Fiesta, who plays, im about to get it!
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Posted 7/10/12
Yeah, so basically, bout to try fiesta for the first time, and was checking to see if anyone on CR played, as im sure it will be a much better experience if i have someone to play with, or at least some to show me the ropes. have absolutely no idea how to play it yet, trying it from browser first, and its halfway loaded
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Posted 7/25/12 , edited 7/25/12
A little late I suppose, but I used to, and I wasnt totally impressed. I can rattle off 10 other games with the same gameplay system, that are MMORPGs like it. I got to level 30 before I stopped, realising that the quests were repeating ie: "Hunt 10" "Find 20" "Make 5" "Reach level".... sound familiar? Also the combat system is a knock-off of WOW, which I never got into. A key reason for my dislike to WOW knock offs, along with WOW, is the restrictions. To wear a specific armor, you must be level X, with X amount of STAT, Race X, Class X, and X Gender. Now, your wondering probably which game doesn't, and your right, there are VERY few that broke away and were successful. If you want my recommendation on a game, try out Mabinogi. It is FREE, and very low restrictions. If you would like some input on that, I will place a review in the spoiler below, along with a link. Also, I am not trying to get anyone to play, its their interest that will click spoiler.

Posted 7/25/12
Are we talking Fiesta Online? I use to GM for that game.
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