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Posted 7/16/12
share youre thoughts and opions here. personally i think something really needs to be done. for the editing is ruining the point and seeing the episode.
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Posted 7/20/12
I watch a fansub of it and stream the crunchyroll releases in the background when they come out. That way money filters from crunchyroll into the studio that made it (hopefully) and I get to watch it uncensored.

Not ideal but it's the closest thing to a legal option I can see unless it gets a DVD release.
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Posted 8/27/12
I agree 100% that censorship ruins the artwork of any anime series , and I am deeply offended when I see censorship , in addition to this I am a paying customer $$$ , when and where will this end? this can become a new trend so it needs to stop !.

censoring breasts I find it offensive this was not X rated but some thing you see in common movies those movies show more than just breasts they also show some of pubic area but no actual sex penetration for that one needs to see X rated movies or Hentai anime ,
to censor something innocent like breasts is way over board , breasts are something every human being and mammal see , its one of the things that one 1st sees in this life and to be disrespected so much by censorship is appalling
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Posted 8/31/12
this alone will make me unsubscribe.
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