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Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/9/12
The Weeping Angel Curse.

This is an old abandoned church. Rumors once said that this church holds the curse of the "weeping angels", statues of spirit/angel like creatures. They have the appearance of beautiful humans with the wings of an angel. The curse is said that once you enter the church you will be stalked upon by the angel statues whose eyes stare into yours. Once you look away or happen to blink they will get closer to you, closer and closer everytime you do again. The only way to save yourself is to find the ancient artifact hidden in the floors of the church. though it is almost impossible to stare into the menacing eyes of the 10 statues in the church. Not even the bravest, toughest of all angels and demons can make it. these creatures orgins are a mystery, for it is written down in history that these things had no relation with the devil or god himself and appeared aloen by itself. Not even the devil himself dares to testify the curse of the weeping angels.

[ if you ever watched Dr. Who "curse of the weeping angel" you'll get it x) tho i warn you its creepy.. ]
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