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The top five bands/artists that you NEED to see live
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22 / F / NY
Posted 1/2/14
1. One Ok Rock (I'm actually going to thier concert Feb @ NYC so I will get to see them live ! XD Muahaha )
2. Asian Kung Fu Generation
3. Uverworld
4. Ikimono Gakari
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27 / M / UK
Posted 1/3/14
I have seen them all live and they where all great I also find it weird people putting bands they haven't actually seen live as how do you know but anyway:
1) Less Than Jake
2) Biffy Clyro
3) Green Day
4) Muse
5) Foo Fighters

P.S. Don't see Eminem live as its shit he doesn't do a live show.
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24 / M / Chicago, IL, USA
Posted 1/10/14
2 lists. one of dead and/or disbanded & current acts and only the top 5, not in any order, I would like to see perform.

List of Long Gone Musicians I Want To See If Time Machines Existed:
The Kinks
Joy Division
Larry Levan djing at the Paradise Garage, NYC
The Smiths

Current Acts Either Have or Have Not Seen That Need To Be Experience:
Kanye West
Daft Punk
Arctic Monkeys
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25 / M / Fenix, AZ
Posted 1/18/14
Bands I want to see.

Amon Amarth
Heaven Shall Burn
Angry Frog Rebirth
Within The Ruins
The Agony Scene
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26 / F / Toronto
Posted 1/18/14 , edited 1/18/14
must see bands

1. devin townsend
2. dead can dance
3. alcest
4. crystal castles
5. gogol bordello

bands i want to see

1. lifelover
2. ulver
3. summoning
4. daft punk
5. darkspace
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19 / M / The States
Posted 1/23/14
Oh god a top five list of bands I need to see live... Welp looks like I'm going to have one hell of an honorable mentions list.

5) Girls Dead Monster


3) Judas Priest

2) Megadeth

1) Maon Kurosaki

**Honorable mentions:
- Black Sabbath
- fripSide
- Guns N Roses
- Stone Sour
- LiSA
- Lia
- Ozzy Osborne
- Motorhead
- Breaking Benjamin
- Pantera (Too late for this one, RIP Dime)
- Alice in Chains
- Bullet For My Valentine
- Linkin Park
- Three Days Grace
- 3 Doors Down

And last but not least
- ...And Justice For All or Master of Puppets Era Metallica, already seen them live in 2009 but it wouldn't compare to those days.
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24 / M / My bed
Posted 1/24/14
1. Foo Fighters
2. Rush
3. Paramore
4. RHCP (With Frusciante)
5. Pearl Jam (Requires multiple shows because its never the same setlist)
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/22/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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