But when she's really serious, she can changed into a very different person like very demanding and kinda scary.
biography: Emi parent's raised her as a kind and caring angel and that's how she became who she is, but she has different side to her that her parents doesn't know and she herself is very aware of it. It's like she has a angel and demon side to her. Her usual self is very nice, gentle and loving angel but when she's serious or you hurt her family and friends that's when she goes into her other personality and rage overcomes her.
powers: She can manipulative fire and turn it into light. She's able to control another person's powers for about 5 minutes and can only do it once on a person.
special abilities: Smart and very sharp.
crush?: No
extra tibits?: She knows Martial arts and Judo.
pets?: No
angel type: Holy Angel
seraphy league?and what position?: Seraphy League and Leader.

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23 / F / L-O-C-A-T-I-O-N L...
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a n g e l
username: PLURbabii
character name: Keren
age: 18
sex: female
personality: feisty, witty, loud, sweet, protective
biography: Keren was a still-born, because she was baptised as soon as she came into the world and didn't have a chance to commit any sins she immediately became an angel. And in heaven she was raised by all the angels, however when it was time to go to school and do her duty she was beamed down to Earth. Being a rare type of angel she has been told that she is destined for greatness, she is just as powerful as any born angel and wants to prove that to others as well as to herself. If there's one thing she doesn't tolerate, it's injustice and evil, she has the utmost loyalty to the humans and the angels.
powers[maximum of 3]: light manipulation, healing, and force fields
special abilities[dont confuse with powers, ex, smart,fast,ect]: photographic memory and light on her feet
crush?: tba
extra tibits?: tough on the outside, but soft on the in
pets?: falcon
angel type: dont understand?
seraphy league?and what position?[pm me for it, unless i know you then just take the available slot]: SERAPHY MEMBER...
class/level[a scale of 1-5 of how powerful you are taken from your form, determined by me or a mod. so keep blank]4
picture[if not then describe. please spolier]:

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28 / F / by the beach
Posted 7/24/12 , edited 7/24/12
i n c u b u s & s u c c u b u s
username: aiamcupid
character name: cicily
age: 17
sex: female
personality: if shes not flirty (to the max) shes cranky from lack of energy
biography: shes ran away from home because she felt unloved but hates being alone so she sleeps in others beds not careing to find her own place
powers: sucks energy buy kissing people if she kisses long enough person she is kissing will die thew contact she can make a person want her enouph to do anything for her
special abilities: fast ,super sexy
crush?: everyone love no one
extra tibits?: shes not very smart when it comes to school but she always passes with flying colores
pets?: none
daemon league?and what position?: just a student inless shes recruted

so perpared for a zombie hunting
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24 / M / In my dark world
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